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Jun 4, 2024

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Project Potential
  • Various game modes
  • Interesting story
  • Confusing Road Map

Machiavellic is a Play-To-Earn NFT game built on the Cardano blockchain, in which players explore The Scourged Land to gather resources, conquer and defend territories, and fight in epic PvP and PvE battles while collecting NFTs and rewards.

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Player dashboard

  • Staking application
  • Entertainment module
  • Gaming
  • Trading/crafting
  • Social



  • Marketplace
  • Chat app
  • Arena
  • Raid
  • Factions
  • Rewards
  • Guild app
  • Community input


  • Closed alpha
  • Lore updates


  • Restricted beta


  • Public launch
  • PvE
  • Arena
  • Human campaign

About the game

Player Requirements

Players have to connect their wallet to play the game.

The project does not mention any other requirements so far.


Token: $MBIT

Total Token Supply: unlimited

$MBIT can be used for:

  • Upgrading/unlocking skills
  • Upgrading/modifying NFTs
  • Purchasing in-game items (bombs, potions, traps, etc.)
  • Trading NFTs on the Marketplace

Governance Token: $MACH

Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000

$MACH can be used for:

  • Voting
  • Purchasing marketplace shards
  • Swapping for $MBIT
  • Creating in-game items, like potions
  • In-game consumption to enhance the experience  

Players can stake $ADA to earn $MACH, $MBIT, and $ADA in return.


Players can earn $MBIT through:

  • Trading NFTs on the Marketplace
  • Gameplay (killing enemies, quests, PvP rewards, rankings, etc.)
  • Staking $ADA
  • Owning unique and rare NFTs*

*The top 10 players in a season are rewarded with a very rare NFT, which allows them to earn daily $MBIT just by owning them. This passive income benefit is only valid for one season, but the NFT can still be used in game afterwards.

Players can earn $MACH through:

  • Staking $ADA
  • Farming
  • Ranking on the season leaderboard
  • Owning rare NFT collectibles
  • PvP achievements




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“I believe this game has it all from PvE to PvP mechanics, various game modes, and different ways to earn tokens and rewards. At least, this is what the team is aiming for, as the game has not been released yet. Having several game modes and ways to earn money could attract different types of people but on the flip side, the Road Map is very hard to follow. I think it is unclear what the next steps are for this project, and there is no indication as to whether or not an investment is necessary to play the game. In my opinion, it would be very helpful to have this information.

Overall, I think something good is being created here. Players can play solo or join friends, earn rewards and make money. There really are endless possibilities. Let’s just hope that the team can deliver it all.”

Machiavellic takes place in a sci-fi world where Earth still exists, but the majority of humans do not want to live on it because it is polluted, overcrowded, and crypto-corporations have taken over all aspects of life. The Mainnet, an algorithm, is now the de facto ruler of Earth and every order, scenario, or prediction it dictates, becomes reality. The Mainnet has recruited a number of humans to head towards a new planet called Ozzar. The planet is full of resources and natives, who are very strong. The arriving humans are left there to develop a society, and this is where the players’ journey begins.

In the world of Machiavellic, there are 8 factions that compete to gain territory and power, each with its own ideologies and perks. Players have to choose to be a part of one of the following:

  • Euphoreans: they believe life is too short and praise self-indulgence and celebration. Their ideals are clear: Lust, gluttony and sloth are not deadly sins, but something to live for
  • Dataism: they think humanity is equipped enough to build a new, perfect society away from Earth
  • Hardliners: they know nothing but violence and pain as a way of life
  • Naturalists: they are all about nature, willing to do everything in the name of green grass
  • Pushers and Movers: traders and merchants by nature, they believe money equals power
  • Humanity+: they believe humanity can reach the next level by creating superhumans with the help of technology
  • Pure Patriots: their way of life is equality for everyone. They believe in the common good
  • Witnesses of the Singularity: they like to believe that the Singularity is the key to success. They want rapid technological growth

Players can level up their characters to gain new skills and improve their stats, as well as customizing them with a Jumpsuit, which acts as a power source or increases damage on attacks. There is also an exoskeleton, which represents the character’s primary ability, such as immense defensive shields or large energy reserves for healing. And, finally, there are weapons such as shields, blades, and shotguns.

Players have the chance to craft new items like weapons, armor, exoskeletons, and consumables. In fact, in order for them to get the best equipment, they have no choice but to craft them, as it is the only way to obtain them.

Exploring is the main feature in the world of Machiavellic, with each territory displaying its own unique purpose. Players can choose to go it alone or be a part of a guild. There are zones that guilds can capture, which will generate rewards for the owners:

  • If players go to an occupied zone to mine, the owner receives taxes for each harvest
  • Some zones have marketplace shards embedded in them, which allow zone owners to earn from them

Marketplace shards are pieces distributed in game, allowing owners to earn 25% of the revenue from every transaction that takes place in the marketplace.

Players can interact with NPCs for various reasons. For instance, there are NPCs in safe zones that allow players to create/upgrade weapons, armor, potions, traps, medicines, and accessories that help with the progression of the game and improve players’ characters. On the other hand, there are also combative NPCs that players have to fight to get rewards.

Machiavellic also allows players to mine and gather resources. There are many common items and resources to mine, but there are also more valuable resources that can only be accessed developing the character’s mining ability. By doing this, players can mine deeper in rare zones to find top-tier resources.

Pets are also a part of the gameplay, and can help players to amplify their abilities and perform certain tasks. There are 5 pets available with different perks:

  • Truffle Pig: finds ingredients for potions
  • Mole: finds purer minerals, ores, and gems
  • War Eagle: improves movement buffs, skill damage, and critical hit chance
  • Centipede: improves the quality and benefits of crafted gear
  • Turtle: increases defensive abilities and stats