Heroes TD

Heroes TD is a blockchain-based Play-2-Earn game. The player’s task is to summon the strongest hero and defeat the enemy.

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  • Free-To-Play
  • A strong team
  • Extensive partnerships


  • No Cons for the project
Rating 7.5
4 - Project Potential
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Q4 - 2021


  • Website launch
  • Release of smart contracts audit report


  • Bounty campaign starts
  • Heroes TD launch event
  • IDO Whitelist
  • HTD token listed on CoinMarketCap
  • IDO on BSC Station, LaunchZone, Kaistarter, VNDC Launchpad
  • $HTD listed on PancakeSwap
  • dApp launch
  • Yield farming launch


  • Hero Genesis offered
  • Marketplace launch
  • Alpha test launch

Q1 - 2022


  • Beta test launch
  • CGC deployment
  • CGC farming launch
  • CGC listed on PancakeSwap
  • Hero summoning feature launch
  • Soft launch release


  • Marketplace update to support $HTD, rebalance the $CGC economy, rebalance summon costs
  • Game stability improvements
  • NFT staking for bounty launch


  • Online mini-tournament

Q2 - 2022


  • Warlord and Commander system
  • Hero rent feature
  • Bazaar system


  • Web version
  • Referral (affiliate) program
  • Summon costs rebalance


  • Alix, Montblanc release
  • New boss
  • Guild features
  • Incubation function
  • Summon costs rebalance

Q3 - 2022


  • Emoji feature
  • Tournament feature
  • Rework challenge

Q4 - 2022

  • Heroes TD World Tour
  • International offline e-sport event
  • Thank-you gift packs

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About the Game

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Heroes TD is a Play-2-Earn game in which players summon their heroes into battle to attack enemy bases and defend their own.

Heroes are divided into two categories:

Non-NFT heroes are given to players for free at the beginning so they can experience the game. These heroes are used in the low-level PvP Arena. Players can also use them to earn in-game currency by participating in daily events, quests, etc.

NFT heroes can only be purchased from the marketplace, or summoned by using two NFT heroes.

Heroes are the basic elements of the game and represent the players’ combat power. Each hero has different attributes and abilities. There are more than 20 heroes available in Heroes TD.

Players are given starter decks with eight non-NFT heroes. Players can use these starter decks to participate in the PvP Arena and battle with other players to earn IGC coins. There are multiple rounds in each game. In each round, multiple waves of enemy heroes will be teleported to a path leading to the player’s base. At the same time, there will be waves of the player’s heroes teleported to the enemy’s path to attack the enemy’s base. If an enemy’s hero reaches the player’s base, they will lose one point. If the player loses three points, they will lose the match. The same applies to the enemy. There is a boss hero wave after a specified number of normal waves. During this wave, a boss hero with significantly higher stats and special abilities will appear. To defend their base, the player will have to spend some energy to summon a hero. At the beginning of the game, players start with 100 energy points. Each time a player presses the Summon button, a specific amount of energy is spent, and a random hero from their deck will be summoned to the field. Each time an enemy’s hero is defeated, the player gains energy, which can be used to summon more heroes. Players can also merge two identical heroes with the same number of stars to summon a random hero with more stars. The more stars a hero has, the stronger they are. Depending on the hero’s character, the increased stats may include better attack damage, more health points, better defense, etc.

There are four battle modes available to players:

PvP Arena

This is the first game mode, and players can participate here with a non-NFT heroes deck. Players will be matched with other players based on their PvP Ranks. In this mode, players can earn eCGC after each match, depending on their PvP Rank and the NFT heroes in their team.

Leaderboard: At the end of each season, players will be rewarded eHTD based on their ranks in the PvP Arena Leaderboard. The higher rank they have, the better reward they will receive. This is the main way to earn HTD in the game.

Coop Mode

In this mode, the player is matched with a random player to play a cooperative defense game. Each player brings their own deck to the match, and together they defend their base against the enemy waves. Players are rewarded with eCGC depending on the number of waves completed. Each player can earn a maximum of 15 points per day.

