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Published: 1 August 2022

Fight to learn. Fight for results. Fight for profit. The ultimate fighting championship in a metaverse environment has arrived.

Official Trailer

Basic information

MetaFighter is a blockchain fighting game. The unique BEAT`EM UP model (hero vs. incredible amount of opponents) focuses on a skill.

This Free-2-Play and Play-2-Earn game will be available on both PC and mobile devices (other platforms are not considered yet).

MetaFighter captures the essence of classic arcade games such as Street Fighter, Fighter and Soul Calibur. At the same time, it offers a gaming economy that rewards players for their fighting skills.

Players can buy, rent or hire fighters, arenas, skins or super-abilities to beat their opponents. MetaFighter comes with the NFT marketplace and allows players to stake the $MF token to gain an advantage over their opponents.

If a fighter wants to apply for the MetaFighter title, it is not enough to be the best fighter of their time; one has to become the best fighter of all time.

In a cursed world, once inhabited by alien civilization, time portals that connect the past and the future collide.

The warriors are traveling through these portals to show that they are truly the best and to share their interesting history. Some come freely, others are forced – but everyone has to fight. Incredible prizes await the winner.

The fate of those who lose will be worse than death.

The whole metaverse is waiting for a new champion.

Road Map

Q3 2021 – phase 1

  • Market research.
  • Team gathering and setting up.
  • First combat NFT proposals.

Q4 2021 – phase 2

  • Launch of website and social networks.
  • First combat NFT created.
  • Game concept completed.

Q1 2022 – phase 3

  • Token listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.
  • NFT minting and sale.
  • Release of the first game version (private).
  • Release of the world map and first battle arena.
  • Staking platform launch.

Q2 2022 – phase 4

  • Warrior details web page.
  • NFT marketplace beta release.
  • Improved fighter animation and special effects.

Q3 2022 – phase 5

  • Release of beta version and launch of community testing.
  • Bug fixing.
  • New NFT fighter characters and arenas.

Q4 2022 – phase 6

  • Release of official game version.
  • Special events and tournaments.
  • New NFT fighter characters and arenas (a total of 20 fighters and 10 arenas).
  • Bug fixing and optimization. 

About the game

In MetaFighter, you no longer have to be a professional to make money by playing video games. For players who have kept old games alive for so long, MetaFighter will give something back and bring blockchain rewards to one of the most fanatical fan bases across the gaming sector.

MetaFighter is the first arcade fighting game run on a blockchain. It is not only fun and exciting, but also brings the classic fighting game experience to life. It also offers players the opportunity to earn an $MF token and compete with others around the world.

Diverse characters from the past, present and future inhabit this world – players will never be sure who will emerge next from the portal.

Players will be able to choose between three combat modes:

  1. Free-2-Play: a player fights against another player in online multiplayer mode or against a computer.
  2. Fight-2-Earn: a player fights another player in online multiplayer mode.
  3. Fight-2-Gain: a player fights another player or computer for experience points (EXP) without the need of $MF tokens.

The blockchain technology and dedicated game cryptocurrency raise the video game to a new level. They allow players to really make money while guaranteeing a transparent and limited token supply.

Using the $MF token, MetaFighter provides a comprehensive gaming economy. It uses the power, trust and transparency of the blockchain to facilitate economic transactions within the arcade game MetaFighter.

Players with a blockchain wallet can purchase $MF tokens and stake them.

Tokens can be used to purchase NFTs as part of the MetaFighter Championship, such as new fighters (MetaFighters), appearance customization artefacts, new skill sets, or map selection rights.

Players can win $MF tokens in a 1v1 duel or by participating in tournaments.


Each fighter comes from a different time period, which brings a diverse range of characters. It will suit the taste of each player and satisfy every favourite game type.

MetaFighters have strengths and weaknesses associated with special abilities. Each fighter has unique characteristics and differs in appearance, combat, skills and animation. Players can level up or upgrade a fighter by collecting EXP and developing skills through Fight-2-Gain, Fight-2-Earn and tournaments with different game modes.

