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Ilu Universe

Published: 11 november 2022

Ilu Universe is a fantasy RPG game, where players will be able to explore new game locations, battle against other players, farm, breed Ilu creatures and craft and sell NFT items to NPC or to other players.

Basic information

This is a Free-To-Play game where you can fight against monsters (PvE) and other players (PvP Arena) as well as exchange in-game assets and NFTs to digital currencies, complete quests, defeat bosses and discover unexplored locations.

There are two forms of currency in this universe, one is the $ILU token, which is the main currency and the other one is $ILLIUM,   the secondary token, which is designed to power up the Play-To-Earn player reward system.

In the Ilu Universe, you can breed in the same way that real animals would, and craft anything from food to home décor, that you can later sell at the web-based marketplace. 

These magical creatures have a billion varieties, they can use magical spells to help explore, farm, fight and earn NFTs and crypto.

Road Map

Defined in 6 stages:

– Stage 1 (Q1 2022)

Project concept

Team formation

Brainstorming Game Mechanics

Ilu Design Concepts

Social Media (Instagram / Facebook / Twitter) Start Discord Server, Telegram Channel, Website Launch

– Stage 2 (Q1 2022)

Release Litepaper

Instagram / Facebook / Twitter Ads

Active Social Marketing

Community Growth

$ILU Airdrop

NFT Event

– Stage 3 (Q2 – Q3 2022)

Art Contests 

Media Influencers 

Smart Contract Development 

Game Preview 

Release Whitepaper

Promo Trailer Release

Initial NFT Sale (Ilu Eggs)

– Stage 4 (Q3 2022)

Token Public Sale

Token Listing On DEX

Listing on CMC & Coingecko

Game Marketplace

Hatching Eggs Event

– Stage 5 (Q4 2022)

$ILU Staking

Token listing on CEX

Launch Closed Alpha (PC + Mac)

PvP Arena Testing (Alpha)

Launch Open Beta (PC + Mac)

– Stage 6 (Q1 2023)

Full Game Version Release (PC + Mac)

Phone App (Android + iOs)

PvP Tournament

Listing More Users

About the game

This is a fantasy RPG game where you will fight evil with Ilu creatures you can breed, while doing daily quests or joining events. You will have a chance to obtain rare items, tokens, and game equipment. With these in-game resources you will upgrade your Ilu’s skills and grow to move from simpler to more complex locations.  You will face and fight against monsters and gain more resources for NFT items. NFT items you can sell to NPC or to other players at the marketplace. 

Ilu creatures are unique NFTs which are integrated by a combination of body, ears, mouth, eyes, horns, and an element. In total, there are 285 parts of Ilu, resulting in almost thirty-seven billion variations. Future updates will make this number almost infinite.

Ilu gets two random types of elements when hatching from the eight available elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lighting, Ice, Light and Darkness. 

Ilu gets two random types of magic when hatching:

– Native Magic: Body and effects (available from hatching).

– Soul Magic: Body symbol (develops during its evolution).

You will be able to explore different randomly generated biomes, find rare NFT items and fight dangerous monsters in order to move from simpler to more complex locations, to fight the evil that is trying to capture the Ilu World. 

You will also encounter many variations of monsters and players during exploration. Depending on the difficulty level of the monster you kill, you will gain useful items and experience. Keep in mind that the higher the level and skills of your Ilu, the more powerful enemies you will be able to defeat.

You can grow useful things by planting seeds, such as trees for crafting, herbs for Alchemy,  and food. In addition, you need to find seeds for your home farm. These items are NFTs and can be used for crafting and selling to NPC or to other players at the marketplace. 

The breeding process requires resources and time as they can be bred in the same way as real animals are. However, breeding is limited to a maximum of ten cycles. The first breeding for Gen0 will require fewer resources but each subsequent cycle will require more.

The Ilu Universe ecosystem belongs entirely to players. Players can exchange their in-game assets and NFTs to digital currencies and all in-game assets are represented in the selected currency – fiat or crypto.

