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May 15, 2023

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Imagine a battle royale Minecraft on the Ethereum blockchain. Earn prizes for being the last one standing in the game. Win even more when you bet your tokens.

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  • $WEAPON token release
  • CertiK audit
  • Staking launch


  • Degenerator S01
  • Alpha testing
  • Beta testing


  • Free-To-Play release
  • Degenerator S02
  • MegaWeapon tournament


  • Win-To-Earn release
  • Future Degenerator releases
  • Future MegaVerse projects

About the game

Player Requirements

It is not necessary to own any NFT to play.

The game will be released on Windows PC and later on mobile devices. The game should not be graphically demanding.


$WEAPON has a total inventory of 10 million tokens. This is the maximum number of tokens that will ever be minted. If another pool with a different pair is created, this will be the only time additional tokens will be minted. However, these additional tokens would always be associated only with their base pair and will not directly affect other pools, liquidity or the value of associated tokens. Unilateral staking is the underlying mechanic of the interaction between the MegaWeapon platform and the Ethereum network.

$WEAPON can be staked on the official website.


Players will be able to earn tokens from matches won. They can also buy and sell NFT skins for their character, called Degenerator. These will be divided into head, hair, accessories, body, as well as visual and sound effects.




Improvised Weapon - Lead Developer.

Ludicrous Gibs - Lead Game Designer.

BOOM - Marketing communications and sound design.

Chief Dexo - E-sports consultant.

Boba Fett - Marketing Director.

Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“Battle royale games are currently very popular. It doesn’t look like their popularity is going to decrease anytime soon, which is why MegaWeapon has a genre advantage. The game also has a very interesting design that probably won’t suit everyone, but for me it’s fine and I like it. I just wish the colors were a bit more vibrant. Furthermore, I was impressed with the active project community, including the developers. It’s not often that a lead game designer streams every other week on Discord to answer questions. They clearly care about the game and enjoy it, which is rare and I really appreciate that kind of dedication.”

MegaWeapon is a multiplayer battle royale shooter game that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Players will be able to participate in online matches and bet $WEAPON tokens against other players in matches. These are available in several risk levels, with higher levels requiring more $WEAPON tokens to enter and offering players the possibility of significantly higher rewards.

The game is played in third-person perspective and will take place in a competitive environment, pitting players against each other. A Free-To-Play mode is also available, where the player does not have to pay anything to enter the match. In paid matches, players wager their tokens. The matches are divided into several levels. The higher the level, the higher the fee, but also the higher the prize. Players choose the level they want to participate in and enter the lobby or queue for the upcoming match. In paid tiers, an entry fee is collected along with the player's bet.

Once the selected match has started, players will face each other and split a share of the stake for that match. If players are killed in the game, they will have a limited number of respawn opportunities before the end of the match. Each time a player respawns in a match, a portion of their stake will be consumed. When a player is killed, the consumed stake will drop out as a coin that other players can pick up and earn. The winner is the player who survives until the timer expires or whoever activates the MEGAWEAPON. Those who lose will lose the portion of their stake consumed when respawning into the match.