MetaBomb is a game that’s easy to play and suitable for all different types of players. It also opens up a world in which players can earn real money. Unfortunately there is no activity on social media since October 2022, so we recommend exercising cation.

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  • Graphics
  • Various game modes
  • Reward system


  • Necessary investment
  • Inactive team
Rating 6
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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The game has already officially launched and is playable.

Mar 2022

  • Publish website, whitepaper, pitch deck, documents
  • Chest farm mode demo version

Apr 2022

  • IDO
  • Marketplace and NFT sale

May 2022

  • Open beta on BSC mainnet
  • Web version
  • Chest farm mode, boss hunt mode
  • Official launching

Jun 2022

  • Android version and iOS version
  • Arena battle mode
  • PvP mode
  • Mini game

Q3 - 2022

  • Tournament mode
  • Guild feature
  • Add more mini games
  • Multi-chain testnet
  • NFT cross-chain

Q4 - 2022

  • Multi-chain mainnet
  • Building cities, kingdoms feature
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About the Game

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Players control their heroes in the world of MetaBomb, collecting tokens and NFT items in various game modes, then trading them on the marketplace. In addition, players can team up to build, own, buy and rent properties in the Metabomb world.

Game modes

Chest Farm Mode

In this mode, players can send up to 5 heroes to collect mystery fragments, MTB tokens and NFTs on a 19x11 map in 15 minutes.

The only thing users have to do is select 5 characters, which then work automatically on the map. Each hero has a mana that represents its energy; when a bomb is placed, 1 mana is consumed. If a hero runs out of mana, they  go into a resting state to refill their energy (0,5 mana/min).

When all the chests have been destroyed or the time limit expires, a new map is created. The levels will become more and more difficult, but also more and more profitable.

Boss Hunt Mode

Players can send up to 5 heroes to 1 map to fight a boss in 2 minutes. Heroes will automatically move and place bombs to damage the boss. The more damage the heroes do, the more rewards the player will receive. Bosses will always represent one of the elements: Fire, Wood, Thunder, Earth and Water.

From Monday to Friday, users can fight 1 boss of a random element every day. During Saturday and Sunday, 5 bosses with all 5 elements will be available each day.

The hero will deal 30% more damage to the boss if they use the correct type of bomb: 🔥> 🪵> ⚡> 🌍> 💧> 🔥.

Players have a total of 5 attempts on each boss - 2 free and 3 more in exchange for $MTB tokens.

Arena Battle Mode

Players choose one of their heroes and fight against other players in free arena battles. Player rankings are affected by wins and losses, earning or losing points according to their result.. Players earn daily and monthly rewards based on their position on the leaderboard.

PvP Mode

More experienced players can apply their battle skills in 1v1 or 2v2 PvP battles. Before the start, both sides put a set amount into the pot and the winner takes it all!

Tournament Mode

The tournament is a special event held weekly, which is only open to players who have achieved a minimum number of points and have passed the qualifying round. Tournament is the most profitable game mode, but the competition is fierce.


Users need at least one NFT hero to play, which can either be obtained by purchasing a Hero Box, destroying the rarest Meta Chest in Chest Farm Mode, or by bidding on the in-game marketplace.

The hero's strength is made up of these 3 attributes:

  • Stats (power, health, speed, stamina, the number of bombs that can be placed at once and bomb range)
  • Class (warrior, assassin, mage, support and ranger). Each class will improve a different hero's stat
  • Rarity (common, rare, epic, legend, mythic and meta). Rarity affects the hero's maximum level of stats upgrades


Players can build houses and hotels in the game to speed up the regeneration of exhausted heroes. In addition, they can rent out properties to earn passive income.

The main building materials are bricks, which can only be obtained from mystery boxes. Players need to either collect 1000 mystery fragments in Chest Farm Mode or buy them on the in-game marketplace, where the NFT bricks can also be purchased.


The house is a place of rest. The same is true in MetaBomb; if the player owns a house, their regeneration rate will increase depending on its level. It requires 1000 bricks and a few $MTB tokens to build. Upgrading the house afterwards also costs bricks and in-game tokens.


Hotels have many rooms, each of which has similar features to a house. The owners of the hotel can rent out individual rooms to those who can't afford it, but who still want faster regeneration for their heroes.

The hotel costs a large amount of $MTB tokens, or players have to accumulate 10 000 bricks, for which they can then build 1 hotel at the lowest level and upgrade it progressively.

The hotel is an extremely limited NFT item that can only be purchased during special events.

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Player Requirements

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Players must own at least one NFT hero. However, the more they have, the more often they can fight. The ideal number to maximize earnings is at least 5 NFT heroes.

They also need to have a cryptocurrency wallet account with $MTB tokens in it to purchase the heroes and cover in-game fees.

The more active players are, the better they will be rewarded.

In the case of owning a house or a hotel, these properties need to be repaired with bricks from time to time so that they can still be rented out.

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There is only one token in the game – $MTB.

Name: MetaBomb ($MTB)

Total supply: 1 000 000 000

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Original Price: $0.0078 USD

Usage: trading on the official marketplace, hero upgrades, in-game fees, rewards token.

Staking: staking is available on the official marketplace. Players can stake a set amount of tokens and be rewarded with a mystery box or hero box. The rarity of the boxes determines the length of time the tokens must be staked. Some boxes are unlimited, but the rarer ones are always limited in quantity and can no longer be obtained once they are sold out.

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Users have many ways to earn in MetaBomb.

For active players, the best option is to play different modes, upgrade heroes and progress to harder levels. With regular playtime, players will cover their initial investment relatively quickly and then just keep on earning. The most lucrative mode is Tournament Mode, but this is only for the best of the best.

For more passive players, there are properties available to help them regenerate, so they can spend more time in the game. However, this will also allow them to earn passive income by renting out hotel rooms to other active players, thereby earning a percentage of their in-game rewards.

There is also a staking from which users can earn rare NFTs that they can then sell on the marketplace.

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analyst opinion

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“MetaBomb is a very simple and entertaining game for a wide range of players. Some will play it more actively, engaging in different modes and upgrading their characters, while others can use it simply for investment and a path to passive income. The graphics are good, and the reward system is also very well developed.

It is obvious that the developers have focused mostly on the gameplay experience, and it is almost impossible for players to get bored in the game, as they can progress almost endlessly in the different modes.

After the official launch, the team stopped being active on social media and it doesn't look like they're planning any further updates. Still, among all the Play-2-Earn bomb battles, MetaBomb looks the best.

So, if you are one of those people who like these types of games, I recommend the game, as the initial investment is not that high at all.”

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Ladislav Horáček

Ladislav Horáček

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