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Jun 5, 2024

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  • No Pros for the project
  • Limited information on whitepaper
  • No information about the team
  • Necessary investment to start playing

Metawars is a strategic role-playing NFT game, where players have to battle each other to earn rewards. The project is built on the Binance Smart Chain.

Official Trailer


Evo 0

  • IDO Launch: $WARS is available on PancakeSwap after launching on three launchpads: GameFi, Red Kite, Polylauncher
  • Dapp Launch: Staking pool and vesting portal open for use
  • In-Game Token Launch: Players can stake to accumulate $GAM for the game
  • PlanetFi: Purchase planets with various rarities, reward planet holders with partnered projects, various marketing campaigns with partners

Evo 1

  • Mech NFTs: Robot NFT customizable with $GAM, utilized to complete various missions and exploration, accumulating resources in preparation for future gameplay
  • Planet NFTs: By owning planets, owners can receive rewards through Planetfi; the higher tier the planet, the more rewards.
  • Game Engine preview

Evo 2

  • PvE Development
  • Beta Launch
  • Social-fi

Evo 3

  • Game mode Development
  • Fleet: Establish alliance and explore the world of social game-fi
  • Marketplace: Trading in-game items

About the game

Player Requirements

Players need to connect their wallets and buy an NFT to start playing the game.


Token: $WARS

Total Token Supply: 1,500,000,000

$WARS can be staked to earn $GAM over time, as well as for buying insurance for in-game ships and robots.

$WARS is a governance token, so holders can participate in decisions.

Players can use $WARS to participate in limited NFT Auctions.

In-game Token: $GAM

Total Token Supply: Unlimited

$GAM can be used for in-game utilities, such as repair costs, fuel costs, and upgrading characters and assets. Also, the token is required to buy booster packs and enter exclusive events.

Once the game is launched, staking will be possible.


Players who own planet NFTs can earn passive income by renting out their planets to other players. Also, owners will earn more $WARS and better rewards.

Users can earn $GAM by completing daily missions.

Raids are the only game mode where players can earn high-tier equipment, which can then be sold to other players.

The marketplace is also a way for players to earn tokens by selling their NFTs.

Players can also earn $GAM by staking $WARS.




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“I believe the game looks good on the surface, but when you start to find out more about the project, you do notice some flaws. For starters, there is some very important information missing, such as the team behind the project and the monetization aspect of the game. The fact that the team is nowhere to be found makes the project look bad since it leaves us – the players – in the dark. I don’t think many people will trust a project without knowing about the team behind it. Moreover, the information on monetization is quite broad and confusing. They are not clear on how to earn actual money within the game, which makes me think that they are still trying to figure it out. Finally, users are required to buy an NFT to start playing the game, which makes it a little bit unfair since they do not provide enough information for people to make the decision to invest in the project.”

Metawars is a strategic NFT game where players either battle each other, or against the game’s AI, to earn rewards. Also, users can collect NFTs to play and earn more and better rewards.

This game has two playable modes:


  • Story-Driven Campaigns: players have to go through the Metawars history and take part in epic battles, choosing either to be a front-line soldier or a back-line commander
  • Alien Defense for Planet NFTs: players have to defend their Planet NFTs from aliens. If they fail to do so, the APY of the planet will decrease. Players can also hire other players to help fight the aliens together
  • Fleet Raids: players join forces to fight against high-level Aliens on different planets. These aliens will drop unique resources to help players get better Mech NFTs (Playable characters)


  • Scramble for Rednite: these are weekly combat events, where players compete for Rednite (the most valuable resource in the game)
  • Ranked Tournaments: either 1v1 or 5v5 battles, where players fight against each other in an arena. The higher the player is ranked, the better weekly rewards they get

Players can also collect different NFTs:

Mech NFT: these NFTs are playable characters in the game. Players choose their area of expertise, such as miner, fighter, trader, transporter or cheerleader. The NFTs can then be directly purchased, bought on a secondary market or obtained through community campaigns. Mech NFTs require food, water, and iron to function effectively. They can also be leveled up by acquiring experience points, consuming resources, and spending $GAM.

Planets: these NFTs allow owners to earn rewards and a higher amount of $WARS. Players can use their planet to gather resources in order to build stronger Mech NFTs, or lend them to other players for resource mining. Each planet will generate one type of resource, such as water, food, or iron, which will then be used to upgrade or resupply Mech NFTs. Depending on the planet’s level of rarity, it will increase the speed of  resource production.