Challenge Mode

In this mode, the player can challenge another player in two ways: Direct Challenge, or Same Deck Challenge. To participate in the challenge, both players have to pay an entry fee in eCGC. The winners get a reward based on that amount of eCGC after the subtraction of a small fee. This mode will encourage players to better customize their decks and polish up their skills against their friends.

Tournament Mode

In this mode, four or eight players will pay an entry fee to participate. The players are then matched in pairs to battle each other and progress further in the tournament. The last man standing gets the tournament reward.


The game offers a Free-To-Play option in which a new player can start the game with five basic heroes. They can explore the world of Heroes TD, participate in PvP matches, and earn some eCGC with these non-NFT heroes. Players can then choose to convert their eCGC to CGC via dApp, then sell the CGC on the marketplace or trade them.

However, low-ranking PvP matches can only earn a limited amount of eCGC. A strong deck is required to participate in high-ranking matches. Players can obtain NFT heroes to strengthen their decks by purchasing them on the marketplace.


The marketplace is where players can trade and purchase game assets, which can be used in-game to improve their decks and combat skills. Depending on the assets, different information will be shown to describe the item’s advantages. Players can use HTD and CGC tokens to further improve their decks, participate in high-level games, and become the best players.

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Player Requirements

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The game offers a Free-To-Play mode, which is free of charge. So, if you want to try the game, all you need is a device connected to the Internet. However, there is an entry fee to join challenges and matches.

Registration is required to enter the game. There are three ways to log in: Using a Google account, email, or an Apple account.

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There are two basic tokens in the game.

HTD token

Total supply: HTD 468,000,000

This is the main Heroes TD token. It can be traded on DEX or earned via in-game Play-To-Earn activities. It is used to participate in in-game activities and to purchase assets on the marketplace. It is essential for the game due to its special feature that enables new heroes to be summoned.

Token distribution:

eHTD coin: The HTD-eHTD conversion ratio is 1:1. eHTD coins are earned in-game after adding up the PvP mode rating for each season.

The treasury receives inflows from two main sources:

 1. 4.68% of all NFT heroes market transactions

 2. Part of the HTD used to summon heroes

These HTDs are then used by the treasury to reward players who achieve high rankings in each season.


A staking feature will allow users to stake their HTD tokens in a pool to earn extra HTDs while waiting for future game development.

Token TD CGC

Total supply: CGC 10,000,000

This is an in-game token that can be used for in-game activities as well as on markets and DEX. The Heroes TD creators will not sell the token directly - it can only be created by players. It can be earned through in-game activities in the PvP Arena, Challenges, Tournaments and Daily Quests. The token can be used to summon new NFT heroes on the dApp, or used as the entry fee in a Challenge or Tournament. The player can then withdraw any acquired tokens and trade them on DEX.

eCGC Coins: The CGC-to-eCGC conversion ratio is 1:10. These coins can be earned in-game by completing game modes such as PvP, Tournament and Challenge.

IGC coins: ICG are suitable for players who want to try out the game but not get involved in blockchain trading. Players can use these coins to purchase items.

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HTD tokens can be obtained in-game by:

  • Winning PvP matches
  • Trading on the marketplace

CGC tokens can be earned in-game by:

  • Playing in the PvP Arena
  • Coop collaboration
  • Completing challenges
  • Winning tournaments
  • Completing other tasks such as daily events, missions, etc.

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analyst opinion

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“Since the game offers a Free-To-Play option, anyone can try it out, just as I did. I rate the project positively as a whole, especially their activity on social media and the successful completion of the Road Map. The game offers many modes and variants, so it will satisfy even the most demanding players. It also offers good graphics and a large number of partners, which is a plus for the project. In addition, an app for both Android and iOS is to be created, so you will be able to play the game on the go.”

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Šárka Mokrá

Šárka Mokrá

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