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May 25, 2023

Overall Rating

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Project Potential
  • Sophisticated gameplay
  • Reward system
  • Tokenomics
  • Investors
  • High initial investment
  • Anonymous team

An 8-bit action game with an almost endless gameplay experience and a great reward system.

Official Trailer


Q4 - 2021 – Archaic Age

  • Game Trailer
  • NFT Character Generation (40,000+ Minted!)
  • Christmas Special Character Promotion
  • $MGOD-LP Staking Pool

Q1 - 2022 – Classical Age

  • Discord Groups
  • Guild Partnerships and Community Building
  • Land Sale
  • Website Revamp

Q2 - 2022 – Heroic Age

  • NFT Staking
  • Adventure NFT Pack Development
  • MetaGods Merchandise Design
  • Pre-Alpha Stage Development
  • Single Player Demo
  • Guild Stage + New Stage & Boss

Q3 - 2022 – Mythic Age

  • Alpha Launch
  • Character Generation Development
  • Staking Farms
  • Alpha Launch Live Stream

Q4 - 2022 – Chthonic Age

  • Roguelite Stage
  • Infinite Dungeon Level Design
  • Enemy AI Implementation
  • Combat Mechanics & Loot System
  • In-Game Resource Mining
  • Permadeath Testing
  • $RELIC Integration
  • App Release

Q1 - 2023 – Titan Age

  • NFT Mission Staking
  • Character Breeding and Sacrifice Pool Release
  • Casual Mode
  • In-Game Shop

Q2 - 2023 – Apocalypse Age

  • New Chain Integration (ETH)
  • Clan Hall Gameplay Official Launch
  • Season 2 Trailer

About the game

Player Requirements

Players need to purchase at least one NFT character on the official website before entering the game. The price of the character is 0.1 BNB, or players could decide to buy 10 characters for the price of 1 BNB, receiving one extra free character for doing so, as well as some other interesting rewards.

Users will need to have a cryptocurrency wallet account in order to make the transactions needed to play.


Players will encounter two tokens in the game – $MGOD and $RELIC.

Name: MetaGods ($MGOD) – governance token

Total supply: 500,000,000

Original price: 0.85 USD

Usage: staking (rewards in $RELIC), DAO, exchange with $RELIC, mint NFT, land purchases, fee to enter exclusive tournaments, contests or dungeons, tradable outside the game.

Token distribution

Name: $RELIC – main in-game token

Total supply: unlimited (the supply will increase as the number of players grows).

Usage: in-game currency, purchasing in-game items, repairing and upgrading items, entering special dungeons, reward for staking $MGOD, accelerating in-game actions.


Players can earn in the game in several ways, including by purchasing land in the game and earning passive income from every mission that takes place on their land, whether successful or not.

In addition, players can play the game and complete missions sequentially to earn rewards in the form of in-game tokens or in-game items, which they can then sell on the in-game marketplace.

Of course, there is also income from staked tokens or NFTs.

By defeating the boss, players will earn a huge amount of in-game tokens and other valuable rewards.

More advanced users can use the sacrifice pool to get a rare, or even legendary character in exchange for 2 low rarity characters. Then, they can sell that character on the marketplace.




The team behind the project remains anonymous. However, they left a clear message to users: "Our team is ex-Activision Blizzard, and ex-Animoca. We have spent the last decade building real games in the traditional gaming world. We currently have titles available on Playstation and Nintendo."

Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“This is a brilliantly developed game that will particularly delight lovers of old 8-bit games. However, the game will also certainly find fans within the younger audience. Players will definitely not get bored in the game, as the developers can almost endlessly add new levels and improve it. There is a large community who are genuinely interested in the project, as well as major investors such as MrBeast, who will surely attract plenty of new players too. The tokenomics are also well developed to be player-friendly. The minimum investment in the game is quite high, but in any case, the profits that players should expect are significant, and the initial investment will ensure that only those who really want to play, will do so. Unfortunately, the team behind the project has not been revealed, but I still highly recommend the game.”

With its 8-bit graphics, this game is a throwback to old video games. The game world is unlimited and the developers can endlessly add new levels, so players will definitely not get bored.

