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Knight War
May 18, 2023

Overall Rating

Current Token Price
Project Potential
  • Great graphics
  • Elaboration
  • Experienced team and strong investors
  • Pay-To-Win risk
  • Delayed Road Map

An easy-going fighting game with a wide range of characters and weapons.

Official Trailer


The token IDO has already taken place. The last quarter of 2021 also saw an NFT weapons sale and the alpha game version release. The official version was launched at the end of January 2022.

Q1 - 2022

  • Introduction of the official game version
  • PvP Arena alpha version
  • Addition of a new playable character (Demon) + new NFT weapons

Q2 - 2022

  • Official PvP Arena launch
  • More NFT items (armor, rings...)

Q3 - 2022 and later

  • Cardano and Ethereum cross-chain support
  • Land sale and alpha metaverse version
  • VR (virtual reality) metaverse
  • PvP alpha version in virtual reality

About the game

Player Requirements

No investment is required to enter the game. Players gradually get better and better weapons. There is a purchase option in the game’s marketplace allowing individuals who want to speed up their game progress to buy higher quality weapons. However, this will cost them a considerable amount of money.


Knight War: The Holy Trio is powered by two tokens:

  • Knight War Spirits ($KWS) is the ecosystem and utility token
  • Meteor Remnant Essence ($MRE) is the game token

Everyone can earn $MRE by playing the single player and multiplayer modes. $MRE can be fully traded with other BEP-20 tokens. There will be a cap on the maximum $MRE amount that can be earned per day to prevent inflation.

The $KWS token can only be obtained in special community events such as monthly rankings, Mega Boss kills, and PvP tournaments. $KWS is also the Knight War: The Holy Trio governance token.

Ecosystem token: $KWS – Knight War Spirit

Protocol: BEP-20

Total supply: 500,000,000

Initial supply: 13,840,000

IDO price: USD 0.035

Current price: HERE

The token is available on the and PancakeSwap exchanges.

Staking: Players will be able to stake the token on the official website to earn passive income.

Game token: $MRE – Meteor Remnants Essence

Protocol: BEP-20

Total supply: Unlimited

Original price: USD 0.021

Current price: HERE

The token is only available on PancakeSwap.


The game is very simple, and contains simple ways to earn. One option is to collect and earn game tokens that can be sold later. However, a huge amount of tokens is required for decent earnings. A better option might be to craft NFT weapons with a chance for a four-, five- or even six-star weapon drop, which could make a decent profit.




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“This is a very good-looking and well-designed game. The idea is clear: do not compete with other blockchain games, but give users a relaxing gaming experience. I also think the focus on weapons and the possibility to create them is positive, as this can boost and sustain the gaming community.

The backstories of the characters and demons are well elaborated, and add something extra to the game. The team and sponsors look solid as well, so I think this game is perfect for casual players who want to relax and maybe make some money.

This is not a massive earning game, but anything is better than nothing. Yet we cannot ignore the high Pay-To-Win risk due to the possibility of buying NFT weapons in the marketplace.”

Knight War: The Holy Trio offers players a very different experience compared to all other blockchain games. It is very simple and can be played without much effort, allowing players to enjoy the game without having to sit in front of a screen for hours and hours.

Players travel through different regions of the land of Kahlla, and fight demons from their castles. The game also has a World Boss Hunt feature in which players from all over the world join to hunt down a very powerful demon.

A PvP Arena mode is expected to launch in the coming months. Players will be able to create five-warrior teams to pit their strategic skills against others.

Single player – PvE campaign (against the AI)

Campaign is the most important game mode. It is in line with the Knight War: The Holy Trio story, and contains many important ingredients for NFT creation, such as Meteor Remnant Essence (MRE), special materials, and recipes.

Multiplayer – Player cooperation to fight a Mega Boss

Mega Bosses are incredibly powerful enemies. By dealing damage to a Mega Boss, players will receive rewards corresponding to the HP taken.

PvP Arena

The PvP Arena will test players’ tactical skills in a team fight. Each team will consist of five characters, and the battle will take place automatically. The ranking system will decide the strongest team, and reward the best players every month.


Knight War: The Holy Trio supports the Idle defense game genre, involving battles between the Alliance and demons, and providing players with a revolutionary experience. They will gain access to three classes: the mighty knight, the savvy archer, and the clever mage. Each uses a different weapon (NFT).

Different characters will have different skills and different strengths. Players will have to understand their champions strengths and create the appropriate strategies to defeat enemies and proceed in the game. Behind each class is an extensive story describing its origin and life.


Knights are brave heroes in the front lines. They focus on a single target with an occasional attack, and can stun them.


Archers attack from the rear. They shoot arrows at enemies in rapid succession, dealing incredible damage, but are unable to hurt knights.


Mages form a balance between archers and knights. They can attack multiple targets at once.

NFT weapons

Since there are three classes in the game so far, three weapon types are also available – swords, bows, and magic staffs. These weapons will have extra effectiveness only if wielded by the correct character class (bow and arrows with an archer, etc.).

Each NFT weapon consists of three parts. Players will always need to obtain all three parts to craft the weapon. A sword consists of a hilt, guard, and blade. A bow consists of a handle, a limb with a string, and an arrow. A magic staff consists of a body, a head, and a powerful core. Players can create a complete NFT with unique stats after collecting enough MRE (token), KWS (token), ingredients, and recipes.

Each crafted weapon will have four basic stats: damage, speed, critical hit chance, and hit points.

Players who don’t want to procure weapons by playing and getting raw materials can buy them in the MARKETPLACE. The most expensive weapon currently sold costs around USD 300. The ability to buy better weapons means there is a risk of the game becoming Pay-To-Win.