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Published: 29 September 2022

A game world of mechanical robo-tanks for single and multiplayer.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Mech.com is a game in a world of robo-tanks. In this world, you participate in PvP and PvE modes, accompanied by minigames that will increase in number over time.

You need to purchase or rent an NFT tank to enter the game. Mech.com is about casual playing, winnings in PvP, renting NFT, and monetizing game NFT infrastructure, e.g. workshops, PvP arenas, etc.

The game is currently in an Alpha version and will remain so for some time. The game studio is already behind schedule and has not released a token yet, only a few tank collections and infrastructure NFT.

Road Map

According to the Road Map, we see that the project is already more than a quarter behind schedule. In the “analyst’s opinion” section, you will find out what I think about the current development stage.


Q2 – Forge token, NFT marketplace, mining, and minigames.

Q3 – Land sale, breeding.

Q4 – PvP arenas.


Q1 – Creative tools for players.

Q3 – Game launch.

About the game


In Mech.com, you can play in both PvP and PvE modes, as well as several amusing minigames. In the game, you will mainly monitor your life and the amount of ore mined. If you also have land, you will create your own base and the game will be easier. There is a classic breeding system in the game offering the creation of a portfolio of tanks and thus the option to rent them to new players. You need an NFT tank to play.

PvE – Player versus Environment (single player)

You will create, upgrade, and repair your mech tanks. One of the main Play-2-Earn options will be resource mining in marked places to get Ore. For this raw material, you will receive a Forge token at the factory.


The basic mining process consists of solving puzzles, similar to Candy Crush and Town Crush. Mining will cause you moderate damage, and the lower your health, the slower you mine. Mining speed will be also affected by the type of tank you use. Mines in the form of NFT are owned by the community in this world.

Upgrades and skills

You will go to the Upgrade center to upgrade your tanks. There you can find new weapons, increased power, uprated armor, and increased mining speed and efficiency. In the future, you’ll be able to upgrade your tank with a custom skin or component, as well as change the nature and appearance of your home and workshop. Upgrade centers will be NFT, and their owners will be rewarded for contributing to the ecosystem.

Health and repairs

Your maximum health is 100. You lose health either in arena matches or in minigames like puzzle mining. If you lose all your HP, your tank will be suspended, and unusable until you repair it. That’s why you will visit the Body shop, where you can repair your tank with mined Ore. If your tank has been suspended, the repair will take a very long time.

Body shops are also NFT, and their owners will be rewarded for contributing to the ecosystem.

Creating new tanks / Breeding

Using the breeding function, you will create new NFT tank prototypes / descendants. These will gain components, skills, and upgrades based on a combination of a random number generator and the chance to get the same components and upgrades as the tanks you used for the breeding. Breeding will take place on the mothership, and you will need two tanks and some Forge tokens.

The game will have time and other limits for breeding. The price for each additional breeding will increase by 50%. The studio is working with BreederDao on the concept, and other designs are under preparation.

PvP – Player versus Player (multiplayer)

In this mode, you can choose between battle royale and team royale. Both these matches take place in arenas, and you get Forge tokens for winning. However, you have to pay a small amount of Forge tokens to enter the arenas, and these are then used to pay out the winner / winning team.

These PvP arenas will be NFT, and the owners will be rewarded for contributing to the ecosystem with a share of the entry fees.

See how far the developers have got with the PvP arenas development. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN5Bd501TLs

NFT / Play-2-Own

The NFT you can own in this game mainly include tanks, followed by buildings, structures, and land. These NFT are held on the Polygon network and will thus be tradable on OpenSea. In time, they will also appear in the project’s marketplace, where they will provide you with additional information to make NFT selection easier. Another advantage of the NFT is monetization through rental. Without this, it will not be possible to attract new players who do not want to buy an NFT tank.

Another monetization options will be the creative tools you can use to create your own minigames or equipment for other players.

Tanky – Tanks consist of a number of components, including weapons, armor, chassis, lights, etc. The developers have a generator to create random component combinations, and thus create tanks with different stats. This will make your tank unique in a certain way. See all the released tank collections here.

Tanks have three attributes: Build, Ability, and Resource. These attributes will depend primarily on the components your tank is built from. You know the system: each has its strengths, and each its weaknesses. One type may be balanced, but have no particular strengths. In the game, you will upgrade the tank attributes in the Upgrade center

Buildings – So far there are two buildings mentioned by the developers, namely Workshops and Mod centers. Over time, tools will be made available to players through buildings to allow them to create their own NFT, such as components and tank skins. In this regard, the CEO and CTO have a lot of experience from their previous companies.

Structures – These game elements include the mothership, PvP arena, Upgrade center, Body shop, mine and eventually others. At the end of July, only motherships and PvP arenas had been released. These are utility NFT, and the game will not work without them.

Land – This is a PvE NFT, rich in materials and minerals. You will be able to build and mine on your land. Land can be monetized over time, similar to Structures. You can build your own home on NFT lots using tools that have not been released yet. This will be a place where you create a means of monetization and also use Play-2-Earn benefits to the maximum. There will be three sizes to choose from. The image below shows an example of what a small lot with a workshop looks like. On a large lot, it will be possible to build a structure 7 times larger than the one pictured here.

