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Nunu Spirits
May 18, 2023

Overall Rating

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Project Potential
  • Eco-friendly
  • Interesting concept
  • Repetitive gameplay

Nunu Spirits is an NFT game that combines casual gaming and earning possibilities with an ecological friendly outcome.

Official Trailer


December – 2021

  • Project announcement
  • Community growth
  • Team expansion

January – 2022

  • Public sale (IDO)
  • Community AMAs
  • Eco-partners

February – 2022

  • Pre-Alpha gameplay reveal
  • CEX & DEX listing (TGE)
  • Community quests

2nd Quarter – 2022

  • Internal Alpha
  • First NFT drop
  • Staking rewards

3rd Quarter – 2022

  • Public beta
  • Earn $NUGO
  • First trees planted

4th Quarter – 2022

  • All core features live
  • Expansion of the “Nuniverse”
  • Advanced NNT Voting

About the game

Player Requirements


Token: $NNT

Total Token Supply: 150,000,000

$NNT holders will have access to vote for network and system upgrades to the ecosystem. It can be traded for other cryptocurrencies on exchanges.

$NNT can be staked to get Nunu drops.

In-game Token: $NUGO

Total Token Supply: unlimited

This is the main in-game currency and can be obtained by playing and interacting with the game, or by purchasing them on the market. It can be used to speed up Nunu’s upgrade process, to purchase consumable items, and to enter certain events and activities.


Game users can earn $NUGO tokens by playing, yet it can also be bought and sold in the market. Players can earn money by selling their NFTs in the marketplace for $NNT in return.




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Analytic Opinion

“The sole fact that you can help support planting a tree by playing a game is mind-blowing. I think that this is the key aspect of the project, not only for nature-lovers or ecologists that enjoy gaming, but anyone who wants to play a small role in maintaining the environment. It has fun party games that will help you get that tree planted in no time! However, I believe the games that are available right now are not enough to create huge traffic and or a big community. It will probably not result in planting as many trees as foreseen. Also, these games are not played simultaneously against other users, but against past versions of users, which in my opinion can get a little bit boring and repetitive.

One cool feature that they have is that their NFT characters are designed to be 3D printed, so owners can have their very own NFT in their hands as a collectible figure.

Overall, I believe the concept of the project is innovative and helpful for the environment, yet it needs some additions to make it more enjoyable to play.”

Nunu Spirits promises to combine gaming with ecological sustainability by planting trees in the real world.

Nunu Spirits plants trees in the real world when people play and upgrade their NFTs. The game offers a few fun games, such as parkour tag, racing, the floor is lava and capture the flag. NFT characters (or Nunu) are playable within the games. They can be improved in order to gain the most rewards.

  • Seedling: the initial stage of a Nunu, which can be obtained from an event or an Elder drop
  • Spirit: the Seedling evolves to Spirit, which can be used in the game and can learn new traits and skills
  • Elder: it is the final stage of a Nunu, which can be turned into a real-world tree or a new and improved Seedling

Furthermore, Nunu also have different rarity levels starting from Common, to Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Mythic.