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Published: 19 July 2022

In this action RPG, you can collect NFTs, fight epic monsters and explore an infinitely diverse world.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Mist is an open-world game that includes basic combat mechanics which has strongly been influenced by the action RPG genre. A large multiplayer world and player’s interactions are developed to make use of MMO mechanisms. The project offers players an attractive game world with five character classes and many spells, abilities and diverse environments.

Road Map

Q1 2021
– Basic game design completed.
– Token integration between the game environment and blockchain completed.
– Testnet launch.

Q2 2021
– IDO.
– Public game launch.
– Staking and farming on the web and with partners.

Q3 2021
– NFT Storefront partnership start.
– 3D NFT marketplace launch.
– Game introduction on the Steam platform in early September.
– Tender for closed testing.

Q4 2021
– Closed testing launch.

Q1 2022
– Framework development.

– Game launch (exact date depends on test results).

About the game

Mist is an open-world game based on a dynamic fighting style that is unique among MMOs. Whether you like to complete quests and missions, fight battles between players, or just explore a world full of diverse possibilities, Mist is perfect for you. Completing quests and missions is fun, but it’s nothing compared to the feeling of defeating another player in one-on-one PvP combat.

The main game classes that a player can choose from are Crusader, Enchanter, Ranger, Shapeshifter and Witch Hunter. Each class has unique abilities, but also strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to exploring dungeons and gaining loot, players can farm in the game and stake their MIST tokens to obtain useful game resources. Alternatively, players can purchase land and livestock and receive additional rewards. When entering dungeons, battlegrounds, etc., there will be a minimum number of instances (closed areas which players can enter through a single-entry point, and where they do not see each other unless they are in a group). Players will be free to explore the game world without having to wait for loading screens. The size of the open world is about half that of World of Warcraft (from classic WoW times).

The NFTs do not only represent the function of “art” or collectibles in the game. Some NFTs are powerful weapons that will increase your attack and add special effects. Other NFTs are rather defensive and can be “equipped,” which will give your character injury resistance. NFTs also come in the form of animals. Some just follow you around; these are called “pets”. Others act as a means of transport, called “mounts”. NFTs can be purchased directly on the in-game marketplace in the capital. Third-party platforms can also be used for trade.


The $MIST token, whose total supply is 1,000,000,000, will be used as the in-game currency. It will be used for all game transactions, including the repair of weapons and armour or mount purchases. Items in certain game areas have different prices and the economy will be governed by having a limited number of tokens. In addition, MIST can be staked to earn rewards. MIST is synchronized with the Binance Network (BSC), which means low fees.

The game also features raw materials (stone, wood, etc.), which can be obtained by mining ore or felling trees. Each material obtained in this way is then associated with a BEP-20 token. For example, once you mine a stone, you get a “Stone Token”. All materials can be traded, staked, or used in farming.



Debate is ongoing on whether to reveal the names. Some team members are in a situation where it could disrupt their personal lives. Therefore, the team is now more focused on the game development. You can follow the main developer under the nickname Scythe.

Analyst opinion

“This is an action MMORPG game, a genre that is best represented by WoW. Mist includes some fun elements like running around the virtual world, completing quests, and getting better equipment. I like the game’s graphics; the low poly style has something in it. Unfortunately, the team is not traceable. Their reasons are personal for the time being. The marketplace is already functional, and you can use it to buy items, characters, and skins.”

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