Mines Conquest

Mines Conquest seemed to be a decidedly successful game, where players choose their own path of conquest through the world of Volundris, create their warriors, and then just go to war and collect booty. Attention! The creators reached for the rug pull. As the owners of majority of the game’s tokens, they unexpectedly increased token’s liquidity and sold them out, thus dooming the promising Mines Conquest project to termination. There is no probability someone could play this game again.

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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Q2 - 2022

  • Web launch.
  • Community building.
  • Token whitelist on PancakeSwap.
  • Game launch.
  • Starting PvE battles.
  • Bazaar function.

Q3 - 2022

  • PvP battles.
  • Player ranking feature.
  • Alliance battles.
  • Listing on CEX.
  • Cross-chain.

Q4 - 2022

  • Creating NFTs for clients.
  • Multichain Kingdom Battle.
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About the Game

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In Mines Conquest, players create their fighter and gradually increases his or her level by collecting new in-game equipment and defeating powerful enemies, while participating in a series of adventures.

The world of Volundris

Volundris is a vast and unexplored world. Upon entering the world of Volundris, the player has to first create their avatar – a fighter who will combat enemies on their behalf. There are three races available: orcs, dwarves and humans. Each race has unique abilities. Crystal dust is the main in-game currency and resource. Endless wars are waged between the various races of the Kingdom of Volundris to control this resource. Soul stone and Bone fragments are the remains of fallen warriors from the wars on Volundris. These will come in handy for players seeking to upgrade fighters and equipment.

Game environment

Deep ancient forests, underground mines, battlefields. Every country on the continent is full of sights and challenges. Defeat the people and creatures that try to stop your progress, loot their treasures, and let your legend spread across Volundris.

Player objectives

The aim of the player in Mines Conquest is to improve their fighters, complete tasks, fight enemies, expand their territory and obtain treasures. But he or she is not the only one looking for these. Recruit fighters to your company and organize a strong unit against the evil creatures guarding numerous treasures.

Acquired fighters have unique abilities and skills that will be useful for completing various quests. The player can send these to different workplaces and collect valuable materials that are necessary for progressing in the game.


  1. Orcs – purchasable for $CSD 100 + $BUSD 10.
  2. Humans – purchasable for SST 6000 + $CSD 100.
  3. Dwarves – purchasable for SST 3000 + $BFT 3000 + $CSD 100.

NFT game characters

We already mentioned 3 NFT game character in the game – humans, dwarves, and orcs. Night elves, druids, and rogues will follow. Each character will have six attributes: Strength, Intelligence, Vitality, Agility, Determination and Mental Strength.

Other weapons in their arsenal will be their skills and talents, which include, for example, reasoning and professional experience. We will most commonly find humans in churches or field hospitals. Orcs will be the protectors and guards of the city, or they will be in the mine. Battles between heroes in dungeons are the bloodiest and most exciting part of the game. Each player can participate only once per 24 hours.

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Player Requirements

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Creating a wallet (e.g., MetaMask) and buying a game character.

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The game has three tokens:

$CSD (Crystal Dust Token) is a governance token that allows players to:

  1. Mint different NFT types (NFT combination is more suitable for risky battles).
  2. Manage the community and vote.
  3. Change the future game direction.

Soul Stone Token ($SST) is a circulating in-game token that can only be obtained by orcs’ work (thereby adding value to them) and is used to:

  1. Production of new NFTs.
  2. Participation in adventures.
  3. Crafting equipment.

Bone Fragment ($BFT) is a game token derived from people’s daily work and PvE battles.

  • The only currency for levelling up all NFTs.
  • Required to create NFT dwarves.
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The player generates profit from:

  1. Trading NFTs.
  2. Game rewards for winning in PvP and PvE dungeon.
  3. Mining of in-game currencies.
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