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May 23, 2023

Overall Rating

Current Token Price
Project Potential
  • Free-To-Play
  • Free-To-Earn
  • NFTs can be traded or gifted
  • PvP rewards
  • Token withdrawal needs at least one NFT
  • NFT-oriented

Fight against bosses in brutal combats and then dare to fight against other players, having several challenges throughout the game to obtain rewards.

Official Trailer


Q3 – 2021 Alpha Test

  • Integration of game on the blockchain
  • $HEROEGG token sale
  • HeroFi Alpha Test for 1000 testers
  • Marketplace release

Q4 – 2021 Release Game

  • Offspring function release on the website (Mating & Breeding mode)
  • Open Beta Game v1.0

          10 In-game characters release

          Campaign Mode

          PvP 5v5 Mode

          Platform: Android & PC

          UI Manual Control

          $ROFI Test Net

  • $ROFI Official Listing on exchanges
  • Sell, and buy items on the marketplace
  • HeroFi Official Release 1.0

          Android Launching

          $ROFI Mainnet

  • Sell, and buy items on the marketplace
  • Game v1.1

         Users can use in-game items

  • Build HeroFi’s multiverse gameplay

Q1 – 2022

  • $ROFI becomes the governance token of ROFI Multiverse
  • Release New Reward Token: $HFI
  • $HFI consignment system
  • Cut off 1-star Hero
  • Release Tower Mode
  • HeroFi Official Release on Google Play
  • Release 2 new heroes

Q2 – 2022

  • In-game features: Upgrade Hero from 1-star to 2-star
  • Release 2 new heroes

About the game

Player Requirements

The game is available only for android devices. The creators’ team recommends the use of Nox & LD emulators to be able to play it on PC. The game is Free-To-Play and can be downloaded from the official website.


$HFI TOKEN is the currency used in the game to buy gold, arena tickets, and stamina, repair equipment, breed, and upgrade player heroes.

Total supply: 100,000,000,000

Spec: BEP-20

$HEROEGG can only be obtained through public and private purchases and is used for summoning Genesis heroes.

Total supply: 520,000,000

Spec: BEP-20

$ROFI is a governance token used for buying and upgrading heroes, staking, and trading NFT items on the marketplace.

Total supply: 11,500,000

Spec: BEP-20

Staking $ROFI and heroes is possible, and they grant powerful items as a reward.


$HFI TOKEN: is earned by playing arena battles, daily missions, and the game campaign.

NFTs can be obtained through staking or sold through the marketplace to get $ROFI.

Obtaining $ROFI was possible by doing in-game activities, but it was changed, and now the players receive $HFI instead.

Breeding system

It requires a male and female character. This process will cost $HFI or $ROFI as a fee, generating a Descendant Hero, which the player can sell at the marketplace for $ROFI.




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“After having tried several games like this, I dare say that it is quite simple but, at the same time, fun. The breeding part is interesting and reminds me of Pokémon, temtem, or Axis Infinity. The $HEROEGG part is like a gacha adding some luck to the game. This time I had problems installing it through the emulator. I liked that the creators have put much effort into making video guides and written tutorials to help install and play it as well as explaining how to use the economy inside and outside the game.

For someone familiar with or likes the type of breeding games where energy is restored daily, HeroFI is for you. The Free-To-Play option is still there to enjoy, but it is a little more limited as players with NFTs have an advantage over non-NFTs, and the free items can only be 1-2 stars, while the purchased NFTs are 3-6 stars.

Overall, it’s a fun and good game with much support from the community.

Personally, I would play it as Free-To-Play, or in case the game and the $ROFI token remain stable. I would dare to invest something in their NFTs.”

HeroFi is a Free-To-Play action RPG mobile game where players can fight in PvP and PvE battles that allow players to collect and trade NFT heroes and has a breeding system that will enable players to create NFTs from it.

One day the creator decided to tear apart the world into two realms: Earth and Heavens. The creator sent down power eggs to both realms, which later gave birth to powerful Genesis Heroes, who became leaders in many areas.

As for now, the heroes are fighting to obtain the Holy Grail, which no one knows what it looks like, but it’s said that the one who gets their hands on it will control the whole world.

There are two types of heroes, Genesis and Normal Heroes.

Genesis Heroes:

The Genesis Heroes are capped at 5200, and come from eggs bought with $HEROEGG. They have a minimum of 3-star and a maximum of 6-star level. Also, eggs from Genesis Heroes breeding only take ten days to hatch, and Genesis Heroes don’t get old.

Normal Heroes:

Normal Heroes do get old. They are the result of breeding two Genesis Heroes. Normal heroes have a 3-star level and can be used for unlimited breeding.


Heroes can have six classes, such as fire, water, plant, thunder, light, and dark, with three active skills and one passive skill. The heroes’ skill set does not depend on their class due to crossbreeding, and their parents will determine the skill class by their parents with a 50%-50% rate. Classes also have a weakness to other classes, as shown below.

Star levels:

Heroes can be upgraded using heroes with the same star level. In the process, the upgraded hero will consume the other one, and $ROFI and %HFI are required to upgrade the heroes, depending on the level, regardless of the result. The hero’s class and skill will not change in this process.

The game offers three different game modes:

Campaign Mode (PvE)

In the campaign mode, the player fights against the AI, each battle needs about two stamina, and the stamina has a limit of 50 per day, and it resets every day.

Arena Mode (PvP)

In the arena, players fight against other players with the same rank consuming tickets. It is important to note that in PvP, the characters are very important, as well as the formation and the equipped items.

There are two types of arena range; the basic one is where heroes with star levels 1-3 are used, and these players have a chance of obtaining $HFI.

In the premier league, where the player must have heroes with star level 4-6 stars, the players will always receive $HFI.

Tower Mode

In this game mode, the player has a 100-story tower. The player must advance in each of these, obtaining rewards and getting more challenging on each floor.