This popular puzzle game with RPG elements will make sure that you’ll never be bored. Unfortunately the team is not active on social media. We recommend exercising caution.

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  • Great game concept
  • Many types of entertainment
  • Nice graphics


  • No Discord
Rating 7.5
4 - Project Potential
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Q3 - 2022

  • NFT items
  • Introducing a new map
  • Clans

Q4 - 2022

  • New game mode
  • PvP mode
  • Introducing a new map
  • Governance
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About the Game

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The player’s goal is to keep their heroes alive and defeat all the enemies. Each hero is a character of one of four races: humans, beasts, forest creatures and demons, each with different base stats. For the heroes to attack, players have to match 3 or more of the same items on the board. The longer the connected chain, the stronger the heroes’ attack. Four heroes are needed at the same time in one battle, but these heroes lose stamina after battle and need some time to recover before they can be used again.

Heroes can also be upgraded. However, the player has to win the campaign mode first and use the $HES token to do so. The more a hero is upgraded, the stronger his or her attacks. Each additional hero upgrade is more expensive than the previous one.

The power and maximum level of the heroes will vary by rarity. However, once a hero reaches its maximum level, users will have to use the "awakening system" to progress the hero above that maximum level. Awakening the hero will cost an amount of $HER tokens, but players will be rewarded with HRS (Hero Shards) for awakening a hero.

HeroVerse will offer the following game modes:


The campaign is divided into chapters, each being a location on the map that hides numerous challenges and rewards. Players need to complete all the challenges to finish the chapter and unlock the next one.

Each chapter features different monsters, special bosses, and fascinating treasures for players to obtain.

Hard mode

A hard mode will also be available in the game. This is essentially a campaign, but with the player receiving significantly higher rewards for winning.


Players will have one chance per day to fight a raid boss. The longer the player survives each day, the bigger the reward. Defeating the boss will earn the player a rare reward.

Conquering the tower

The tower is an arena in which players compete with five others to reach the top tower floor and earn rewards.


Each season will last 30 days and players will compete for positions on the leaderboard. The higher the player ranks at the season end, the higher the reward.


A clan is an organized group of players playing together. Clan members contribute to the clan’s improvement and upgrading a clan's skills will boost all members’ power. The clan advances through the success of any one member, with clans competing for ranking positions.

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Player Requirements

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Players need to purchase at least 4 game characters to play. Pricing starts at $2 USD per character.

The game marketplace is available HERE.

The game will proportionately reward the most active players, so a lot of activity is required to earn more.

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There will be 2 tokens in the game.

$HES – Main game token

Total supply: unlimited

The token is tradable on PancakeSwap

Uses: hero upgrades, game actions

Users will receive a Hero shard for improving their heroes. When they have 4 shards, they will then be able to mint another hero for free.

$HER – Governance token

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Original price: $0.19 USD

Current price: HERE

The token is available on the PancakeSwap and MEXC exchanges.

Uses: buying characters, staking, and (in the future) interacting with developers.

The version 1 staking pool is already closed but there will be more openings. Players can follow the process on the official website in the farming section.

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How to get rewards:

By trading, renting, staking, classic gameplay, completing tasks, and progressing through missions.

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analyst opinion

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“This is a well-designed game with some interesting game concepts. It is based on the popular match-3 mechanic, but supplemented by other diverse game modes, story parts, PvP battles and common mazes for clan members. The game emphasizes gameplay, so it is not only Play-To-Earn. Instead, everyone can play, making it Play-And-Earn."

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Ladislav Horáček

Ladislav Horáček

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