However, all transactions are made only in Ilu Tokens, which guarantee constant token volume and circulation supply.

Player requirements

Players will need $ILU to pay for breeding fees, trade for unique items, land plots and Marketplace purchases.

Then, $ILIUM, the secondary token, is used to power the Play-To-Earn reward system.


Total supply: 2,000,000,000 ILU

Primary token: $ILU

– It will be deeply tied into the game’s ecosystem and will eventually become deflationary. Players/holders will be incentivized to hold onto it, causing natural price growth.

– $ILU will be required as the primary form of in-game currency.

– Players will need $ILU to pay for breeding fees, trade for unique items, land plots, Marketplace purchase, and more.

– The Ilu Treasury will eventually buy and burn $ILU, making it naturally deflationary as the ecosystem grows.

– Holders will be able to participate in governance voting in the future as part of an upcoming DAO/DAC, allowing them to shape the future of the Ilu Universe.

– As holders lock their $ILU, they will decrease the circulating supply and will be rewarded with additional $ILU based on their Ilu’s happiness level.

▪ Secondary token: $ILLIUM

– Designed to power the Play-To-Earn player reward system. $ILLIUM has an infinite supply, but is also required and used in the four core Ilu Universe mechanics: breeding, leveling, spells and happiness. This makes this secondary token a prized commodity as it is required to create new Ilu and to improve them.

– Players can obtain $ILLIUM by exploring, completing in-game quests, farming crops, gathering resources, and selling in-game assets and items to NPC Traders.

– $ILLIUM will be minted each time a player completes a Play-to-Earn task, and it will also be spent in increasing quantities as players breed and improve their Ilu.

Staking (20%): Rewards the community members for having a long term investment and locking up their $ILU tokens.


One of the main philosophies of Ilu Universe regarding user interaction is to provide players with a variety of ways to earn coins easily and instantly.

You may earn in the following ways:

Fighting against monsters (PvE).

Fighting against other players (PvP/GvG).

Multiplayer Events (PvP/GvG tournaments, World Raid Bosses).

Growing resources on a farm.

Creating and selling NFT items.

Exploring the world and finding Rare NFT items.

Completing daily and story quests.

Growing and selling Ilu.

 Referral program.

 Reward program.



Analyst opinion

“Ilu Universe is an upcoming RPG fantasy game in which players will be able to breed Ilu creatures and gain tokens by playing and following other in-game mechanics such as discovering unexplored game locations, completing quests, defeating bosses and fighting against other players and evil monsters. 

The team started the development in April 2022, so there is still a lot of refinement to be done as the game looks incomplete  and unpolished. 

I was not personally dazzled by the design of the characters;  I perceive a lack of originality. The art is inspired by Pokemon, Zelda and Studio Ghibli, which is an interesting source of creativity, nonetheless, there is a need of investment when it comes to graphics and innovation of character’s design as well as social media and marketing. 

On the other hand, Ilu Universe looks like a friendly game, anyone can play it as it is easy to understand and control. It is going to be a good game if you want to exchange in-game assets and NFTs to digital currencies in a simple and comprehensible way. The team has a clear concept of Tokenomics. 

I did not find any risk in terms of fraud; the project will slowly and safely shift from an initial “chaperoned” structure to a fully decentralized online game. Another important detail is that holders will be able to participate in governance voting in the future as part of an upcoming DAO/DAC, allowing them to shape the future of Ilu Universe which sounds good. The Ilu Universe team will monitor the inflation rate and ensure that an optimal balance between supply and demand is maintained. 

The Ilu Universe team plans to release a trailer next quarter as well as the game’s preview and initial NFT sale. In the beginning of the last quarter of 2022, Ilu Universe will be available for PC and Mac, and at the beginning of 2023, for Android and iOS.

I would opt more for more original and interesting projects but there are still several phases to be completed and upgraded so stay tuned!”

Mürell Ayón

Mürell Ayón

Published: 11 november 2022

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