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May 22, 2023

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  • Encourages creativity
  • Free-To-Play

  • Small online community
  • Forced investment

MetaClash is an NFT battle game built on Unreal Engine, with a Play-To-Earn model in which players have the chance to experience various game modes and collect and design their own NFT.

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  • Website Development
  • Game Design
  • NFT Concepts
  • Lore and World Building


  • Game Development
  • Game Trailer
  • Genesis D.A.D. NFT Creation & Modular System
  • 3D Avatar Creation & Modular System


  • Genesis D.A.D. NFT Sale
  • Exclusive VIP Garage Clubhouse
  • Genesis NFT Staking
  • Closed Beta Testing


  • Assist Drone NFT Drop
  • Open Beta Testing


  • Game Release
  • Token Generation Event


  • MetaClash World
  • Faction Wars

About the game

Player Requirements

Players have to connect their crypto wallets to the game, and then complete/skip the tutorial.


In-game Token: $ION

Total Token Supply: unlimited

Players can use their $ION tokens to craft vehicle parts, mint NFTs, upgrade in-game assets, and purchase loot boxes.

Governance Token: $PCORE

Total Token Supply: 100,000,000,000

This token can be used to upgrade some in-game assets, stake, and purchase NFT assets such as land and plasma energy cores.


Players can earn $ION by playing PvE and PvP modes. Also, players who contribute more to a battle have a higher chance of receiving loot boxes. The only way to earn $PCORE is through PvP Wagered matches.

Players have the chance to buy land and profit from it by renting it out or staking it, along with their $PCORE, in order to earn more $PCORE. Landowners can also get revenue from advertising placed on their land.




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Analytic Opinion

"I would say this game is just like Fortnite, but instead of characters in the battle, there are different types of vehicles. Regarding these NFT vehicles, I think it is pretty cool that players can customize them by adding different parts to them, so they look unique. Also, when players’ vehicles die in the game, a character appears to continue the battle. These characters can be NFT characters from other projects that MetaClash scans and puts into the game, or the game itself gives one to players who do not own another NFT. The idea of migrating, for example, a CryptoPunk into MetaClash and playing with it is fascinating to me, and I think this is a step in the right direction towards true interoperability.

On the other hand, players are required to buy an NFT vehicle to start playing the game. That makes it a bit less appealing because it will only attract those players who are willing to invest in an NFT project up front."

When Earth was devastated by a nuclear war, three major factions remained as rulers of the world. These factions created a new weapon, the Digital Avatars of Destruction (NFT), which are now offered to those who pledge alliance.

MetaClash has a Play-To-Earn model in which players can select from a few game modes. Users must first purchase an NFT Vehicle in order to play through the storyline or compete against other players.

There are two game modes available:

Player vs. Environment (PvE): Players/Teams play through the storyline to face AI bosses and different challenges. Each team has 3 lives to complete a level.

Player vs. Player (PvP): Battles against other players based on the best of three rounds. Each round ends when the base is captured or all players are dead.

PvP battles are divided into three types:

  • 1 vs 1: Simple battles where the winner takes the prize
  • 5 vs 5: Team battles with higher rewards that will be divided among the winning team
  • 5 vs 5 Wagered: Teams deposit a set amount of $PCORE, and the winning team gets the pot

Players can collect and customize their NFT Vehicle with different parts. Each NFT is made of at least four parts, which can only be obtained through loot boxes or the on marketplace. Each vehicle part comes with different stats and rarity.

Plasma Energy Core: The most important part of the NFT Vehicle. It is responsible for supplying power to the Vehicle, and it is also extremely limited.

Chassis: The main structure of the Vehicle. The chassis will determine the HP of the Vehicle. There are different types of chassis, each with pros and cons, that also affect the speed and weight of the Vehicle.

Weapons: The primary method of inflicting damage.

There are three types of weapons:

  • Melee Weapons: Located at the front of the Vehicle. These weapons can cause harm through impact with another vehicle
  • Ranged Weapons: These will be the main source of damage for most vehicles. Range weapons consume more energy and have slightly longer reload time than Melee weapons
  • Trap Weapons: Damage trap, Stun Trap, Slow trap, and Hologram. These can change the course of the battle.

Mobility: There are different forms of movement or wheels that can be attached to the Vehicle. These affect the max speed and maneuverability.

Armor: This adds defense and additional HP. It can also affect mobility if the armor is too heavy.

Support Arm: These are drone-like robots that can help the player scout, attack, or repair the Vehicle.

There are five levels of rarity, which increases the overall power of the NFT:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythic

Players also have an Avatar to battle with. These avatars come into play when the Vehicle is completely destroyed. Players have the chance to upload an existing NFT of their own into the game to use as a character. However, if the player does not own an NFT to use in MetaClash, the game will assign a generic avatar.