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May 9, 2023

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Dive into a game world similar to CSGO and Call of Duty. Trade with your NFTs and shoot as many enemies as you can.

Official Trailer


Q4 - 2021

  • IDO.
  • Pre-alpha version released.

Q1 - 2022

  • Marketplace.
  • Closed beta version.
  • NFT sales.

Q2 - 2022

  • Open beta: human AI, weapon switching, diving mode, laser sight.
  • Land sales.

Q3 - 2022

  • Open beta: Deathmatch mode.
  • Metaverse access.

Q4 - 2022

  • Complete 3D models.
  • Release of new NFTs: map, weapon skins.
  • Weapon upgrade feature.
  • Metaverse version 1.0.

About the game

Player Requirements


$MTS token

Total supply – 565,000,000

MetaMask – Smart Chain


Current price as of 25 March 2022 – USD 0.1527

Can be bought on the and Kucoin

Staking possibility here – 30 days – 40% APR / 60 days – 60% APR / 80 days – 100% APR

The $MTS token will serve as the main Metastrike currency and will allow players to shop in the game marketplace. To succeed, players will need a diverse arsenal of equipment, including various weapons, Metastrike characters, projectiles, metaverse land, NFT boxes and more. All these game NFTs can be obtained using $MTS.

The token will also serve as a voting tool for important platform decisions such as future weapons, prize funds and tournament dates.

In guild tournament battles, players will compete to defeat their opponents with prizes including $MTS. This token is also important for missions because it can be used to advance on maps. Last but not least, holding $MTS can activate rare NFT drops.

$MTT token

Used to strengthen the Metastrike game and economy growth. Players will need to buy items like regular consumables and upgrade their weapons.

Holding the required number of $MTT tokens will allow players to participate in various types of tournaments and events. Holding $MTT will also allow participation in regular game modes.

Whenever a transaction is made using $MTT, these tokens are permanently burned, with only 10% of the transaction being added to the weekly prize pool. These prizes will be distributed among the top players in the Metastrike ecosystem and also allocated to tournament prizes.





Metastrike is a team with 25+ members who are very passionate about games and blockchain. They have extensive experience with virtual art, game development and design thanks to 10 years of game development with partners such as Ubisoft (Hungry Dragon) and Square Enix (Final Fantasy).

Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“The game looks really good in all its aspects. The development team has great marketing skills, as evidenced by their partnerships. This game will be a great opportunity for all Call of Duty and CSGO lovers to combine playing with trading. An added bonus is that the game will also be designed as Free to Play, so no basic investment will be needed to play.

Unfortunately, there is no information yet on how time-consuming the game will be or the size of the investment that will be needed to make the game profitable. Overall, I like the project and an investment in it is definitely worth considering.”

A shooter based on the Smart Chain blockchain with a collection of weapons the player can use to level up, complete missions, and earn NFTs & tokens.

Players have several different game modes available, including team mode, deathmatch mode and zombie mode, each adapted to a different type of experience. In zombie mode, players must complete solo missions. If successful, they earn game tokens based on their performance and the outcome. Players can also join the team mode, where they can bet their NFTs and tokens before they start fighting, with the winner taking all. As a part of a larger metaverse, players can participate in guild battles to steal land, build their own houses, and get their own bases.

While playing, players can enter the Design Room, a place in the game environment where creativity is tested and maps become NFTs created on a blockchain. Community members can then vote for the best design to get the chance to introduce it into the Metastrike team mode.

  • Deathmatch: A stand-alone or team battle for everyone, in which players must defeat (kill) their opponents as many times as possible. Victory is based on the number of kills within a specified time limit or on a kill limit.
  • Demolition Mode: A bomb disposal game. Strategically choose four partners to battle other teams. Your resilience and mental endurance will be tested!
  • Casual Mode: A two-team elimination mode in which players must defeat the players in the other team.
  • Sniper vs. Sniper: Think you’re the best shooter? Now’s your chance to prove it! In this game mode, players compete against an enemy team only using sniper rifles.
  • Capture the Flag: This is the favourite elementary school game you remember, but with realistic FPS graphics and an arsenal giving you elite combat power! Capture the other team’s flag and stay alive to win.