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Published: 2 July 2022

An action first person shooter PvP game that shares many similarities with CSGO and Valorant, but in a metaverse. You build up your bunker for collecting rewards in the form of NFT tokens.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Metalands is a Free-2-Play, Play-2-Earn FPS game, built on the BSC and Polygon blockchain. The game is developed by ARVRS STUDIO and the alpha version is currently available to try. At the start of the game, you get your own bunker where you can meet friends or use it to store items won in matches.

Road Map

  • Q1 2022

    – Alpha version launch.

    – Game launch.

    – Updates that bring a total of 4 game modes on 4 different maps.

    – Full bunker integration.

    – Implementation of Reward Pass in P2E.

    – NFT marketplace.

    Q2 2022

    – Beta version launch.

    – More maps, bunkers, weapons and equipment.

    – Mini games.

    – Initial implementation of clans.

    – In-game item rental system.

    Q3 2022

    – Esports tournaments and events.

    – Battle pass.

    Q4 2022

    – Open world introduction.

    – Mobile alpha version launch.

About the game

The game offers 4 different game modes and 4 different maps:

  1. Team Death match
  2. Free for All
  3. Capture the Flag
  4. Bunker

You will be able to choose your own character. Since the game is mainly about winning against the enemy team, you have a choice of many weapons to crush your opponents. You can win skins or boxes. You will be able to improve your items in a special device located in your bunker. All these items are NFTs, and you can sell them on the marketplace. If you play well and improve your in-game skill, you can start to rise to higher ranks.

Player requirements

One game takes about half an hour. We don’t know much about the mobile version yet; it will not be launched until Q4 2022. The final PC version should not be too HW demanding. It will even have full controller support. The game is Free-2-Play, and you can get items for free, but better items have to be purchased at the marketplace or obtained via the Battle Pass. You will also be able to send items to your friends as gifts. All transactions will take place through the CIFI game currency using a wallet that supports the Binance Smart Chain, such as MetaMask


A CIFI game token will be used for in-game transactions. CIFI is a multi-chain ecosystem with support for games, NFT marketplace and decentralization. Currently, you can buy it at the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange. The total amount is 500,000 CIFI. CIFI will be staked, but the developers have not mentioned APY or APR yet. However, there will be airdrops on the token holders’ wallets. You will be able to earn CIFI in many ways, such as selling items, skins or boxes, which will have 6 rarity levels.

You will also be able to earn money by moderating or betting on matches.


Analyst opinion

“This is one of the few first-person NFT shooters. We have similar Play-2-Earn options in Counter Strike, which Metalands is very reminiscent of, whether in terms of graphics or game mechanics. However, Counter Strike does not have the Bunker, in which players can meet. This is a revolutionary feature of Metalands. The CIFI token has a very small market cap and high ATH. Given the promised future development of Metalands, I see some potential in the game.“

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