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Crypto Game
Jun 4, 2024

Overall Rating

Current Token Price
Project Potential
  • Free-To-Play
  • Cross-platform
  • Upgrading characters is not available
  • Rewards big spenders

MagicCraft is a PvP battle game built on the Binance Smart Chain, in which players can fight solo or in clans to earn rewards.

Official Trailer



  • Private and seed rounds
  • Token smart contract
  • Listing on CMC, CoinGecko
  • IDO
  • Listing on DEX
  • Tokenomics
  • First character sneak peaks
  • Listing on CEX
  • MOBA concept
  • Gameplay trailer
  • VIP closed beta launch
  • NFT marketplace launch
  • Establishing key partnerships
  • Staking launch
  • 9,999 NFT genesis collection
  • Official trailer
  • NFTs with heroes
  • Preview maps/realms/characters
  • Game development updates
  • Public beta launch (android and iOS versions)
  • Adaption to PC
  • Listing on higher tier CEX

Q1 – 2023


  • Player profile screen
  • Custom game rooms
  • Team voice chat
  • Parties & friends
  • NFT rental system
  • NFT character integration
  • NFT map integration

Game content

  • Mage
  • New map
  • New character

Web 3.0 service

  • Custom room added to service
  • Play-To-Earn games

Q2 – 2023


  • Game type: Free for all
  • Game type: Battle royale
  • Begin development of meta

Game content

  • New map
  • New character
  • Music update
  • First arcane character skin NFT

Web 3.0 service

  • Offer wall added to service

Q3 – 2023


  • Daily quests
  • Game type: Tournament

Game content

  • New map
  • New character

Web 3.0 service

  • Free gift MCRT added to service

Q4 – 2023


  • Ladder updates for matchmaking
  • Begin developing clans
  • Begin developing clan wars

Game content

  • New character

Web 3.0 service

  • Daily bonus added to service



  • Meta
  • Loot system
  • Clans
  • Clan wars

Game content

  • New NFT skins
  • Music updates
  • New arcane character skins
  • New characters
  • New maps
  • Grand tournaments
  • League tournaments
  • Comic book
  • Animation series

Web 3.0 service

  • Loot box service
  • New game added to service

About the game

Player Requirements

The game is completely free to play. Players just have to download the game, pick a character, and start playing. It is available on the App Store and Google Play. It will also be available on Steam in June 2023. NFTs can also be purchased from the marketplace, but this is optional.

Currently, the closed beta is available only for $MCRT and/or NFT holders.


Token: $MCRT

Total Token Supply: 10,000,000,000

$MCRT can be used for:

  • Tournament buy-in fees
  • Trading NFTs on the marketplace
  • Purchasing in-game power-ups and NFT accessories
  • Staking

Players can stake $MCRT to earn more $MCRT or NFTs in return.


Players can earn $MCRT through:

  • Staking
  • Tournament prize pools
  • Winning battles
  • Streaming battles
  • Predicting battle outcomes




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“MagicCraft looks very fun and enjoyable to play, but more importantly, it appears to be easy to understand its mechanics. The character movements and interactions are very simple for anyone to master, as there are not a great many to learn. Also, the project allows you to play on different platforms and compete with each other in cross-platform battles. Finally, this game has a true Free-To-Play model in which players can earn money by using a free hero and being the best in the battle.  

However, there are certain areas in which the game falls a little bit short. For instance, there is no chance for players to upgrade their heroes to make them stronger. Also, there are not many types of characters, so some of them are extremely powerful, and others very weak. Players do not have the freedom to build and enhance their character as they want. Consequently, these aspects allow big spenders to gain an advantage over more cautious users, because a rarer hero is a stronger, more capable one.

Overall, MagicCraft is still a fun and entertaining game with easy-to-understand mechanics and a Free-To-Play model, which makes it accessible to everyone.”

The game takes place in a sci-fi world in which the Greater Being crafted the Ash Vales for mortals. He then let the Lesser Gods continue his work in this world and departed to explore other worlds. But his absence provoked disturbance among the Lesser Gods, who divided into two factions: The Elders, who believed mortals should be allowed to live freely, and the Ancient Gods, who demanded total subservience. The war between these two ended with the Elders’ triumph. They started to build 7 citadels, called Pillars, to protect themselves from the vengeance of the Ancient Gods. Years later, the Pillars are now a no-man’s land, open to being conquered by anyone. Now, 5 major guilds across the Ash Vales compete to gather MagicCraft, a powerful resource found in the Pillars.

Players can either enter the game with a free hero, or by purchasing one from the marketplace. Both heroes have the ability to earn rewards. After choosing their character, they have different game modes and battles to join:

1v1 battles: one player invites another player. The battle lasts 5 minutes and the objective is to kill your opponent as many times as possible. The winner of the battle wins the rewards.

Team battles: players can invite up to 40 players for a multiplayer team battle. Also, a player can join a previously created team battle. These battles have the same characteristics as 1v1 battles, but the player with the most points on the winning team is recognized as the MVP and wins the prize in $MCRT.

Mini quests: these are missions that players can complete during battles as side quests. There are currently three types:

  • Skull Grab: players have to collect as many purple skulls as possible during battle. These will count towards the player’s overall score
  • Capture the Points: players have to capture control points, marked as A, B, and C in the arena. The longer they hold them, the more points they get. Each successful capture increases the player’s overall score
  • Escort the Golem: players have to push the Golem ball, which is in the middle of the battle arena, to the end point in the opponent’s zone

Players can as well create private parties to play with their friends.

Players can go to the marketplace to trade NFT heroes and items such as weapons, clothing, skins, and armor. These items can be used in game to enhance the characters’ abilities.

The project is aiming to create a metaverse, where gaming, blockchain, and social connection combine to bring a better experience to users.