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Crypto Game
Krypto Fighters
Jun 6, 2024

Overall Rating

Current Token Price
Project Potential
  • Strong team
  • Rich tokenomics
  • Interesting storyline
  • Interesting theme and graphics
  • You must buy an asset in order to play

Krypto Fighters is an innovative strategic NFT game inspired by Darkest Dungeon. In the game, players collect, trade, recruit, rent, train, and lead a team of fighters, and the launch will be on the Polygon network.

Official Trailer


Q1 - 2022

  • Ideation and Team Formation
  • Game and Tokenomics Design
  • Whitepaper
  • Launch of Mini Site
  • Seed and Private Sale

Q2 - 2022

  • Marketing
  • Social Media Channels Launch
  • Trailer Release
  • Website Launch
  • Game Demo

Q3 - 2022

  • NFT Presale
  • Launch of NFT Marketplace
  • Alpha Test
  • Public Sale
  • Listing on CMC and Coingecko

Q4 - 2022

  • Public Launch PvE
  • Comic
  • Coaching
  • Marketing Development
  • NFT Staking

Q2 - 2023

  • HDF NFT Free mint
  • Genesis Sale The Mutant

Q3 - 2023

  • Open Beta Test
  • IDO & Listing
  • Platinum Staking
  • Public Launch P2E

About the game

Player Requirements

You must purchase an NFT warrior to play.


The game is based on a dual token system: $KF and $JAB:

$KF (ERC-20)

  • Primary in-game currency for trading on the marketplace
  • Token tied to the game ecosystem and governance token
  • Owners will be able to participate in game voting and governance
  • Possible staking of $KF


  • Secondary token for training, upgrading, and fusing NFT fighters, and buying gacha boxes
  • An enhancement to the Play-To-Earn reward system


The player can generate profit in the game in several ways:

  • Rewards for PvE and PvP battles
  • Participation in quests and events
  • Trading on the marketplace
  • Rewards for mini-games
  • Rewards for NFT characters and land ownership




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

"Krypto Fighters takes players into a world full of combat, in which they must lead their characters into battle in the quest for victory. I like the sophistication of the game, especially the connection between the characters and the story and comic book, as well as the potential series in the future. The game's setting in the city of Kryptopolis is attractive, and combined with the elaborate tokenomics, Krypto Fighters is one of the most successful games I've encountered to this date."

Krypto Fighters tells the story of a sovereign state affected by a fight for control of resources and technology between several capitalist congregations who, in order to settle scores, determine their rights and divide resources, have agreed to "organized battles."

The fighters are recruited in 4-person teams and trained for battles throughout the city of Kryptopolis, and it is the player's job to assemble a team, train it and become the strongest in Kryptopolis. Some fight just to protect themselves, others to conquer.

The game also has its own comic, which will introduce players to the characters connected to the story of the metaverse. The ambition of the game's creators is to create an animated series as well.

Krypto Fighters is a fighting game in which players recruit fighters. Before entering battle, players can use the facilities in their fight club to modify their fighters and equipment. There are eight different classes of warrior, each with different statuses and skills that can be upgraded over time.

After the preparation phase, players must choose four warriors to battle with in turn-based combat encounters. A unique feature of Krypto Fighters is the Guts system, which displays the fighter's strength. Many factors affect a Fighter in combat, such as low team morale. If the Fighters lose their Guts, they will become exhausted and may die.

Combat in Krypto Fighters centers around either direct physical or psychological damage.

The game has three game modes:

  • Adventure mode (Adventure versus PvE game)

Players lead their team to fight in Kryptopolis against various gangsters. During adventure mode, they cannot change their fighters for replacements from the club. For winning, they get $JAB tokens to save in their wallet or spend.

  • Battle mode (Battle against PvP players)

In Club (player) battle, the player must select four fighters to face off against each other. Players will receive $JAB for winning and can earn $KF according to the player ranking for a certain period.

  • Tournament (Tournament, PvP)

A prestigious monthly event to which tournament organizers invite the best players. The team consists of 4 players and two alternates. Rewards are allocated after the tournament,  according to the results.

The game also has a sophisticated training system, which allows players to train their fighters after reaching a certain level. The health system then allows injured fighters to heal.

Players can purchase land in Cryptopolis, where they can then build stadiums, hospitals or gyms, which generate long-term income.

NFT characters are unique, and there will initially be 20,000 to choose from.