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May 16, 2023

Overall Rating

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Project Potential
  • Good graphics and artwork
  • Team members visible and verifiable
  • Not available on mobile devices
  • Initial investment required

Novopangea is a community-focused strategy game where players create their own planetary heroes as they sustain and improve the empire's economy.

Official Trailer


Q3 - 2022

  • Economy game beta v2 release
  • Novopangea v2 Economy Launch
  • Building NFT Upgrades
  • Residential Buildings
  • Realm Permits
  • Staking Cool Down
  • Land and Building Expansion

Q4 - 2022

  • Economy game full v1 release
  • $NOVO / $OBSD Launch
  • Town Hall Staking
  • Token Bridge (Multi-chain)

Q1-Q4 - 2023

  • Will be prioritized based on Community feedback.
  • Additional QOL and Bulk Actions (Skilled Workers)
  • PvP MvP Release
  • District Cosmetic Configurations
  • Global staking Rewards with Levels
  • Seasonal Reward Program
  • Referral Program
  • Level 5 buildings and skilled workers
  • Taxation
  • Realm Specific Resources
  • Trading Posts

About the game

Player Requirements

Each player must do the following:

  • Create a Wax wallet in order to manage your Novopangea collection on the Wax blockchain
  • Purchase story packs, which includes story cards from the 6 realms
  • Create Novopangea account
  • Players can choose to redeem the story cards to get game assets, or hold the cards (The rarity of the cards will determine the creator to be collected)
  • Start playing the game


$NOVO - Governance token and main reward mechanism in the game. It can be traded with others or leveraged outside of the game.

Total supply:

$NOVO can be actively staked to earn passive income.

$NOVO will also be needed to be a member of the Realm Council.

The residents of the districts can also stake $NOVO to upgrade the Town Hall. Leveling up the Town Hall will help the building owners and skilled workers to upgrade their assets.

$NOVO can also be used by players to mint new assets, including crafting resources (such as energy and material for buildings) with abilities and weapons.

With $NOVO, players also have the ability to purchase special in-game items and directly impact tasks they need to complete.

$NOVO can also be used to purchase NFTs issued through packs (director's, producer's, and writer's packs)

Materials, food and energy can be bought with creator credits, or with the in-game currency, $OBSD.

$OBSD is used for paying rent and taxes, paying skilled worker wages, upgrading buildings and skilled workers, purchasing materials from the in-game exchange, and paying tax to the districts.


Players earn  ‘Creator Credits’ on every NFT they purchase, and these credits can be exchanged for in-game assets such as Gameplay NFTs, Gameplay Resources, Collectibles, Packs and $OBSD.

Building Owners can also exchange resources (such as energy) produced in their buildings for $OBSD.

Earning potential increases when players increase their number of skilled workers.

$OBSD can also be earned by working as a skilled worker. When a skilled worker is hired, building owners will transfer $OBSD to them.




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“I found the whitepaper very confusing and complicated.

There were so many details on the sources, different game modes and different materials that are used in the game, so it wasn’t particularly clear.

I like the idea of the ecosystem, as it is different from most of the other games in that it’s focused on collaboration rather than battling and fighting against each other.

Instead, everyone in the game is encouraged to work together and contribute to the welfare of the land. This reminds me of real-life governments, as citizens work and pay taxes while rulers of the country make money.

Although the whitepaper was too detailed and the details of the system could have been explained more clearly, they have built a system which is very in-depth, which is an impressive feat.

I really loved the graphics, as they look like high-quality artwork and help the project stand out.

The way the story was told was also a bit unclear, and I felt it could have been a bit more easily understandable.

Finally, this is a game for those who like to really invest their time, as results are not as immediate as they are in a battle game. Players must take their time and build their economy strategically, and with care.

This is a different type of game with so many details, and I think it will reach a new, unique audience.”

Novopangea is an ecosystem with land and landowners, farms, buildings and building owners, and skilled workers who run the buildings. The goal of the game is to manage resources to create success by contributing to the economy of the Novo land.

The game is built with 6 realms, 6 regions and 6 creators. The realms are: Light, Shadow, Space, Time, Earth, and Water.

The city is modeled on a real-life functioning  city with a government, town hall, realm councils and taxes. Each city must choose a resident to represent them in the council, just like parliament members in governments.

When the player first enters Novopangea, they start on the map. Then, they must choose a realm and a district inside that realm that will be designated as the ‘home district’ for a minimum of 30 days.

The game has 2 modes: Story Mode and Game Mode.

Story Mode:

The game begins with a foundational story but in this mode, the community can vote to shape key story outcomes and upcoming stories, as well as choosing what new content gets released, including brand-new NFTs. Players who have created a Novo Hub account will be able to join in with voting.

The NFTs in the story mode are different from those in gaming mode.

In story mode, there are Sketch Cards releases and Promo Card releases, which consist of 3 different rarity levels in both groups.

There will also be limited edition 3D models focused on 6 main characters (Giwa, Umina, Syespo, Lutefourous, Vebora, and Amanzi).

All these card releases will help players earn creator credits.

Game Mode:

There are several game roles and NFTs in Game Mode.

  • Land Owner: Land is the main NFT in the Novopangea ecosystem, and a landowner is the player who owns a land NFT. Land can be purchased from WAX markets or collected through story-based NFTs, which will accumulate creator credits with which players can claim more land.
  • Building Owner: A building owner can add a building to someone's owned land, or to their own. Buildings can also be claimed via creator credits or through purchasing on WAX markets. Buildings consist of 3 different types: Energy Mines (produce energy resources), Materials Buildings (produce materials), and Food Facilities (produce food resources).
  • Contractors: These are skilled workers who can be hired by building owners. Skilled workers are essential to keep buildings running and working.

There is also another role in the game: Specialty Workers. Details of this will be released later in the game, but specialty workers will essentially be used for building owners and contractors to improve yields within their buildings.

There are also several resources, which contribute to the economy of Novopangea.

Energy: which will be produced across the 6 realms and act as an in-game resource.


Materials will be needed for:

  • Daily Maintenance of the buildings
  • Upgrading the buildings
  • Upgrading storages
  • Creating new items to support PvP gameplay

Food: Skilled Workers need daily food in order to be upgraded. In a future release, food will also be needed for any animals on the farms.