NFT marketplace

NFT can be bought and sold on OpenSea. The developers want their own marketplace, but this is still far from being released. The goal is to allow players to make purchases with the necessary information for decision-making, such as generation number, tank features, stats, components, levels, upgrades, NFT rarity, and much more. NFT retain their stats and upgrades even after being sold. These data will be tied to a specific NFT, not a game account.

The developers are said to be cooperating with economists and game creators. The goal is to reward real, and especially good, players the most.

Player requirements

The game should run in a browser, but it may take some time for the developers to optimize performance for mobile devices.

You will also need a basic orientation in the English language to play.


Mech.com uses the ERC-20 Forge token on the Polygon network. This is created from mined Ore, which can be of several types, varying in rarity and condition.

Ore is used for repairs, upgrades, and to enter battles.

The Forge token is used to create new tanks (breeding), and to buy and sell in the NFT marketplace.

The Forge token has not yet been released. This should take place gradually. However, the release of the token by the developers has been delayed. This is actually good news, given the state of development of the game.

The developers also plan to launch a staking function.


Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Gradual release every 6 months for 10 years. So far, very little information has been published.


You will need NFT to monetize. The easiest way will be to rent an NFT tank from someone else and start mining Ore, then trade a Forge token for Ore and buy your own NFT tank. You’ll earn a bit more with your own tank, and if you have two, you’ll be able to create new ones using the breeding feature. However, this has its limits, so you should think carefully before doing so. If you are successful, you can sell some of the created tanks.

Other ways include owning and operating land or structures. You then have the opportunity to earn from the usage of these NFT, and get Forge and Ore from player activity.

You can also become a creator and design game content. You can then focus on creating minigames or various components, skins, etc. for other players.


  1. The studio has already collected USD 1.6 million by selling NFT (excluding land sales).
  2. A USD 6 million seed funding with lead investors: Jake Paul, Yida Gao, and Shima Capital.


Mech.com was created by Trey Smith, founder of Kayabit Games, a studio that has over 100,000,000 downloads of its own games. Eight games made it into the Top 10 on the App Store. Ten Kayabit games created by Trey and his team have been published by Ketchapp and Ubisoft.

Trey is also the co-founder of the largest no-code 2D and 3D game development software, Buildbox. This software has over 1,000,000 users, and has been used to create thousands of games with billions of downloads. He sold this company in 2019. Trey and his team are said to have been part of several AAA games, so they know what it takes to develop and launch them. Trey and Kyle (CEO and COO) at Mech.com say that with their experience with hyper-casual games, they know how to release fully completed minigames that build on each other. By doing so, they want to create an ecosystem that will keep players involved. They have 7 developers to create the game. The studio management is listed below.

Trey Smith

Founder & CEO, since October 2021.


Nik Rudenko

CTO, since January 2022.


Kyle Klemmer

COO, since January 2022.


David 10X

CDO, not known since when.

Carolina Sharpe

Project Manager, since January 2022.


Pavle Filipovic

Marketing Director, previously Development VP, since December 2021.


Virnadeth Pachejo

Executive Assistant to CEO & COO, since February 2022.


Analyst opinion


The game design doesn’t look bad, and mining by playing puzzles sounds good. Adding other minigames could make this game even more interesting. Mech.com seems to me like a standard GameFi game, of which there are a lot these days, so don’t take their ‘revolutionary vision’ marketing too seriously. The developers keep mentioning that they’re making a metaverse, but all you’ll be doing there is resource management, interacting with the game’s infrastructure, playing minigames, and competing in duels.

Game development

Since I have been following the development of Spider Tanks for over a year, after watching the video of the PvP arena testing, it seems to me that the release of Mech.com without most of the Play-2-Earn NFT will take two years. Maybe the Beta version will be released in a year’s time, but that still means a lot of things to develop and a low adoption rate.

It’s possible that a lot of people will get tricked because the management is creating FOMO. Inexperienced investors may be surprised by how long such a game takes to develop.


The game is developed for browsers. For this reason, I am afraid that the developers might underestimate this new development environment, connected to Web 3.0, like the Town Star developers. They were forced to stop the token release because of cheaters who were able to exploit the monetization mechanism. As pointed out to me by the blockchain engineering community, an HTML blockchain game is a joke. You should consider this carefully before making a serious investment.


A token on Polygon is a good choice for gaming in my opinion. Yet, according to the Discord moderators, we are not even close to a token release schedule. This could actually be interpreted positively, because a token released without game demand usually ends badly.


The studio presents itself very ambitiously. With the team as introduced, it seems to me like a very naive idea. They only have a few developers listed, so I assume that the project will have even more development delays than it has had so far. It also doesn’t make the kind of bang that an investor might imagine after watching a few marketing videos. Right from the intro video on the site, you can feel the FOMO building, which I think will turn out badly for NFT holders – especially for those new to the game development cycle.


The team has undeniable experience from Buildbox, which is a company creating tools (NoCode solutions) for 2D and 3D mobile game development. Because of this, I believe that the studio will be able to come up with tools that will give players the opportunity to co-create the Mech.com game world – either in the form of minigames or equipment for players.”

Rocket Unit

Rocket Unit

Published: 29 September 2022

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