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Mars Fellows

Published: 26 August 2022

Join an intergalactic battle among dwarf colonies. Build your base, raise an army, and crush your opponents.

Basic information

This is a Free-2-Play, Play-2-Earn strategy game. It requires careful planning, as you have not only to defend your base but also attack the enemy. There will be PvP and PvE modes. The blockchain on which the project will operate has not yet been released. The vision is to be on multiple blockchains at once.

Road Map

2Q 2022

  • Private and public token sale.
  • Token listing on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko.
  • Release of an official trailer.
  • Beta testing of NFT sales.

3Q 2022

  • NFT sale.
  • Add to PancakeSwap.
  • Pre-Alpha.
  • City Builder Support.
  • Farming and staking.

4Q 2022

  • Alpha testing.
  • Battle system.
  • Warrior farming.
  • Marketplace launch.
  • Listing on a centralized exchange.

1Q 2023

  • Beta test.
  • Cosmetics system.
  • Official launch of the game.
  • Marketing activities.

2Q 2023

  • Buildings rental.
  • Creating a guild system.

3Q 2023

  • Special game events.
  • Tournaments.
  • Guild launch.

4Q 2023

  • Upgrades (buildings, warriors, heroes).
  • Guild wars.

1Q 2024

  • Other game modes.
  • New games.
  • Battle pass.

About the game

There are two main currencies in play: gold and argon. You use them to upgrade your troops and buildings, and they can be obtained either through PvP battles or in a mine you will be able to build.

There are four types of buildings planned: defensive (mortar, surface-to-air, MG-400…), military (camp, lab, barracks, weapons factory…), resource (base, mines and warehouses) and other (decorations and houses for builders).

There are also soldiers in the game that are divided into troops and heroes. There are a large number of troops, for example a miner-warrior, a shooter, etc., and a smaller number of heroes – a dwarf commander, an argon expert, and an engineer.

In the game, players can participate in battles that are either PvP or PvE. Battles are then conducted according to player levels, which are based on the number of trophies earned. Matchmaking is set up so that players with similar skills and experience compete against each other. There will be seven levels in total, ranging from unranked (battles with no levels) to Champion. It is important to choose the right strategy to get gold, argon, and $MCL. Guilds will also have their own leaderboards.

Another way to get rewards are the daily, weekly and monthly quests, and completing them will earn you $MCL, which will open chests (including legendary ones).

You can also upgrade your troops and buildings in the game.
Normal buildings are upgraded using gold and argon.

Epic for gold, argon + $MAF.

Legendary for argon + $MCL + gold.

Troops only upgrade for argon, argon + $MCL, and argon + $MAF.

Battle pass

A Battle pass will also be added to the game (according to the Road Map in 2024). This will open up the opportunity for additional events for which experience, units and other resources can be earned.

Player requirements

The game is being developed for mobiles. It should be available on Google Play and the AppStore.

No initial investment is required and you can spend as much time on the game as you see fit.


Mars Token ($MAF)

Total supply: 480,000,000

This can be used to buy Legendary boxes, buy mines that will produce it, and to upgrade Legendary troops and buildings.

It is obtained during special events, tournaments, in the market, or by leasing buildings.

There should also be staking.

Three rounds of token sales are planned.

Seed sale: The price will be BUSD 0.0057 per token.

Private sale: The price will be BUSD 0.014 per token.

Public sale: The price will be BUSD 0.0219 per token.

Token distribution in the image below:

Mars Crystal ($MCL)

Total Stock: Unlimited

We get them by playing the game, and can collect them into our wallet.

The token should also have a staking option.


Martian Crystals $MCL are earned in the game and can be sold on the exchange or used to upgrade buildings.

Both $MCL and $MAF can be used to buy boxes to speed up your progress in the game.

It is possible to build premium bases that can be leased out to generate passive income.

There should also be NFTs in the game that can be sold.



The team is made up of a Russian core, but not all of them (judging by their names) are Russian. Unfortunately, most of the team is untraceable, but the founders Constantin Tedeyev and Herman Lewandowsky have at least LinkedIn profiles.

The rest of the names are listed on the project’s main page.

Analyst opinion

“The project is just starting, which is why there is only a small community. Unfortunately, we can’t even confirm whether it exists, because Telegram is only for reading messages – there is no Discord, so the community has no place to meet. It is not even possible to ask questions about the project.

There are two tokens. The fact that there is an unlimited number of one will mean in practice that its holders will not earn much. Time will tell what this will look like in practice.

I generally welcome encounters between crypto and non-crypto players in one game. It’s good for the game that it will be more talked about and can quickly gain a membership base from the beginning. For token holders, I see this as a positive thing. It also targets streamers who can make it famous.

The project is still a big unknown, and only time will tell what direction it goes in. The concept is interesting, and if the game appeals to you, you might consider investing when that becomes possible.”

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