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Monkey Empire
May 16, 2023

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  • Graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Gameplay on PC
  • No staking option

Monkey Empire is a Free-To-Play game similar to the popular Clash of Clans. Come and build a village, train soldiers, and attack your opponents to become the monkey king.

Official Trailer



  • Village creation
  • Earning resources
  • Training soldiers (troops)
  • Attacking other villages and looting their resources

BETA 1 – 2022

  • NFT Testnet integration
  • Streaming levels – continuous map
  • Functional building upgrade

BETA 2 (first playable prototype) – 2022

  • Basic features
  • Basic gameplay loop
  • Operations in settlements (villages)
  • Hex map of the world
  • Enemy camps
  • RTS battle system

VERSION 1.0 – 2023

  • Basic playability
  • MKC crypto and economics of the base game
  • PvE / PvP raids
  • Full settling feature
  • Updated character roster
  • Basic research system

UPDATE 0.1 – 2023

  • Full character roster
  • Improved settlement system
  • Updated research system
  • IAP – time skipping and boosters

About the game

Player Requirements


MonkeyCoin is the only exchangeable token in the game. There will be a maximum supply of 210,000,000,000 units, and it can be obtained from the in-game mines. Other important resources to progress in the game are food, iron, and wood.


MonkeyCoin can be earned:

  • By raiding enemy villages
  • By mining resources with buildings (the higher the upgrade, the higher the daily mining)
  • By collecting, upgrading, and selling Blueprints (a building produces one Blueprint per day)




The main team has only provided their first names:

Samy – CEO

Augustin – COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Florian – CTO

Sarawut – CBO

Paul Fabella - Game designer

The team consists of 20 members.

Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“Monkey Empire is a very engaging game full of action.

The idea of looting villages to get MonkeyCoins from your opponents is very interesting, and so is mining these tokens and, last but not least, using Blueprints and upgrades, and selling or exchanging them on the marketplace.

I would also like to praise the possibility to play the game on PC, and the graphics.

I highly recommend this game if you want an action MMORPG.”

The game is very simple thanks to inspiration from, and similarities to, Clash of Clans. It is an RTS (real-time strategy) game.

The game offers two modes. The basic one is the familiar game system where players build villages, upgrade buildings and troops, etc. Players can also play directly as a monkey character in a third-person perspective, and help to defend their village from a completely different angle. Explore the world and form alliances through guilds.

In the classic game mode, the army is important when attacking other players. Buildings are needed for resource extraction and must be constantly upgraded, meaning players will need more and more resources.

The main buildings include:

  • The MonkeyCoin token mine
  • The Monkey Research Center, where in-game items and Blueprints are generated daily
  • The marketplace to connect with the blockchain
  • Buildings producing timber, iron, and food
  • A tower for the defense of the village
  • The barracks
  • The remote units building