Metalands is a first-person shooter NFT game that shares many similarities with other games like CS:GO and Valorant, except that it is in the metaverse. The project offers a combination of team deathmatch and battle royale gameplay, which has been named Progressive Deathmatch. Metalands is built on the BSC and Polygon blockchain and was developed by ARVRS Studio.

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  • Encourages creativity
  • Free-To-Play


  • Limited information about the gameplay and tokenomics
  • No whitepaper
  • Unknown team
Rating 6.5
4 - Project Potential
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Phase One: Stone Age

  • Alpha version of Metalands with basic gameplay such as PvE on Merchant district
  • Resource gathering
  • Open world collectibles
  • Bunker decoration and NFT integration

Phase Two: Bronze Age

  • Improved PvE gameplay
  • Player upgrades to access other districts
  • Reward system based on sites (depending on the level)
  • Contracts (5v5 multiplayer system on mini-maps)
  • Open world exploration

Phase Three: Iron Age

  • Bunker builder (introduction of other bunkers areas such as production center, storage, research center, garage, forge and others)
  • Crafting system
  • Captain abilities
  • RewardPass, Play-2-Earn
  • Bunker upgrades (upgrading areas from level 1-15)

Phase Four: Feudal Era

  • Tribes (clan system)
  • Event (Tribe war: Battle Royale style)
  • Server based MMO
  • Content creation

Phase Five: Enlightenment

  • Tournament
  • E-sport
  • Mobile version (5v5 and battle royale)
  • More content
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About the Game

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Metalands is a PvP, PvE survival shooter game with an open world concept. Although the gameplay is still secret, there are some aspects of the game worth mentioning.

The game’s main objective is developing the player’s bunker, which is a 3D virtual space. This is done by exploring the area to gather resources and craft new items. The game uses a combination of PvP and PvE modes, which means that the gameplay allows players to encounter each other while facing adversities in the environment. These adversities include taking territories or collecting resources. The game also offers 5v5 and 10v10 multiplayer gameplay in Quests and Contracts.

The bunker is the central hub and a safe zone for players to deploy game modes, purchase items, create alliances, and craft new items. The bunker can be developed with artwork, mini-games, in-bunker items, and many other forms of monetization. It is fully customizable.

The gameplay features several maps that players can play in with the intent to make the experience more diverse and fun. For instance, the game offers a rainforest map, which combines nature and a military-type scenario.

There are also different maps to give players a different gaming experience, including a night vision warehouse map, and a desert map which give totally different vibes than other maps. Many more different maps are expected to come.

It is also known that all weapons, in-bunker items, weapons skins, character outfits are going to be NFT collectibles, which can be purchased and sold on the secondary market.

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Player Requirements

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There still isn’t information about the requirements to begin playing. However, we do know that it will be Free-To-Play. As of now, there is a version that only Windows users can download as Free-To-Play.

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In-game token: $META

Total token supply: Unknown

These tokens will be used for crafting, upgrades, and purchases inside the game.

In-game Token: $xMETA

Total token supply: Unknown

$xMETA can be used to make primary store purchases.

Token: $CIFI

Total token supply: Unknown

$CIFI can be used to trade NFTs in the marketplace that is Free-To-Play.

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It is still unclear how the monetization will work. However, players can expect to earn different rewards and tokens by defeating their opponents in the gameplay, by trading their NFTs in the marketplace, and using their bunker to monetize their experience.

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analyst opinion

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“This project caught my attention right away, since it is rare to find first-person shooter games in the blockchain space. The game is currently under development, yet fully customizable, which gives the players total control of the space and aspects. Moreover, the game is currently Free-To-Play, so it gives potential users the chance to try it out before actually committing to the project and spending money on it. For those who are skeptical about it, it’s interesting to point out that they have a good online community and provide regular updates on their developments, which gives people a sense of security.

However, the lack of information on important things, such as tokenomics, monetization, and the team makes the projects look bad. I can understand that they are still under development, but we have no idea about the reward system. First of all, even though it is a shooting game, the main focus is on the bunker experience which I find very interesting. The bunker looks like it is going to be a place for players looking for events, friends, playing and ultimately earning money. This bunker, as well as weapons and skins are an example of money earning capabilities. Also, neither the game modes nor the team behind it are mentioned, which are a huge part of the project. There are still a few things the team would need to clarify in the near future.

They are promising a lot of things in this new game, so let’s just hope they can deliver a great project overall.”

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Marek Štochl

Marek Štochl

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