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Crypto Game
Jun 4, 2024

Overall Rating

Current Token Price
Project Potential
  • Free-To-Play option
  • Well-developed game
  • Strong partnerships
  • Offline game mode option
  • Unrevealed team
  • Only mobile version

A running game with the goal of equipping your hero so they can get through all the obstacles and reach higher levels.

Official Trailer


Q1 - 2022

  • Product prototype release
  • Private token sale
  • Game teaser video
  • Public token sale
  • TGE

Q2 - 2022

  • Gameplay trailer release
  • PvE close alpha Android
  • Playstore release
  • 2 players PvP release
  • iOS version release
  • NFT access tickets mint

Q3 - 2022

  • Closed beta (NFT tickets)
  • 3 players PvP release
  • NFT trailer
  • Anti-cheat protection
  • New map release
  • Open beta announcement

Q4 - 2022

  • Genesis NFT mint
  • Open beta release
  • Character recharge system
  • New map release
  • MMR based matchmaking
  • PvE improvements: more complex level

Q1 - 2023

  • Ranked mode (Leagues system)
  • Unranked mode
  • In-game item shop release
  • Fiat purchases integration (Shop)
  • Appstore release

Q2 - 2023

  • Global release
  • Custom rooms
  • Metarun influencer invitational cup
  • New NFT characters
  • Season NFT pass
  • Fortune wheel
  • Character upgrade system

Q3 - 2023

  • PvP 5 players
  • Metarun community cup
  • Skin evolution system
  • New map release
  • Artifacts integration
  • NFT ads

Q4 - 2023

  • Challenge mode
  • PvE progression system
  • Nintendo Switch support
  • Metarun global championship
  • Co-op PvE

About the game

Player Requirements

Since the game is Free-To-Play, you can try it out just for fun without needing to make an investment. NFTs can be purchased directly from the game with Opal.

It can only be played on a phone, so you will need to download the app from the Playstore or the Appstore.


$MRUN token

This is the main project currency and maintains the game ecosystem. The $MRUM token is based on BEP-20 and is used in-game for governance and management.

Token use:

  • Character improvements
  • Improving the character skin level
  • Buying a Metarun chest
  • Purchasing characters
  • Purchasing battle tickets
  • Completing a battle pass mission
  • Renting characters
  • Voting on platform changes

Staking and farming

Players can join staking and farming pools using the $MRUN token. Each pool will offer a percentage reward, incentivizing players to participate in farming $MRUN and rare NFT.

Minting $MRUN

Tokens are issued by the ecosystem development fund through pool rewards. If the fund falls below 25%, further minting is initiated. The fund is replenished by 5% once every hour until it reaches 70%. Tokens are then returned to the pool and can be used for project development, player rewards, or sent to treasury pools.

The game also features currencies that the player can earn by completing quests. These are divided by class and currency type. The basic division is hard and soft currencies.

Soft currencies – these can only be earned and used in-game, and cannot be exchanged for $MRUN tokens. They are gold, sapphires, and diamonds.

Hard currency $OPAL– these can be obtained in-game and exchanged for $MRUN tokens. The only hard currency in the game is opals. Opal is a virtual currency pegged to the USD at a ratio of 1:270, and the player can exchange it for $MRUN through “price oracles”.


It is possible to earn in-game through activities in the PvE and PvP modes, trading on the marketplace, or renting heroes. You can also get one of the project’s currencies: the $MRUN token, or other currencies like gold, opals, sapphires, and diamonds.




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“When I first saw the game, it immediately reminded me of the well-known Subway Surfers. That was a big hit a few years ago. Metarun is very well developed in terms of hero accessories and the number of modes that the player can choose from. Unfortunately, it is only available for phones, and cannot be played online in a browser. The project has built a strong community on social networks, mainly Twitter and Discord.”

Metarun is a mobile NFT game like Subway Surfers. To begin, the player chooses one of three characters. These characters have differing health, collision damage, and maximum speed. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. The player can upgrade their character’s weapons or even get them a pet. The player must get through levels, each with different obstacles. These have to be jumped over, slipped under, or avoided by the player characters.

The controls are very simple. Thanks to the similarity with the well-known Subway Surfers, the game can be played and enjoyed by everyone. Metarun will offer several game modes.

Endless-Run (PvE mode)

An endless race in which the player tries to survive for the longest time, and collect as much gold as possible. If a player’s character dies, they can be resurrected for a certain number of opals and continue the race. The player collects gold from the ground, gets sapphires for killing opponents, and gets opals for completing daily missions.

Battle-Run (PvP mode)

A mode designed for multiple players to compete against each other. The fastest player wins. You collect gold from the ground, get sapphires for killing opponents, while the winner gets a diamond.


If the player does not want to invest in the game, they can try the Free-To-Play version in which they have a free starting character. However, investment is necessary if they want to improve the character.

There are many other opportunities hidden in the game.

In-game NFT

Heroes – there are three basic heroes in the game that the player can choose from. They are divided into classes, with the hero of each class having unique abilities and skills that will help them. Three classes will be available at game launch – Craftsman, Fighter, and Sprinter. Heroes will also have differing rarity, skin rarity, and abilities. They will also have active and passive skills. Active ones include projectiles or fireballs. Passive ones include a double jump or acceleration with a perfect dodge.

All heroes start at level 1 and can reach level 15 by upgrading their attributes and skills. Their attributes can reach a maximum level of 45.

Boosters – these serve to strengthen the character instantly but temporarily. They automatically trigger every time the player overtakes an opponent. They are placed randomly on the map and look like boxes. If the player passes over such a box, they get a random booster.

Pets – these are the characters’ companions, and give them passive abilities. Each hero can only own one pet, which is obtained randomly from a chest. A pet’s abilities cannot be changed. They can be bought on the secondary market. Each animal starts at level 1 and can reach a maximum of level 30.

Artifacts – these will give the player additional power. They can be obtained from the secondary market in a chest, or the player can create them using a special potion.