KingdomX is a Play-2-Earn NFT war strategy game in which players create a hero and build a kingdom in their territory, from which they then attack their enemies.

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  • Useful staking
  • Game mechanics


  • Unknown team
  • No gameplay
  • Investment required

Rating 5
3 - Project Potential
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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The developers do not provide a classic Road Map but only four steps they want to follow.

Step 1:

  • Official website Launch
  • Building Community
  • KT in Liquidity Pool

Step 2:

  • Staking gameplay
  • NFT Presale
  • Heroes battle game

Step 3:

  • Lands presale
  • Hero generation system
  • KingsLanding protocol

Step 4:

  • Avatar system
  • Lands game
  • Sidechain project
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About the Game

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KingdomX is a Play-2-Earn combat strategy game in which players upgrade their heroes and then launch attacks on other players or bosses in the game.

KingdomX is still in development and it is not possible to test the game mechanics at the moment. The game will offer several activities. Buying heroes and upgrading them is the most important element of the game. With heroes, players will fight each other in PvP mode or launch attacks on bosses.

Daily quests: If a player owns three or more heroes, he or she will unlock the ability to complete daily quests. For completing these quests, the player will receive a small amount of KNT in-game token ($KNT).

Adventure quests: These quests require the player to have a sufficient level and energy to complete them. The reward for completing an adventure quest is hero experience and the KNT in-game token.

Hero recruitment: There will be an opportunity to recruit heroes in the game to strengthen your team. The conditions for recruitment are as follows. Players must own a plot of land, have at least one hero with sufficient reputation and enough of both game tokens. The recruited hero cannot be better than the one he was recruited with. The appearance and attributes of the recruited hero are randomly generated.

Upgrading heroes: If a player wants to upgrade the attributes of their Heroes, they needs to send them to PvE battles. If the player wins the fight, he or she will receive experience, which he or she will then use to upgrade his heroes’ attributes along with the in-game $KNT.

Upgrading armor: Each hero has seven pieces of armor and each piece can be upgraded. This allows the player to increase the hero’s overall attributes, which are then important in PvP battles. In order to upgrade armor pieces, a certain amount of both game tokens is required. With each upgrade, the level of the armor part increases, but the probability of success of the next upgrade decreases. If an upgrade fails, the player will lose tokens, but the part of the armor will not be affected (it will neither upgrade nor lose its level).

PvP fights: Players must participate in PvP fights if they want to increase their reputation, recruit stronger heroes and upgrade them. For winning matches in PvP, players can earn a large amount of $KNT and KT tokens, as well as NFT heroes and some pieces of armor.

PvP tournaments: every year, seasonal tournaments will be launched, where players will earn medals and progress in the rankings for winning. At the end of the season, the leaderboard will be closed and players will receive rewards based on their rankings.

Land: The game will contain a limited number of land to purchase. Land is an important part of the game as it is used to recruit new heroes and build on.

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Player Requirements

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To play, you will need to own a software wallet and purchase heroes.

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KingdomX contains two tokens.

KING token (KT):

Is the basic game token. It is used for value transfer and community management. It is mainly used in the game to purchase new heroes and upgrade them. Players can earn this token by participating in battles. Through their achievements, they get into the leaderboard and according to the ranking they can receive more tokens.

$KT is tradable on crypto exchanges.

KNIGHT token (KNT): is a functional token that is also used to buy heroes and upgrade them, as well as to buy some in-game props.

$KNT can be obtained by completing daily quests, fighting in PvE and PvP zones, or by bartering.

The token is not tradable on exchanges but is used to maintain the game’s ecosystem through the token burning feature.

Staking: Players will find staking important, as it allows them to unlock new areas or obtain rarer items. It only works with the KING token.

KingsLanding protocol: This is an element to keep the game’s economy healthy. This protocol emits tokens and its task is to dispose of of utility tokens (KNT) to maintain the value of the game. The KingsLanding protocol is linked to all aspects of the game.

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There are four types of assets in KingdomX. Two tokens, which can be used to buy various items, and then NFT heroes and lands with real-world value, as they can be sold for real money.

By staking, NFT items can be obtained, which can then be sold to earn money.

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analyst opinion

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“As described on paper, the game looks very promising. The game mechanics are interesting and there will be no shortage of fun. Unfortunately, the whole game is built in such a way that you need to invest a considerable amount of your own resources. Earnings are closely linked to daily play and it is not entirely clear how much time needs to be invested to make the game financially interesting. I would like to try the game, just if only because it is a combat strategy game, which is a genre I am fond of. I would welcome if the developers could launch a limited Free-To-Play mode, in which I could try the game without having to invest my own funds and then decide whether it’s interesting to invest in it.”

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Jakub Odvářka

Jakub Odvářka

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