Mouse Haunt

A 3D cooperation game in which teams of mice and ghosts compete for NFT and especially for a nicely ripe piece of cheese. Compete for items, upgrade characters, and create entire levels like in Dungeon Builder games.

Mouse Haunt Introduction
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  • Project idea
  • Active team
  • DreamHack 2018 award


  • NFT purchase required to play
  • Partners and investors
Rating 7
4 - Project Potential
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Phase 1

  • Pancake Swap-Dec 21st.
  • MHT Pre-Sale rounds.
  • Mouse Heroes Boosters Sale.

Phase 2

  • Lock‘n Load (PvE) Alpha.
  • Marketplace Launch.
  • Minting Experience.

Phase 3

  • Lock‘n Load: Open Alpha.
  • Lock‘n Load: Beta.
  • MHT Stashing.
  • NFT Swap.
  • NFT Level-up System.

Phase 4

  • Legendary Ghost pre-sale.
  • Lock and Load (PvE) Update.
  • Castle Heist (PvP) Community Version.
  • NFT Renting and Guilds System.
  • Yore In-game Coin.

Phase 5

  • Castle Heist (PvP) Early Access.
  • Castle Heist (PvP) Game Release.
  • Castle Land pre-sale.
  • Breeding.

Phase 6

  • Own-a-Castle (Land).
  • Tower Defense (PvP).

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About the Game

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Mice and ghosts compete for NFT.

Mouse Haunt is a multiplayer game in which users collect NFTs, obtain tokens, develop their characters, and create a game environment. Players may become heroes, villains or castle architects.

Mouse haunt obrázek ze hry

An alpha version is currently available; however, you need to purchase NFT mice on the marketplace to run it. The final version will probably have the same requirement.

Mouse Haunt: Lock and Load
In this game mode, players build their mouse squad from purchased NFTs. The minimum number of mice in a squad is three. The mice search the castle and destroy the chest when they discover it, which is repeated until the mice get fatigued. The player has to send fatigued mice to the fireplace, where they will gradually replenish its energy. In this way, mice obtain Mouse Haunt tokens ($MHT). This mode is less risky and guarantees consistent rewards.

Mouse Haunt: Castle Heist
This PvP mode is based on teamwork. Three players start the game as “Mice” and one as the “Ghost”. The task of the mouse players is to get to the end of the castle for a reward. All mice can shoot, run and reload. However, each of them is unique because they have different fur, hat, arms, clothes, tail, ears, eyes, nose and teeth. These differences are not just aesthetic elements, but their unique features are important for playing. The rarity of NFT mice is very important as it determines special abilities. These can be common, rare, epic or legendary. Every mouse hero has a passive and active ability. The passive is triggered when certain conditions are met, while the active ability is activated by pressing a button. The player is rewarded even if the mouse dies during the match.

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Player Requirements

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Since October 27, 2022, the game is available for download and play on both Windows and Mac.

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The developers want to create a strong and long-term economy for the Mouse Haunt Universe. To achieve this, they introduce two tokens.

The so-called Mouse Haunt Token ($MHT) is deflationary and has a limited quantity of 100,000,000 pieces.

The second one, so-called Mouse Cheese ($MCHEESE), is inflationary and has an infinite supply.

Players can use tokens to purchase items from the “Mouse Haunt Store”, rent heroes and land, purchase energy for further playing, for DAO purposes and staking. When the project launches, $MHT will be the main reward, making it a fantastic attraction for a growing player base. $MHT will be needed for the most important transactions in the game, such as breeding the legendary NFTs (mice) and improving castles. This token also represents the financial share and voting rights of each user in the DAO, when actively staked.

$MCHEESE will be needed to customize mouse heroes, ghosts, castles and all other features that are planned for 2nd quarter of 2022.

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The team is strong, active, and expanding. At the time of this writing, there are more than 27 full-time employees working for the game company. The team has announced their intention to hire new members with the aim of supporting the ever-growing company. Here is the link to the open positions – Careers.

Mouse Haunt tým

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analyst opinion

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“The game won the “Best Game Design” award at DreamHack 2018 (DreamHack is a Swedish production company that specializes in esports tournaments and other gaming events). I like the opportunity to play a single player game for a purpose of quietly “accumulating wealth”. The game has the potential to be highly entertaining. Unfortunately, many users are discouraged by the need to purchase NFTs, which range from about USD 10 to USD 300. The team is strong and active and most of them have a link to their LinkedIn. The funds were probably obtained in 2018. The studio is also working on a second game called “Dogma”, but that one will probably remain outside the world of NFTs and blockchain.

The team and developers take the feedback seriously and listen to the community. Their Discord channel, in particular, is where information, observations, and suggestions are shared. Even the reason they joined and ended up sponsoring Dygycon was because of a comment that was made on Discord.“

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Matyáš Kopčák

Matyáš Kopčák

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