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May 15, 2023

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  • Initial phase of the project
  • Interesting project vision
  • Community
  • Partnership
  • Little information available
  • Missing tokenomics

A project that prides itself on creating brand new games and artificial intelligence.

Official Trailer


Q2 - 2022

  • Marketplace Release
  • Official Website Update
  • [Brawl of Mirror] MOBA Alpha Test
  • [Mirrama] ARPG Beta Test
  • [Brawl of Mirror] MOBA Beta Test

Q3 - 2022

  • Rental Platform V1.0 Release
  • Tokenomics Ready With Republic Crypto
  • Tokens on the Test Net
  • Games On The Test Net
  • [Mirrama] ARPG Beta Test
  • [Beacon] ATD Playable Demo Alpha Test
  • [Unstable Brain] AI Action Algorithm Internal Testing
  • [Matrix Core] Engine Deployed

Q4 - 2022

  • Game Live-Ops and Development
  • [Beacon] ATD Game Asset Launch
  • [Unstable Brain] AI Action Prototype
  • [Matrix Core] Engine Expansion


  • [Beacon] ATD Game Beta
  • Game Live-Ops and Development
  • [Unstable Brain] AI Action Beta
  • [Matrix Core] Engine Expansion

About the game

Player Requirements

To get started, you need to have a Solana wallet, which you will need to buy NFTs on the project marketplace.

The game will be browser-based at first, so you just need a regular computer, and later a mobile app will be developed as well.

It is not time consuming and as with most titles you can spend exactly as much time on it as you see fit.


The tokenomics of the project have not been established yet.

The main token of the project will be called $MWM.





The team is anonymous, but is allegedly listed on the project website and can be reached on Twitter by the listed members. However, specific information is still not available.

Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“The project is at the beginning of its journey. It has a big goal and that is to move forward with artificial intelligence. It’s not the only one trying to do so, and for many experts it’s a tough nut to crack. It remains to be seen how strong the project team is. The team is unfortunately not public, but that happens a lot in the early months. I hope to learn more about the team in the future.

There are certainly strong partnerships in the project including large gaming guilds, which will attract players, and that’s certainly a good move. Then there’s, where the token will probably be listed. Another partner, Republic Crypto, will also be involved in development and will probably be part of the creation of tokenomics.

The project has almost no presence on social networks, but is active on the few it has. I wouldn’t recommend investing in the project right now, but you can still certainly try it out.”

The project is developing several games that players will be able to play in its world. A Beta version of Mirrama is now available on Solana, where rewards can already be earned. In addition, Brawl of Mirror is in development and the tower defense game Beacon will also soon be worked on.

Mirrama – is an ARPG (action RPG). NFTs in this game use 3 attributes: attack, defense and hit points. Each hero has a certain rarity: common, rare, elite, legendary and mythic. Rarity not only determines the rewards but also the maximum achievable level: the lower the rarity, the lower the maximum level.

NFTs also have skills that make them stronger; these are divided into active and passive. Active skills are used in combat – one is ranged, the other melee. These are further divided into several abilities. Passive skills enhance active skills by, e.g., adding strength. Over time, new skills will be added as they evolve.

Equipment – can also be common, rare, elite, legendary or mythic. Even equipment has a level that can be increased. Equipment includes: helmet, boots, leg armor, weapons, gloves and armor.

There are two game modes in Mirrama. Story mode takes you through an 8-chapter story where you complete a different quest each time. Each chapter has different conditions of passage and each chapter provides different rewards. It has been mentioned that you will need sufficient energy stored in your NFTs to play the game.

The second mode is Dungeon. There will be an entry fee and you will have to defeat a certain number of enemies within 15 minutes to summon a boss. If you manage to defeat it within the time limit, you succeed and the run will be included into the character rating system. Of course, there will also be rewards for defeating the boss. If you do not manage to kill the boss within 15 minutes  but manage to do so later, you will still receive the rewards but no rating upgrade. If you surrender, or the boss defeats you, you don’t get any rewards. Killing a boss will earn equipment.

The next game in development is Arena Brawl: Brawl of Mirror.

This is intended to be a relaxed game which provides players with a cool competitive experience using game combinations, strategy and more.

In the game, NFTs are distinguished by faction in addition to rarity and attributes. There are 3 factions in the game: Nova, Vida and Xeon. The choice of faction is entirely up to you.

Attributes important for the game are: hit points, attack, defense and stamina. As with Mirrama, there will also be active and passive skills in the game.

There will be 3 modes in the game: season, revealed hand mode and ranked matches.

The third game being developed is Beacon. This will be a tower defense game, but no details have been released yet.