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Outland Odyssey

Published: 19 September 2022

Outland Odyssey presents an uplifting story about an adventurous journey to save the world. In this action RPG, players explore and survive in a dying metaverse where they can hunt, capture, and train creatures called Zeds.

Official Trailer

Basic information

The SEED project has produced its first game, Outland Odyssey. This is an action role-playing game (ARPG) in which players try to uncover the truth about the Guardians of Existence, mythical beings that can produce miracles to save their world from extinction. Players choose an avatar to represent them. They can also choose their companion, usually an animal, as well as weapons that can be upgraded. During gameplay, players can unlock different levels and modes, and earn NFT assets.

Road Map

Q1 2021

Whitepaper creation.

Game graphics design.

Game design.

Q2 2021

Obtaining funds from own and private sources.

Creating game assets.

Q3 2021

CertiK Audit.

Trailer release.

Q4 2021

Staking launch.

Marketplace release.

NFT auction.

Q1 2022

Crafting system.

Finishing inventory, skills, AI.

Multiplayer testing.

Open Alpha.

Q2 2022

Open Beta testing.

New minimap.

Adding Zeds.

Combat improvements.

Q3 2022

Adding dungeons.

Achievements system.


Q4 2022

Game optimization.

Game economy adjustment.


About the game

In the beginning, each player chooses their character and sets out to explore the land of Avoria. There are several classes available, including warrior, hunter, and technomancer. Players can customize their characters with skins and armor. Each character and class have different abilities and skills. It is entirely up to the player which character and playstyle they choose. While exploring the land, players encounter monsters (Zeds). They can kill Zeds and get loot from them, which they can then use to craft armor and weapons, or sell.

In addition to the single-player story mode, players can gather a party of four. They will then receive special quests, during which they will have to cooperate and fight with legendary Zeds, who are bigger and stronger.

We will also find tournaments that players can join in the game. This is where players can demonstrate their skills, their armor level, and their pet (Zed). There are solo and team tournaments, and the winners will receive rewards in SHILL tokens.

Players can also join guilds, fight for their honor, and earn rewards.


The O2 token (to be released after game launch) and the main $SHILL token will be used directly in-game.

O2 tokens will be distributed using the following methods: SHILL staking rewards, Play-To-Earn rewards, and community rewards. They will be used for staking, NFT crafting, item upgrades, and Zed upgrades.

SHILL is a utility token, used throughout the ecosystem, whether for trading, staking, or voting (DAO). Players will use $SHILL as the native currency in the SEED project game environment. Total supply is 1,000,000,000.

SHILL tokens will be distributed in several ways: through token pre-sales, staking rewards, Play-To-Earn rewards, community grants, and community rewards.

In addition to functioning across the ecosystem, SHILL has a wide range of use, such as staking, voting through DAO, item upgrades, and evolving Zeds to give them higher levels and skills.

$SHILL is already listed and available on both CEX and DEX exchanges.

CEX – Bybit, KuCoin, MEXC

DEX – ApeSwap, PancakeSwap



Analyst opinion

“A mobile RPG from a solid developer that has its place in the market. The game looks simple and does not have too many demanding mechanisms. However, as a PC gamer, I’m not really drawn to these mobile games – both because of the controls and the rather blocky graphics. Unfortunately, with mobile games, it is not entirely true that they can be played on every device. The device needs to be relatively new, and this is reflected in its price. The game will find players, but I am not one of them.”

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