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May 22, 2023

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  • No Pros for the project
  • Complicated tokenomics
  • Luck-based
  • Poor gameplay
  • Pay-To-Play

Oceanland is a Play-To-Earn NFT game in which the player controls the only survivor of a shipwreck, and has to find resources to survive in a mysterious island.

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Q4 - 2021

  • Release website
  • Complete Play-To-Earn concept
  • Develop game concept
  • Develop smart contracts

Q1 - 2022

  • Complete seed sale
  • Release demo
  • Release TestNet
  • Marketing and partnership program

Q2 - 2022

  • GO and listing
  • Release full game version 1
  • DeFi platform by partnership
  • Marketplace launch
  • NFT package sale

Q3 - 2022

  • Develop mobile app version
  • Release mobile app version
  • Release new NFT collection
  • Test multichain features

Q4 - 2022

  • Release fully compatible multichain
  • Release full game version 2

About the game

Player Requirements

Players need to have a MetaMask wallet to buy $BNB, which are needed to buy $OLAND tokens.

Players can play the game for free. They can register with their email address and receive one free NFT. However, in order to transfer and swap in-game tokens, as well as crafting, equipping, and withdrawing, players have to connect their wallet to the game.

This game can be played via the mobile app, as well as on Windows PCs.



Total Supply: 960,000,000

OLAND can be used for:

  • Swapping
  • Staking
  • Farming

NFT resources:

  • OWATER (Water)
  • OFOOD (Food)
  • OWOOD (Wood)
  • OMETAL (Metal)

NFT Tools:

  • Water tools: wooden cup, bucket and barrel
  • Food tools: fishing net, fishing rod and wooden trap
  • Wood tools: dagger, ax and saw
  • Metal tools: shovel, pickax and dynamite

Tickets: used to upgrade tools.

Ocean Diamond: used to buy boosters.

Boosters are used for:

  • Booster Auto Miner: players don’t need to mine every hour. instead, this NFT will let users mine every 6 hours (depending on the NFT)
  • Booster Production: boosts the production ratio of an NFT tool by 4%
  • Booster Ticket Rate: boost the probability of finding upgrade tickets during mining to 15%


Players can earn $OLAND by:

  • Staking $OLAND
  • Selling NFT tools or NFT resources

NFT tools can be earned by crafting (combining the NFT resources OWOOD and OMETAL).

Tickets: These can be earned randomly when mining in the first 6 tries (1 per hour). With basic tools, the chance of getting a ticket is 10% in total. $OLAND tokens must be burned to claim the ticket.

To summarize, the methods of earning benefits in Oceanland are:

  • Farming (similar to staking, but using the tokens of Oceanland partner projects For example, Treasure Tokens like ARPA, BEL, CLV, etc.)
  • Crafting (using metal and wood NFT-resources to create NFT tools)
  • Mining (using NFT resources to create other NFT resources)
  • Selling NFTs (tools and resources)
  • Staking $OLAND




  • Dr. Eyup Akcetin, CEO
  • Umit Karaduman, CTO
  • İsmet Bahadır, Game Math
  • Erdem Atalayer, Game Designer
  • Görken Atalayer, 2D Artist
  • Mehmet Gercek, 3D Modelling Artist
  • Tilmann Holm, Advisor
  • Fabio Chiaramonte, Advisor

Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“Oceanland could be an interesting token idea, but it does not feel like a game. It is impossible to distinguish the gameplay from its tokenomics, which makes it feel more like a cryptocurrency project. Oceanland is even hard to distinguish from investing and speculating in general. The game is about buying and selling tokens over and over again, and also staking, crafting and mining NFTs, while hoping to earn random prizes. It feels more like a speculative lottery than a game.

For players that like simple luck-based games, Oceanland could be fun. But the game does not leave any room for strategy or skill, and even worse, if the luck element is removed, Oceanland will not be a game at all; just a project focused on tokens and an NFT marketplace.

Trying out this game requires an investment, and I would not recommend doing so, unless you like risks and lottery games.”

Oceanland is a Play-To-Earn NFT game that combines tokenomics with the gaming world.

In Oceanland, players must survive in a mysterious island, and in order to do so, they must use NFT tools to mine. Mining is the process of consuming NFT resources to produce other types of NFT resources, such as wood, metal, water and food. This can be done only once per hour.

Mining can also generate another type of NFT called Tickets, which are used to upgrade the tools used for mining.

In Oceanland, tokenomics and monetization cannot be distinguished from gameplay. Therefore, the gameplay is further explained in the tokenomics and monetization sections of this article. It is mostly a luck-based game with a small strategic component, but it is hard to see how it differs from investing and speculating with tokens.