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Published: 17 September 2022

NFT11 is a new digital world for all football fans around the world, taking fantasy football to a whole new level. It allows players to become real football managers, administrating every aspect of their teams. From training sessions, through involvement in transfers, to the possibility of owning a stadium or seats.

Official Trailer

Basic information

NFT11 is an upcoming football-manager-style blockchain game in which users will be able to earn for their own football club. They will own footballers as NFT and can simulate matches with their club against other players, like in the Football Manager series, earning game tokens.

Road Map

Q3 2021

Project supported by angel investor AIsport.

Concept and development.

Social media creation (Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Telegram).

First AMA (Ask Me Anything) with the NFT11 team.

Q4 2021

Audit by CertiK.

$NFT11 public presale.

Legend stats revealed.

Alpha version (whitelist).

Q1 2022

Alpha testing.

Club creation.

Legends and stadiums public sale.

Marketplace launch.

Q2 2022

Beta testing.

Booster packs launch.

Alpha game version launch – web browser.

Q3 2022

Marketing extension.

Custom skins.

About the game


Follow the course of the game and use strategies and tactics to turn the match outcome in your favor. To play Kick-Off, you need to have at least 11 players and enough substitutes for each position – this is the only way to build an active team. Each match lasts 8 minutes, with a halftime of 4 minutes. Scheduled matches will take place immediately after kick-off, regardless of whether the managers are online during the game.

Managers can influence events during the game by making split-second decisions. If a certain amount of time passes, or if the manager is offline, the decision is made by the system, which reacts randomly to the situation. An algorithm comparing each team’s offense and defense scores triggers these events. Players can be equipped with NFT11 cards that improve their stats and provide advantages in certain situations during a match.


Friendly matches are played between two clubs who want to train or pit their team against real managers/clubs. Friendlies do not require any fees; however, the winning rewards and player growth are significantly lower compared to winning tournaments.


Tournaments are a major part of NFT11, and will make your club famous. Managers pay a fee in the form of $NFT11 tokens for participating in tournaments. These fees are collected into a common prize pool.

The football club will receive the main game currency ($NFT11) for winning tournaments.


$NFT11 is a utility token. Total supply is 125,000,000 and there are currently 33,822,366 in circulation. It has the following in-game uses:

  • Purchasing players, stadiums, and special cards.
  • Scouting new players.
  • Purchasing booster packs.


Player loaning

Managers who have too many players but don’t have time to manage them or are hesitant to sell them can loan out their players. You will earn fees by loaning your players to other managers.

NFT11 marketplace

In the marketplace, managers can buy, loan, sell or trade players with other managers.


You can own seats in stadiums, and they provide managers with several useful features:

– Player scouting.

– Collecting fees from other managers for scouting.

– Staking rewards.



Analyst opinion

“NFT11 is inspired by the popular Football Manager series, which has a strong player community. Connecting this genre with the NFT world is a step forward, if only from a collector’s point of view. You don’t have to actively play the game, but can collect cards you can either sell or lend. Players will certainly be attracted by the earning possibilities.”

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