Users will only encounter two game modes in the beginning - hardcore mode and casual mode. However, more modes are planned for the future, such as tower horde defense and dungeon speed run.

Hardcore mode

The MetaGods game world consists of 35 dungeons, each of which is governed by a boss (Zeus, Poseidon, Medusa, etc.). In hardcore mode, players can choose any dungeon to play in, and the objective is to defeat all monsters and bosses.

Each dungeon has a certain difficulty level, with dungeons of higher levels offering higher rewards. Players can either play solo or participate in missions together with their guild.

Hardcore mode also has a unique feature called NFT Permadeath. This means that If a character selected by the player dies in the dungeon, it will be locked indefinitely and cannot be used again in the game. The lock time will be different from character to character, but players can shorten it by building a hospital on their land. This feature will create an NFT shortage, ensuring that only the best characters can make it through the hardest levels. Players who master the most difficult hardcore levels will be handsomely rewarded, and their NFT character will become one of the most valuable in the game's ecosystem.

Casual mode

This game mode will be much easier to play, but will also offer much lower rewards. Players can stake their NFT characters for this mode, which will mean that the levels are then played automatically by the computer. Users will be able to watch live how their character performs. However, there is a small failure rate, meaning that the computer could mess up the game and fail the level. In this case, any rewards for the player will be divided among the landowners in that dungeon. But if the mission is successful, the player will receive the rewards, minus a fee to the landowner.

Dungeons will be located in four different areas.

Mortal World – Most lands will be in the Mortal World, with most of their difficulty levels ranging from low to moderate. But don’t underestimate them!

Heaven – The difficulty level of dungeons in the Heaven region is higher, which increases the chance of legendary loot and rewards.

Hell – The difficulty level of dungeons in the Hell region is also higher, which increases the chance of legendary loot and rewards.

Whirlpool – Isolated from all the Regions, Poseidon is the only God that occupies the Whirlpool Region. Here, there are ancient secrets hidden deep in the ocean…The difficulty level in this area is also high, with a good chance of legendary loot and rewards.

Game lobby

The town of Ambrosia is the game lobby in which players begin their journey in MetaGods.

The story begins after Medusa ransacked Ambrosia looking for sweets. Many heroes tried to stop her, but none, including Perseus, returned from her dungeon.

The goal is to stop Medusa's reign of terror and save the lost heroes. The people of Ambrosia are waiting for you.

Ambrosia is full of secrets, and some of them can be really important to the players. Users can explore the town and speak to its inhabitants, who will give them various hints. By exploring different buildings, players will be able to get interesting services and equipment.

The following buildings, each with their own interesting features, are located within the city: barracks (NFT staking), farms (passive income), dock (lottery, minigames), blacksmith’s (weapon crafting), clan hall (the possibility of joining or starting a guild), portal (duel with Medusa), tavern (stat upgrades), bank (in-game token exchange) and sacrifice pool (the chance to fuse low-level NFTs with the possibility of getting a rare NFT character in return).

Character classes

There are currently 4 character classes available to players in the game, but more will be added as the game progresses. Each character can be levels 1-6. The higher the level, the rarer the character will be.

Warrior – Melee fighter with strong defensive abilities

Archer – Long-range marksman with high mobility but low health

Mage – Spellcaster with a high area-of-effect damage output. Players can choose between Fire or Ice Mage.

Necromancer – Multi-skilled summoner who channels dark energies to summon the dead as pets to fight for you, but Necromancers do not have projectile attacks.

Base attributes

Each character will have 6 different attributes that will affect their power: Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Health, Charisma and Wisdom.

NFT land

Alongside NFT characters, players can purchase and own NFT land. Owning a plot of land offers the following:

  • The possibility of earning passive income
  • Access to the Land Owner Club in the Nexus
  • Customization of the name and logo of their land, acquisition of badges and titles to their ownership status
  • Governance
  • Access to exclusive IDO whitelists, airdrops, and giveaways

Players can construct buildings on their land—economic and military. The economic building is built to produce resources such as wood, gold, food, stone, etc., while the military building is made to grant players buffs and benefits regarding NFT character utilities and guild utilities.

Players can form and/or join guilds to go into dungeons to increase their chances of winning.