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Monsta Infinite

Published: 28 August 2022

A game copying Axie Infinity, trying to learn from its mistakes and overcome it.

Official teaser

Basic information

Monsta Infinite is a game that relies on strategy and technique. It has unlimited development possibilities to bring a fun and rich experience to players around the world. In addition, it rewards top players with $STT and $MONI tokens.

The project does not hide the fact that the original plan was to fully imitate Axie Infinity. The authors noticed the problems with that title and tried to eliminate them in their own work. This was mainly about the Pay-2-Win mechanics, the over-abundance of NFT characters, and the absence of sophisticated matchmaking. The title itself runs on the BSC network and focuses on DAO. The game scheme is Play-2-Earn. Most of the known team members have their roots in Malaysia and Singapore.

Road Map

The project Road Map is unstructured, and it is not clear which events the project has already completed and which should follow. The project promises a new website and a new Road Map.

However, two pre-sales are known to have taken place in September 2021. The game has a marketplace, its own wallet is working, and monsters have been sold.

About the game

Monsta Infinite combines a turn-based card battle system with a “match-three” logic system. It thus offers a more interesting and competitive game. Players fight using monsters, called “Monsta”, which are divided into nine classes and three nations. In addition, each Monsta has six different parts – head, face, body, tail, arms, and legs. Each of these parts can be upgraded by sacrificing another Monsta. The game has an open world where you can find materials using which you can later make property, which you can then sell as an NFT. If you have purchased your own land, you can leave your property there.

All monsters belong to nations, either Cyborgs, Elves or Orcs. In each nation, the Monsta are then divided into different classes.

Among the Cyborgs we find Prime. These strengthen others, but are easily overpowered. Terminators, on the other hand, are prepared for fast and powerful attacks. Alchemists play a supporting role, but can also be used to dominate enemies.

stažený soubor

Among the Elves, we find Golems, which serve as so-called “tanks”. They are not afraid to take damage and stand in the front line. The Nightingales is another class. Their power increases if they use one attack multiple times. Even the nation of Elves has its support class, which are Prophets. They weaken opponents and thus strengthen their own team.

Orcs have Grognaks, who try to protect their allies at all costs. Juggernauts have the greatest speed and mobility, which they use very well in battle. The Bomohs have the ability to revive the dead.

Each monster can reproduce four times, while the reproduction cost varies. While you pay $SST 988 for the first spawn, $SST 11,988 is needed for the fourth.

Players use their monsters to fight in a card game. Each player draws five cards from the deck to use on an opponent or ally. They must put them away after using them. If the players run out of cards in the draw deck, they shuffle back the previously discarded cards. However, this does not apply to all cards. Some will run out after use. Players can also end their turn without using any cards.

After each turn, players have five seconds to upgrade their monsters’ abilities by dragging orbs in a match-three puzzle system. The match-three puzzle system serves not only to make the game more interesting and intense, but also as protection against bots. This system works quite well and bots are not present in the game.

Matchmaking evaluates players’ abilities so that they always compete against a similarly strong opponent. This makes it easier to earn $SST.

Player requirements

The game is designed for both mobile devices and PCs.

Minigames should be launched soon, most likely to attract players. These will be both Free-2-Play and Play-2-Earn. You will need to own a monster to start the main game, and these can be purchased in the game marketplace.

Currently, the only wallet with which it is possible to connect to the game marketplace website is MonstaWallet, i.e. the project wallet.


Main token: $MONI

Total supply: 270,000,000

In circulation: 33,196,000

The ATH token is less than USD 5 per unit.

You can find the current token price here.

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Purchase possible on the KuCoin, MEXC, Gate.io, PancakeSwap and other smaller exchanges.

See the image for token distribution.

Staking and farming are not available at this time.

Game token: $STT

Total supply: unlimited

You can find the current token price here.

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Purchase possible only on PancakeSwap.


In addition to classic NFT holding, there are or will be several more earning possibilities:

– Minigames launched at the start of the project.

– Participation in PvP battles and winning rewards on the leaderboard.

– Reproducing and selling monsters.

– Collection and speculation.

– Investments in land.



The known team counts only four members. https://docs.monstainfinite.com/team

Jin Tan – CEO

HK Chong – CTO

Dave – Creative Director

Joshua – COO

The other seven members are still not revealed. They are all from Malaysia or Singapore.

Analyst opinion

“Monsta Infinite makes no secret that it took over the concept from the successful Axie Infinity project. The game looks pretty much the same, with only minor “improvements” such as playing a puzzle in the middle of a battle. It’s nice that the vision was to remove things that might have bothered people in Axie Infinity. Yet everything ended only with promises.

The project started in September 2021 and ended there as well. It managed to list tokens, make presales, and even managed to sell Monsta NFTs, but then nothing. The game hasn’t been launched or the website updated since then. The Road Map basically does not exist, the whitepaper remains in its original form on some pages, but there have been some changes since the beginning of the year.

I have been asking about certain things on Discord. I was told that they would come soon, that they were on schedule, and that I should wait. That speaks for itself. No token staking or NFT yet. Nothing has happened since September 2021.

And that’s another problem. In September 2021, the project could still have been interesting, even though other projects resembling Axie Infinity were created, for example Pethereum or Playermon. However, none of these managed to catch on and many more attractive projects were created.

The team is trying to communicate on Discord, but as I mentioned, the answers are unclear. I find it bad that most of the team is still anonymous almost a year after launch.

If it weren’t for the activity of the team itself on Discord, there would be practically zero activity, even with over 100,500 members.

In the end, I still can’t get my head around the project wallet. I asked about it three times and still cannot understand why it exists. It has no impact on the game. Tokens can also be bought on MetaMask. You will then only use the wallet in the project. It’s a completely useless thing and the need to set up a new wallet means I wouldn’t even try the game.

The project plans to launch mini-games “soon” with an opportunity to earn for free if the player meets certain conditions. The main game is coming out “soon”, for which you will need to own Monsta, probably at least three. If the game ever launches, I don’t recommend investing in it as I can’t see a single reason to.”

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