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Published: 25 August 2022

Fight your opponents using your fighting machine. Destroy them to work your way up the leaderboard. A game easy to understand but hard to master.

Official Trailer

Basic information

MetaGear is very similar to the CATS – Crash Arena Turbo Stars – game. The developer has just swapped cats for pixels and launched the game on the Binance Smart Chain network. The concept is very simple. You assemble your combat machine from various components and send it out to fight against opponents in 1v1 battles. Rocket Studio, under OneSoft, is behind the project. The game is developed for PC, Android and iOS. Rewards can be earned through Play-2-Earn integration, while the title itself is Free-2-Play.

Road Map

The game is already available on mobile devices. The first tournament has been launched and most of the game modes have been added. The game token has been successfully launched and listed on both a DEX and CEX. 

2Q 2022

  • iOS version.
  • Change to the rewards system.
  • Integrating ads into the game.
  • Pilot sale on OpenSea.
  • Guild system.
  • Global chat.
  • Tournament season 1.

3Q 2022

  • Practise mode.
  • 100 new NFT gadgets.
  • Garage + Worldmap release.
  • Player profile.
  • Betting option.
  • Metaverse economics.

4Q 2022

  • Story mode for Offchain version.
  • New features update.
  • Ingame Private chat.

About the game

The key to winning is to have the best fighting machine (Gear) assembled. Each machine consists of four basic parts that affect its abilities: chassis, weapon, gadgets, and wheels. However, it is not necessary for the machine to be completely assembled to enter a battle. Sometimes, a machine with missing parts can be an original tactic and could easily win. Adding, replacing, and removing machine parts is always up to the player and their tactics. Assembly is simple. Players select a chassis with available slots and other parts. The project tries to take care of game physics, and so better equipment only impacts destructive power, but you can also win without it.


The chassis is the body of the machine. Each chassis has differences in shape, slot positions and features. Choosing a chassis is the most important part of the game because it affects the physics and the performance of the various parts mounted on the chassis. Each slot corresponds to a specific type of part. Players can’t mount weapons on gadget or wheel slots.


A chassis has many parameters. It affects the life of the machine (HP), but also its weight. The higher the weight, the better the chance to push an opponent into a wall.
Energy is another parameter which determines how many gadgets you can put in your chassis. Last but not least, the level and rarity of the chassis are important parameters. There are 4 types of rarity: common, rare, mythical and legendary.


The weapon causes damage to the opponent. Each weapon has a different damage per second (DPS) stat. The damage stat depends on the weapon’s rarity and level.

There are two kinds of weapons: melee and ranged. Choosing a weapon is really important due to its mounting on the chassis. Players need to choose a suitable weapon in order to achieve the best performance. The chassis must also have sufficient power.

A weapon has the following parameters: attack (ATK), weapon type (Light, Medium, Heavy), level, and rarity.


Gadgets give the machine special abilities and make the battle more interesting. Some special features include: speed up, move backward, push back the opponent, flip up the opponent, and HP recovery.

Gadgets can help to turn the tide of a battle or can turn your machine into a useless piece of junk. Each gadget has different HP, level, and rarity.


Wheels help the machine move. Wheels also give the machine HP and work according to real-life physics.

The larger the wheel, the higher the HP stat. Moreover, special types of wheels will also have more complementing features like lifting the machine up to the air, boosting the propulsive force, and causing damage.

There are different sizes of wheels (Very Small, Small, Medium, Big and Very Big), and these add various parameters to the machine, such as wheel friction (the higher the machine’s friction, the faster the machine), wheel rotation speed, and bounciness. Like other machine parts, wheels have their own level and rarity.

Machine Parts

All machine parts have four levels of rarity: Common, Rare, Mythical, and Legendary.

Regarding rarity level, the rarer a certain part is, the higher the bonuses it gives. With higher rarity, machines are more durable and have more abilities. All parts can be upgraded to level 60. However, upgrading at higher levels costs a lot of material. In addition to upgrading, blueprints can also be made from material.


A pilot controls the machine. In the initial phase, players will choose one of the three default pilots with different characteristics. Pilots in phase 1 are ordinary characters with no extra functions in the game. They are sold in the OpenSea Marketplace. Once you own one, you are legible to buy land in the game.

Game Modes

Quick Fight

This is a fighting mode (PVP), where players fight against other random players of a similar level. Players can see their opponents’ machine parameters and features so they can choose whether to fight or retreat. Players get Blue Shards for wins.


Every day, players are randomly assigned to another 14 players and face all of them in turn. They get a point for a win, but nothing for a loss. They are then ranked in the table based on their success. There are bigger and better profits to be made from a campaign than from a quick fight.


There are tournaments in the game, running from Monday to Saturday. A player receives a certain number of tickets that they can win or lose. A ticket can also be used to swap an opponent. A maximum of 10 matches can be won per ticket.

Guild Building

In phase 2 of the game, a guild system will be launched. Players will be able to interact, perform tasks, and share rewards among each other.

Player requirements

You can play the game as Free-2-Play and Play-2-Earn. These two worlds are separate from each other. The game is available as browser-based, on Google Play, and in the App Store.

If you want to play Play-2-Earn, you need to connect a MetaMask wallet or WalletConnect. You will also need your own NFT, which you can either buy or lease. Both can be done directly in the project’s marketplace.


Token: MetaGear ($GEAR)

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Current price: here

Where to buy: Huobi Global, XT.COM, PancakeSwap



Staking was only possible prior to the sale of Gears. The project is not going to reopen this option in the near future.



You can make money by selling elements found in the game, mainly blue shards. You can also sell or lease your NFTs. These can be continuously improved to increase their price.

Special community events at which tokens and gear will be available are promised by the project creators.



The entire team can be found on LinkedIn, the project website, or in more detail in the whitepaper.

The project also has its advisers, including the founder of Rovio and Angry Birds, a person who was included in “30 under 30” column in Forbes, meaning 30 interesting people under 30 years of age.

The advisers can also be found on LinkedIn.

Analyst opinion

“Honestly, I wasn’t particularly impressed with the game. Machine fights can be fun, but I reckon you’ll get tired of it soon. We can’t find any interesting graphics here, and you need to buy a few NFTs for fully-fledged gameplay.

The project can boast of having a game studio with a strong partnership and good advisers behind it. Although the community on Discord seems large, is not very active, and there are only a few messages a day. The possibility to earn by staking and farming has been removed with no plans to return these features. The project’s token doesn’t seem very strong to me.

On Discord, other players rather than the creators will respond to you, and even then you might wait several hours to get a response.

The project also talks about “real physics”, but I wouldn’t expect too much given the information available from the videos.

I consider the game to be just entertainment rather than a potential investment.”

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