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Honor of Gods

Published: 22 October 2022

It was project with ambition to create a MOBA type game that could allow players fight with the gods against the gods. Unfortunately, the project did not cope with competition on the market and the team left the project. Discord account was canceled and Twitter account was renamed and offers a completely different product to fans.

Basic information

The game belongs to GHArt and worked on the Solana network. The story begins on Mount Olympus, where Zeus, the ruler of the gods, decided to hold a great feast. The celebrations ended when the sneaky god Hermes decided to play a prank and steal the Aegis Shield. A war broke out between the gods.

Road Map


  • NFT launch in February 2022.
  • Staking NFTs in the game.
  • Honor of Gods Beta testing.
  • Honor of Gods launch.
  • Distribution of Honor of Gods in-game earnings to NFT holders.
  • Launching another Play-2-Earn game.
  • Launching a game platform cooperating with other game projects.
  • Launching a marketplace for gaming NFTs.

About the game


This is a decentralized gaming platform and digital marketplace on the Solana blockchain. It is to consist of several immersive games, the first of which will be Honor of Gods. GHArt itself belongs to the GHA Foundation, a company that deals in the sale of marijuana and marijuana products.


Basic gameplay consists of 5 vs. 5 battles between players. The goal is to get through 3 enemy lines and destroy their fortress.


We have a little more information about NFT. The sale allegedly took place in January, February, and March. The first whitelist allowed the purchase of one NFT for MATIC 14, the second whitelist had a price of MATIC 22 and in the public sale one NFT could be bought for USDT 50.

A total of 105,000 NFTs were to be released. On the project’s official website, approximately 7000 NFTs are reportedly staked.

Player requirements

No technical requirements or information about gaming platforms (PC or mobile devices) have been specified. You will most likely need to purchase at least one NFT.


The project does not have its own token yet, MATIC is used for payment. In the future, they would like to launch their own token which would become the only currency on the platform, but its name has not been published yet. 


So far, the only published way to get rewards is to stake your NFT hero in-game. More details have not been released


Analyst opinion


Jan Záhora

Jan Záhora

Published: 22 October 2022

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