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The project was not very active on social media during the time we were following it. All was crowned by the non-functionality of the official website. This game is unlikely to be successfully completed.

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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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October 2021

  • Hero NFT sale – 45,000 Melioras sold.
  • Bug reward program – each user who finds a bug in the game will receive a reward based on the severity of the problem.
  • Online game – beta test.

November 2021

  • IDO.
  • Official game launch.

December 2021

  • Tokenomics modification to reduce gaming costs.
  • DAO.

Overview for 2022

  • PvP / PvE mode adjustment.
  • Rewards for inviting friends.
  • Marketplace.
  • Staking.
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About the Game

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MELI, a game named after the Latin word Meliora, which means “better”, is a blockchain game involving duels, player ratings, taking care of Melioras and farming.

The year is 2148, when a new form of energy was discovered deep in the Earth’s core called “MELI”. MELI can turn young girls into “Melioras” with an improved mechanical body. However, this transformation has attracted alien invaders who want to get Meli for themselves. Melioras need to utilize their powers in the fight to save their planet.

The PvE, or player versus the environment, mode is where players can experience the story but also fight AI-controlled opponents with different strengths. When creating a team, the player has to select one Meliora as the team captain. She then determines the player’s storyline. Each story has 250 tasks that are unique to each Meliora. In case of defeating an opponent or winning a battle in PvE mode, players will receive XP and Clean Energy tokens. After completing 5 quests, the player will receive a special reward. Players can earn PCE 30 under the following conditions: winning 15 PvE battles and participating in 3 PvP games.

A player can earn PCE tokens for winning 10 PvP battles every day. Losing does not lead to any severe repercussions. PvP (battle for territory) is a league in which the users control their Meliora and challenge other players. Depending on the outcome of that battle, a player’s points (i.e., rating) will either increase or decrease. MELI will be awarded based on personal game points at the end of the season. Each Meliora consumes 1 energy point at the beginning of each challenge, having 20 energy points per season. Each season lasts 1 week, during which players can check the points ranking using the leaderboard. The leaderboard is important for earning PCE and MELI.

All characters have 6 star levels, from zero to five stars. There are two ways to get to the next star level – by purchasing it with MELI tokens or by combining Melioras using Clean Energy tokens (acquired or purchased). When leveling-up by the latter way, you need to take two Melioras of the same level and combine them with Clean Energy tokens.

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Player Requirements

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In order to earn from the game, it is necessary to play at least two hours a day and complete all the quests (i.e., tasks). You also need to buy at least 3 Melioras. The marketplace has a price range of USD 1 – USD 346,218. Everything takes place via the BSC network, and it is possible to use the MetaMask wallet.

Player’s gaming equipment


To be released on the Apple MacBook, iMac and Mac Pro in the future.

Intel or Apple CPU, 2 GB RAM, macOS Big Sur or later.

Windows PCs:

Intel i3 1.2 GHz or higher, 3 GB RAM or higher, Windows 7 or later.

Android mobile devices:

1.0 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM or higher, Android 7 or later.

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Meli token – BSC

Total supply 1 000 000 000.

Current price on CoinMarketCap

Can be purchased at MEXC and

  • A player can gain MELI through PvP duels.
  • Can be bought on an exchange.
  • Needed to hatch new Melioras.

Clean Energy Token (PCE)

Can be bought on the MEXC exchange.

  • Can be obtained from PvE, PvP and daily tasks.
  • Needed for hatching & leveling-up.
  • Unlimited supply.
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The MELI company was founded in 2020 by four professionals with a passion for video games:

Waren Burke
Jack Sanders
Marketing Director
Samir Kotharir
Chief Financial Officer
Alain Garner
Director of Communications
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Beatrice Uhlířová

Beatrice Uhlířová

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