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Crypto Game
One World Nation
Jun 2, 2023

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Current Token Price
Project Potential
  • Free-To-Play
  • Borrowing system for NFTs
  • Profit split system
  • Rare NFTs are more powerful
  • NFT required to withdrawearnings

One World Nation introduces an immersive gaming experience where players can engage with NFTs in a unique way. By owning, lending, or borrowing NFTs from the marketplace, players can unleash their power in thrilling battles.

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Q1 (Jan-Mar) 2022

  • Finalise the project concept
  • Release full version of the website
  • Release Whitepaper with Tokenomics, NFTs & Gameplay
  • Complete the Seed Round
  • Finalise the mechanics for the first 3 games
  • Start Community Building on Discord, Telegram and Twitter
  • Partnerships for marketing & technology

Q2 (Apr-Jun) 2022

  • Community Growth & Marketing Partnerships
  • Partnerships with Guilds & NFT Launchpads
  • Deploy NFT contracts on the Polygon chain
  • Pre-Launch NFT Sale for Genesis Cryptonites
  • Launch of Cryptonite Fantasy
  • Launch of Cryptonite Breeding
  • $OWNED Token airdrop starts

Q3 (Jul-Sep) 2022

  • Launch of platform NFT Marketplace
  • Launch of NFT Lending Protocol
  • Beta release of Cryptonite Racing
  • Release of Genesis NFTs 3 new Cryptonite clans
  • Partnerships with Launchpads for $OWNED token release
  • Launch of $OWNED token
  • Listing on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko

Q4 (Oct-Dec) 2022

  • Full release of Cryptonite Racing
  • Deploying of Staking contract for $OWNED token
  • Beta release of Defi Farming game
  • Release of Genesis NFTs 3 new Cryptonite clans

About the game

Player Requirements

Users have the option to enjoy the game through the website by signing in with their Google or Facebook accounts. Additionally, they can access the game on their Android devices. The game follows a Free-To-Play model, and to borrow Cryptonite NFTs, users are required to connect their digital wallets.


The Life Gems (LFG) token is an ERC-20 token with an infinite supply. It is primarily used as a fee for breeding.

The USDC token is currently used for trading on the marketplace and for rewards. However, it is not the official currency of the platform.

The governance token, $OWNED, has not been released yet but will be introduced when the platform scales. $OWNED will serve as the main currency in One World Nation and will be used for all activities within the economy, including governance. Holding $OWNED will provide players with discounts, priority access, airdrops, and access to unique features.

Additionally, users will have the ability to stake $OWNED tokens to earn more $OWNED in return.


One World Nation offers multiple opportunities for earning through its Free-To-Earn and Pay-To-Earn modes, as well as the option to stake NFTs. Here are the details of the various earning opportunities:

$LFG Token:

  • $LFG tokens can be acquired through raffles or purchased directly from the website's wallet option and withdrawn to your personal wallet.
  • $LFG tokens can also be sold, but there is a limited daily amount available.

Breeding, Selling & Buying Cryptonite NFTs:

  • Users can engage in breeding, selling, and buying Cryptonite NFTs on the marketplace using $USDC.

Raffle Tickets:

  • Upon signup, each user receives 10 raffle tickets.
  • Additional raffle tickets are given to owners of NFTs, increasing their chances of winning.
  • Raffles offer prizes such as $LFG tokens, cash rewards in $USDC, NFTs, and in the future, $OWNED tokens, NFTs, and gift cards.


  • Players can lend their NFTs in the lending market and choose between two earning options: 70-30 in their favor or 50-50.
  • They can also specify the duration their NFTs will be available on the marketplace to earn $USDC.

Genesis NFT Holders:

  • Exclusive to owners of Genesis NFTs, which were among the first few creatures and sold in private and public sales.
  • Genesis NFT holders enjoy several benefits, including earning new NFTs, receiving 10% of the in-game treasure, receiving airdrops, and obtaining 10,000 $OWNED tokens for the first NFT clans, as well as 1000 $OWNED tokens for each Genesis owner.

Cash Rewards in $USDC:

  • Cash rewards are available through two modes: Free-To-Play and Pay-To-Play.
  • In the Free-To-Play mode, users can borrow NFTs and participate for a chance to earn rewards without any payment.
  • In the Pay-To-Play mode, players must pay a small fee to enter the pro league, which increases their chances of obtaining higher rewards.




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Analytic Opinion

“The game reminds me more of a web game like Tribal Wars, in which you command an army and have to wait for a certain amount of time for it to return with profits or losses. It is interesting that they encourage you to enter the world of cryptocurrencies in a more enjoyable way, with less risk involved. It shares a similar concept with gambling but provides a safeguard to prevent severe losses if the cryptocurrency's price drops. If you're interested in the stock market or gambling but would prefer lower risk, this game might be appealing to you.

Personally, I believe it is too early to invest in the game. Maybe once they have released $OWNED, I might consider investing. If I had some disposable income, I would play the Predict-And-Win mode for a bit of an adrenaline rush.

Please note that the revised version maintains the original author's writing style while correcting some grammar and sentence structure issues.”

Imagine a world where cryptocurrencies come to life—this is the essence of One World Nation. Embark on a journey to the planet Crypton, where each crypto currency is personified as a warrior known as Cryptonite. Each Cryptonite possesses a distinct backstory and purpose, as well as unique abilities and powers that set them apart from one another.

The gameplay of One World Nation is elegantly simple, reminiscent of a web-based game. Players choose their preferred crypto coin, which is represented by an NFT called a Cryptonite. To aid in predicting fight outcomes, players have access to an in-game graphic displaying the real-time price of the corresponding real-world cryptocurrencies, eliminating the need to switch to an external platform for information.

Two captivating game modes await players:

Fantasy League

In this mode, players assemble a team based on their Cryptonites, significantly increasing their chances of emerging victorious. Two types of powers are available: knights and defenders. Knights amplify the profits of a chosen Cryptonite, while defenders ensure their value remains intact even during market downturns.

Once a Cryptonite team has been carefully curated, players deploy them into battles and patiently await their return with the results. However, this process requires the consumption of Gift Games, with each fight costing 1 Gift Game or the equivalent value in $USDC (United States Dollar Coin) if no Gift Games are available.

Predict & Win

This mode empowers players to make predictions on the future rise or fall of a specific currency. Profits are then generated based on the Cryptonite utilized in the prediction. To participate, players must consume one Gift Game (equivalent to 1 $USDC) or pay with their desired amount of $USDC as their betting currency.

With One World Nation, the world of cryptocurrencies transcends digital boundaries, offering an engaging and dynamic gaming experience where NFTs and real-world crypto values intersect. Embrace the excitement and be part of the next frontier in gaming entertainment.