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Heroes of the Land

Published: 8 November 2022

Heroes of the Land is currently experiencing issues with purchased NFTs not being able to be sold. We warn against investing in this game.


Official Trailer

Basic information

Heroes of the Land is a strategic MMO game in a world divided into three parts: Green land, Rough land and Lava land. Each area of the world belongs to one of the races: human, orc and undead, which fight each other for survival and domination over the world.

Road Map

Q4 2021

Game Concept and Game Play.

Visual and Audio Design.

Smart Contract Development.

Q1 2022

Seed and Private Round.

Community Building.

Initial NFT Offering.

Marketplace Launch.

Q2 2022

Public Token Launch.

Private Beta Testing.

Building Construction.

Worker Mining.

Web App Live.

Q3 2022

Hero Farming NPCs.

Hero Looting Raids.


Summon Heroes.

Q4 2022

Conquer Land.

Guild Battle.


Horse racing game / Metaverse.

About the game

Players choose a race and character from the selection: worker, hero, or lord, which will affect the character’s stats.


The hero starts in their camp with their army. There are three hero types, namely melee, ranged and mages. The player can come up with many strategies to attack the enemy. Heroes can move around the map and attack monsters, bosses, or castles to get gold, treasures, or material items. Characters can be attacked by other heroes and lose a certain percentage of their resources.


The lord starts with their land and castle where they have their subjects such as farmers. The lord can earn passive income by collecting taxes and expanding their territory by conquest. Other parts of the world can be explored by heroes who have contracts with their lords. The lord can order the heroes to attack and seize land at a certain time. In a future update, the lord can be registered as the owner of this occupied land using the HOL token.


The worker spawns randomly in the world, but as the game progresses, spawn and rally points will be added. Workers can mine resources in a lord’s castle based on a contract with the lord. The worker’s resources stored in the castle are not lost if the castle is looted. Workers that are mining resources in the world can be attacked by other heroes and lose a percentage of their resources.

Player requirements

You can play the game in a browser on your PC or mobile device. A certain NFT has to be owned based on the character played. If you want to play as a lord, you have to own NFT land. For the hero character, you need an NFT hero, while the worker is Free-2-Play.


HOL is the official governance token,

that will be used to purchase NFT lands, heroes, and game items and to participate in events. It can be bought for BNB on the marketplace. The maximum supply is 2,000,000,000 tokens.

RUBY is the game token. It can be used to improve one’s castle, hero, or worker attributes or to recruit additional units. It can be purchased on the marketplace for BNB or earned by playing.


Earning options depend on the character played:


Killing bosses or fighting other lords for resources.

Breeding horses and selling them on the marketplace to earn $HOL or $BUSD.

Conquering the world by taking land from NPCs. It can then be sold on the marketplace or kept for building a larger empire.

Income from heroes and workers taxes.

Tournament ranking rewards.


Creating heroes and then selling them on the marketplace for $HOL or $BUSD.

Attacking other workers or heroes in the world for resources and $RUBY.

Tournament ranking rewards to earn $HOL.

Receiving payment from lords in gold and then using the gold to buy wood or stone which can be exchanged for $RUBY.

Killing bosses in the world to get gold and crafting materials.


Mining resources and subsequent exchange for $RUBY.

Crafting common items and selling them on the marketplace in exchange for gold.

Crafting rare and super rare items and selling them for $RUBY.

Crafting ultra-rare and legendary items and selling them for $HOL or $BUSD.



Analyst opinion

“I was trying to test the game. Unfortunately, I was unable to create an account with any name I wanted to use, so I gave up. People with purchased in-game NFTs complain that it is difficult to sell them. I don’t like the graphics either. Be careful with this project – I do not recommend investing in it.”

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