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Naga Kingdom

Published: 27 September 2022

Naga Kingdom is a multiplayer survival game built, developed, and operated on the Solana blockchain. In the game, players have to collect NFT snakes, enter games and exchange points to compete with other players and earn rewards.

Basic information

Naga Kingdom is set in an ancient kingdom called Naga, which is inspired by the legendary Indian snake cult of the same name. Players can participate in various game modes to have fun but also to generate profit. Every game item is an NFT and can be traded on the marketplace.

Naga Kingdom uses the concepts of NFT games and DeFi applications, and players can freely trade NFT collections.

Road Map

Q2 2021

Sunera Studio founding.

Strategic partnership with Tulpo Software.

Completed game model for Naga Ancient Kingdom.

Q3 2021

Development of the game for PCs and laptops.

New game UX/UI.

Token seed sale.

Q4 2021

Alpha v1.0 demo version.

NFT Airdrop Campaign launch.

Introduction of consultants and the development team.

Q1 2022

Beta test.

Listing on Raydium.


Q2 2022

Mainnet IGO.

Livestream Campaign.

Testnet on iOS and Android.

User interface.

Q3 2022



Q4 2022

Multiplatform via Gateway.


Game available on the Oculus Store and Steam.

About the game

Ancient Naga Kingdom

The game is inspired by the legendary Indian Naga snake cult and contains 9 worlds of Nordic mythology. The Naga Kingdom was created with the aim to bring the Naga clan back to the light. The Naga clan evolves into 12 snake types with different appearances, representing 12 animals, each possessing different abilities according to Eastern culture.

Snake types

The 12 different snake types correspond to 12 in-game decks. These serpents remain in serpent form. Players can invest and own ancient snake species in the Naga Kingdom using the NAGA token – the system’s native token. In this way, they receive interest, the value of which increases according to the price of each snake species.

Game Modes:

  1. Freeplay

A mode designed for new and inexperienced players in crypto games.

  1. Arenas

Multiplayer mode where everyone can show off their skills, compete with others and get interesting rewards. Players must have a certain number of $MAGA tokens to enter the arena mode. The game (round) lasts 5 minutes. Character stats are not applied in this game mode. Players have to consume as much food as possible and try to stay alive until the end of the game. The reward in MAGA tokens depends on the snake quality. After the game is over, the system will announce the survivors and publish their scores. The winner is rewarded with a certain number of MAGA tokens.

  1. Play-2-Earn (P2E)

The Play-To-Earn mode is attractive to players who want to earn more. Rewards vary by snake species.

Rules: In P2E mode, players have to collect chests. The more chests they collect, the more rewards they get. Chests are divided into different levels (1 to 7). Rewards correspond to the chest level. Players can also play in a team game together with friends. Each snake type has different game stats. Players can choose a compatible character and start the P2E mode.

Game chat

Players can freely chat with others, allowing them to participate in the game and events while helping to grow the Naga Kingdom community, gather knowledge, and improve the gaming experience.


All items are NFTs and are created when new players join the game. Before entering the game, players have to decide which species of snakes they want to own and play. Players must then pay to own magic eggs of various types. Species rarity will increase depending on release time.

Player requirements

The player has to purchase their snake NFT character egg before entering the game.


  1. Ancient Naga Kingdom ($NAGA)

The NAGA token governs the Naga Kingdom ecosystem and represents the quality and growth of the players. Players need NAGA tokens to purchase NFT items (above level 1), including magic eggs, snakes, maps, etc. They also use them for fees in the Naga Kingdom marketplace.

Basic information:

Full Name: $NAGA (NAGA Ancient Kingdom)

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 tokens

  1. Magic eggs (MAGA)

MAGA is a key token in the Naga Kingdom ecosystem. MAGA tokens serve as a means of trading and for fees for all in-game activities: entering arena mode or increasing the health of a snake.

Magic eggs

Currently under development.

Total supply: 16,125,602,472

Players can use NAGA and MAGA tokens to make in-game purchases, including of snakes, items, and skins, to increase their chances of winning and better scores when entering games (rounds).

$NAGA tokens can be used for:

  1. Purchase of game items including snakes, eggs, maps, skins, shamrocks, and skills, and for increasing the chance of winning and obtaining better rewards.
  2. Marketplace trading – a means to trade rare NFTs.

$MAGA tokens can be used for:

  1. Arena and P2E modes: after the end of the game (rounds), players will receive a certain number of MAGA tokens or a key to open a lucky chest which can have a wide variety of rewards including snakes, eggs, maps, skins, Sphere Tree fragments or even MAGA tokens themselves.
  2. Egg fee: each egg type has a different opening fee.
  3. Lucky Chest Fee: like magic eggs, players need a certain number of MAGA tokens to open a lucky chest.


The player generates profit via:

  1. In-game rewards.
  2. Trading NFT items.
  3. Winning rounds in the game.
  4. Placing in rankings.


Tulpo Software

Analyst opinion

“Naga Kingdom is a strategy game with its story set in ancient times, and has surely captured the attention of many players. Interesting tokenomics, game modes and trading with NFTs can keep players busy and also bring them some profit. Despite the forced investment, Naga Kingdom is a game with an interesting theme that is worth trying.”



Published: 27 September 2022

All analyses by Sakkari

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