Some characters will have a stronger attack and others will be better at defence. The game ensures that the attributes of the individual characters are balanced, so that the outcome of the fight is based on the player’s skill, not the characters’ attributes. A matchmaking and rating system will be set up to ensure fights between players of equal skill levels. Players with similar experience levels will always be pitted against each other. This prevents experienced players from disproportionately dominating the newcomers.

MetaFighter has the goal of creating a fair balance of each character, to avoid competition, based on the character’s talent.

The fight consists of two basic rounds, each taking 45 seconds. In case of a tie after two rounds, a third one follows.

The rules of most arcade fighting games are followed.

Players can choose between different game modes and fight for tokens or EXP to gain skills.

Play-2-Learn (PvE – against the computer)

MetaFighter can be played without the need of an NFT fighter purchase. The player visits the game’s website or downloads the game from the App Store or Google Play, launches it, and is redirected to a map and character selection.

In the Free-2-Play variant, the player will be able to choose between two basic random fighters. The game will run against the computer or another player in multiplayer mode. The ability to play the game for free will give the player the opportunity to get familiar with the game before purchasing an NFT fighter.

Fight-2-Earn (PvP – against other players)

Playing to earn the $MF tokens. The maximum amount to fight for will always be set to minimize the risk of losing everything.

Once a player enters the Play-2-Earn game, a certain amount of tokens will be deducted from his cryptocurrency wallet and stored in a deposit that will retain tokens using a specially designed smart contract until the fight is over.

Game modes will be 1v1 and 3v3. However, there may also be larger fights in special tournaments.

Game map

The adventure begins on the MetaFighter game map. The game map is a metaverse and allows players to navigate through the fictional world of MetaFighter. The player can move from one arena to another to look for opponents.

Arenas will be arranged around the map and each player will be able to choose specific arenas where to fight. Each arena will have a predetermined minimum token amount for the fights in the case of Fight-2-Earn.

Players can choose to fight for the minimum amount or increase the bet. The map should improve and expand over time.


Each game asset is represented as an NFT which can be traded outside the game. This should attract collectors on the secondary market.

MetaFighter uses NFT to allow players to keep their gaming assets in their decentralized wallets.

Most of the equipment in MetaFighter will only be available if the player has the appropriate NFT.


Each fighter in MetaFighter will be listed as an NFT and may have many copies. In total, there will be at least 20 different fighters in the metaverse, who will be completely unique in terms of appearance and combat skills.

The number of copies is not specified, so we do not know how many NFTs there will be in total.

Every new NFT fighter starts at level 1. They can reach up to level 5.

The NFT itself displays all relevant statistics of the fighter, so they can be easily advertised for competitors and potential buyers.

Starting statistics don’t make much sense, as they will be the same for all characters. They become interesting when a player starts to improve his fighter, which improves his statistics.

Minting will be performed via the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network.

Skins / equipment

Thanks to accessories, your fighter will have a unique look. Each NFT fighter has a basic distinctive design that can be enhanced with appearance customization. There will be a limited number of skins and equipment, which will increase the rarity of the fighter’s appearance. It will not only be for those who can afford it, but also for those who deserve it thanks to their skill. Players will be able to buy special equipment (probably very expensive) or win it (by their in-game actions).

NFT skins will only be available for purchase on the MetaFighter marketplace.

EXP Booster

The mechanics of MetaFighter are built on the experience points (EXP), a currency needed to gain a new level and become stronger. Each fighter has strengths and weaknesses for gaining EXP.

Holding an NFT EXP booster will allow players to use their EXP earnings and get faster upgrades or fighter development. There are 2 different NFT boosters that increase your EXP earned by a factor of 2x and 4x. The NFT EXP booster can only be obtained by staking.


