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Published: 5 September 2022

This is a cutting-edge gaming genre combined with NFT to deliver a unique, high-quality experience. ManuFactory is a construction and management game where you can play with automation systems and defences, protect your property from hordes of parasitic monsters and enjoy a true Play-2-Earn model where you will be rewarded for your skills.

Basic information

ManuFactory is a game where you use digital assets to build a factory and automate mining and mineral processing. The raw materials that are extracted can be exchanged for cryptocurrency ($MNFT). The bigger the factory, the bigger the earnings. The game’s difficulty increases as the factory expands and produces more pollution. Pollution attracts monsters that grow stronger and seek to destroy the player’s possessions. The game revolves around quests. They can be fulfilled either manually, such as mining NFTs with a pickaxe, by shooting monsters with NFT weapons, or in an automated manner by using NFT excavators for mining or NFT turrets with heat sensors for killing monsters.

Road Map

Q4 2022

Send Game Alpha Invites to Whitelisted
Release PVP Private Alpha
Expand Marketing Efforts
Polish The Game

Q1 2023

List on Marketplaces
Expanding to new Chains
PVP Open Alpha
NFT Art Collections
ManuFactory Private Alpha
New Upgraded Website

Q2 2023

Manufactory Open Alpha

About the game

ManuFactory is a building strategy with survival elements that focuses on resource gathering and strategy. The game is developed in the Play-2-Earn spirit, harnesses the power of NFT and is inspired by the popular independent game Factorio. Players immerse themselves in the role of an engineer who must fight monsters, build defences, collect minerals, and automate entire processes.

The engineer is the main character, who holds 100 HP, and cannot repair damage unless he employs a weapon. When an engineer dies, it takes him or her 30 minutes to spawn again.  The player will also lose inventory items such as: pistols, submachine guns, or ammo. He will not lose raw materials.

ManuFactory will have 3 landscape types: Ashen, Fallen, and Harvest Enterprise. The player will be randomly assigned a landscape.  They all have different amounts of minerals and resources at their disposal that regenerate every 24 hours.

Ashen Lands

These landscapes are not located near old civilization cities and are generally safer from local fauna. The engineer should have no problems powering his or her devices. There are still plenty of common ingredients available here.

Fallen Lands

If the engineer has the machinery and manpower to do so, he or she can mine deep underground,  yielding  more and rarer resources daily than in the Ashen Lands. However, players will need enough energy to mine and to be able to defend themselves against the local fauna.

Harvest Enterprise Lands

Landscapes on ancient mining complexes or huge, long-abandoned metropolises have enormous potential. However, their dark and deep interior also hides many creatures and traps waiting to be resurrected by your mining rig. With time, effort and proper mapping, these landscapes have the highest potential to yield rarer and uncommon resources daily.



The $MNFT token is planned to be launched on the BSC and Aurora network. It is also a governance token that is obtained by playing ManuFactory. $MNFT is deflationary, meaning tokens will be burned monthly. There are plans to release other games from the ManuFactory universe that could also produce $MNFT.


Each participating player will have a chance to get loot according to the accumulated percentages. The amount of daily share percentage distribution corresponds to the amount of $MNFT invested in staking. If the player does not get the loot box, a higher percentage probability is added to the player for the next day. The lock-in period is 24 hours, which means that after 24 hours the player can get their tokens back at any time. All items obtained through staking can be used in-game or sold on the NFT marketplace. The stacking feature can be found here.

There is also a plan to stake lands, but this feature is not yet available.


The Play-2-Earn mechanics will be driven by two tokens operating on the Binance Smart Chain. This will allow the exchange of raw materials for coins, which can be then converted into $MNFT tokens. Rewards earned in the game can be withdrawn every 14 days.



Analyst opinion

“Manufactory is a game that I was very interested in, as it is based on the very fun game Factorio. Building factories, getting material, selling it, and making money – this is the dream for this genre’s player. The pixel graphics will certainly appeal to a wide player base, if only because the game is not so demanding on performance. For me, again,  this is a game that I would want to play.”

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