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Mytheria Clash of Phanteons
Jun 5, 2024

Overall Rating

Current Token Price
Project Potential
  • Excellent art / graphics
  • Solid team
  • Broad story / Psychological development
  • GodForge (Community can express their creativity and make money)
  • Elaborated tokenomics
  • Play-To-Earn / Free-To-Play
  • Marketing investment needed
  • Competitive field (Cards)

Mytheria is a blockchain trading card game that includes Play-To-Earn and Create-To-Earn systems. The player can make a profit through battling, creating, trading, collecting, and gacha systems.

Official Trailer


2019 - 2020: Team setup

  • Build game concept & game play
  • Character designs
  • Test player feedback reception

Q1-Q3 - 2021: Whitepaper

  • Tokenomics
  • Website
  • Trailer video

SEP 2021: Private Sale

  • Token audit

NOV 2021: Public Sale

  • GodForge contest
  • Public sale
  • Gameplay trailer

DEC 2021: NFT event

  • Pandora original
  • Chests sale

Q1 - 2022: Game & feature releases

  • GodForge event
  • Closed beta releases
  • PvP mode
  • Tester’s reward event
  • Marketplace

2022 and Future: Upgrade version

  • iOS & Android
  • PvE
  • Tournament & arena
  • Conquer mode
  • Guild battle
  • Land sale

About the game

Player Requirements

Coming soon in the App Store and Google Play.

There aren’t any initial requirements in the Free-To-Play mode. The player will have 40 individual cards that integrate the starter deck for free.


$MYRA is the native in-game currency with a total supply of 200,000,000, and it has been created to allow holders to play as well as invest to be part of Mytheria.

$MYRA is used as a player reward, which is tradable and can also improve the player’s retention by incentivizing the interaction between the players and the game itself.

It is also used to purchase assets and cards as well as perform other in-game activities, such as tournaments, PvE and PvP.

$MYRA is a critical part of the sustainable Play-To-Earn economy and protection against bots so the player can enjoy the game without bot traffic hitting their network.

Owning this token allows the players to participate in the governance process which contains proposals and voting structure.

Any participant can stake tokens to earn different rewards and reduce the supply in the game’s ecosystem; Also, 30% of the tokens are going to be used for staking rewards.


Play-To-Earn: By fighting in the arena to be rewarded with in-game treasures and MYRA tokens. Also, by completing Expeditions in the Conquest mode as well as in the Battle Ground to play with others and win prizes. Doing daily quests, and trading or auctioning rare cards can give the player $MYRA or other items that can be exchanged in the marketplace.

Create-To-Earn: This mode is specifically for creators or artists who want to make artistic NFTs to trade, auction and sell in Mytheria’s marketplace in order to win either transaction fees every time their NFTs are traded.

Gacha: To upgrade levels and get free NFT cards.

Staking: If the user is a network participant, they can stake tokens in order to earn rewards.



The project has over 50 investors. Among the better known ones are: AU21 Capital,, Polkastarter, Spark. The rest can be found on the official website.


Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“Mytheria Clash of Pantheons is an NFT trading card game with a great storyline, inspired by various MOBA games such as LOL, DOTA 2, Arena of Valor, amongst others. Mytheria brings amazing art created not only by the developers but the community through GodForge, which is an amazing feature that allows artists from around the globe to express themselves through the creation of unique gods and at the same time, make a profit from them. You don’t have to be an actual artist; you just have to be a player who likes to customize your NFT, and eventually auction your work as NFT art.

This makes it not just an online game, it is the first blockchain game in the form of Create-To-Earn model. I personally find it quite interesting that anyone can be a creator and immerse themselves into these legendary characters. Another great detail is that it is Free-To-Play which means you will be able to join without any initial investment and experience all the modes to eventually decide if you want to invest or not.

This game’s graphics are wonderful, and their community is getting stronger by sharing not only their time in the game, but their creativity by customizing the characters. I hope the developer team invests a little more on marketing so that more players find this game. It has a very easy gameplay, many tournaments and lots of characters you can play and have a fun time.“

Mytheria Clash of Pantheons is a MOBA/NFT game, located in a world where gods and guardians from a variety of cultures fight for honor and glory.

Mytheria is a champion based card game integrated by the following game modes:

  • PvE: This mode is used to upgrade gods and conquer challenges
  • PvP: The player can test their alliance deck and strategical skills
  • Battle Royale: The player fights against 7 other players, and tries to be the last one standing
  • E-sport: The best global players will participate in a tournament and compete for a crowdfunded prize pool

There are 3 types of cards: God Cards, Mortal Cards, and Spell Cards:

God Cards: These are the most powerful because they can unlock new abilities and get stronger overtime. They are represented by the Greek god, Poseidon. China is represented by Wukong, The Monkey king. Norse is represented by Thor. Set represents the Egyptian pantheon and the god Saint Giong represents Vietnam.

There are different roles for the gods, such as Warrior, Tanker, Assassin, Nuker, Supporter or Carrier.

Mortal Cards: They fight on the battlefield to protect the tower strategically, but if they are defeated, they must go to the graveyard.

Spell Cards: Single-use cards with different effects that go to the graveyard after their activation.

The Play-To-Earn mode at Mytheria offers different ways to earn rewards. The player can trade at the marketplace or auction while using the same characters:

Competitive mode: The Arena is the most challenging place to compete, and when the end of the season arrives, the best players will be rewarded with in-game tokens and treasures.

Expedition: It can be played solo or versus other players worldwide. The main objective is to conquer by using the powerful gods to complete expeditions and get rewarded.

Casual mode: Anyone can be a winner by playing with multiple players in a deathmatch. The player can be offense or defense.

Collecting: This side activity is about joining daily quests, playing against other players and trading or auctioning rare cards with users around the globe.

The Create-To-Earn mode is called GodForge and is integrated by the community, including the token holders. This mode is used by artists in order to make fan art, alternate art or even new gods with different abilities, taking in consideration certain limits when it comes to power, to keep a balanced sustainability within the game.