Each fighter in the MetaFighter metaverse has 3 different super-abilities, which provide an advantage of up to 10% in combat. Each super-ability will have different time-limited (10 seconds) effect in the game, such as health replenishment, extra powerful attacks, increased speed, etc. They can only be used once per fight.


A place where players fight each other. Each arena has its own unique design, location and animation. The NFT arenas will be owned by MetaFighter and leased to other players.


Each player can participate in the game ecosystem.

  • NFT sales

Players can trade their NFTs on the MetaFighter marketplace or other platforms (e.g. OpenSea).

  • Rent an NFT fighter

Any player who owns an NFT fighter can easily lend their NFT to any other player. A smart contract will be used to confirm the loan. A player who has rented an NFT fighter has to pay the owner a 20% commission whenever he wins an $MF token with that fighter in a Fight-2-Earn match. Later, it is planned to create more sophisticated loan models based on the loan period.

Players can lend an unlimited number of fighters.

  • Token staking

By staking the $MF token, players can acquire new NFT assets that can be used or sold.

  • NFT arena rental and advertising

Players can rent a battle arena and offer advertising. In each arena, there will be defined spaces (banners, logos or GIFs), which players can use. Rental is possible for a certain period (10-30 days) for a one-time fee, payable to the MetaFighter platform.

So far, there is no information on whether it will be possible to buy and own the arena, so it is only a lease.

  • Fight to earn

Each player can fight for $MF tokens. Subsequently, the token can be sold on an exchange.



The $MF token will be used as the game currency, allowing players to earn NFTs and use EXP boosts.

  • Game currency

With $MF tokens, a player can buy and sell NFTs at the MetaFighter marketplace.

  • Fight rewards

Players can fight against any opponent and get a reward in the form of an $MF token. In the PvP game mode, there will be battle arenas with different prizes that players will fight for.

  • Leverage EXP effect

The amount of $MF token held in the cryptocurrency wallet will affect the player’s EXP bonus.


Title: $MF (MetaFighter).

Total supply: 1,500,000,000.

Starting price: USD 0.015.

Current price: HERE

Initial Market Cap: USD 182,000.

All tokens should be in circulation within 12 months from listing.

The token is available on PancakeSwap and DigiFinex.


Another important feature will be staking of the $MF token. Metafighter wants to reward loyal $MF token holders. Players will be able to get NFTs or activate EXP boosters through a staking program.

  • Staking for EXP

Players can activate the EXP booster by depositing their $MF tokens. The EXP booster is limited in time. The staking duration allows the player to get more EXP, with the specific boost amounts being x2 or x4. The staking requirements are as follows:

2x EXP boost, minimum amount of 100,000 $MF tokens, EXP booster activation for 30 days.

4x EXP boost, minimum amount of 75,000 $MF tokens, EXP booster activation for 90 days.

  • Staking for a fighter (NFT)

Staking for an NFT fighter is one of the two ways to get a new fighter into MetaFighter. During the staking duration (50 days), the player gains a random fighter at a level 1 with a base skin.

  • Staking for skins (NFT)

During the staking period (30 days), the player can obtain various skins, equipment and accessories for his fighter.

  • Staking for super-abilities (NFT)

During the staking period (45 days), the player can gain the NFT super-abilities of the fighter he or she owns.

NFT super-abilities bring special features to gain a combat advantage.


Serkan Duman – Founder and CEO of the company.

Viktoria Miknho – Production Director.

Alexander Shurygin – Chief Operating Officer.


Analyst opinion

“At the first glance, the game looks very well-designed to me, but there are a lot of things that discourage me a little.

First, the exact number of how many NFT fighter copies will be made is nowhere to be found.

Secondly, the game seems to me as not suitable for “ordinary players” in many respects (many Pay-2-Win elements).

Third, I don’t think the 2D format of the game will be as exciting as modern concepts.

The game story and ideas are, however, very original and interesting. In terms of graphics, the game will also be decently designed.

Everyone can try the game for free and then decide whether to invest in the game and try to make money. “

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