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Pagan Gods

Published: 17 August 2022

An unique match3 game with dark Slavic mythology based on blockchain.

Basic information

Created by Inanomo Technologies LLC, Pagan Gods is an NFT-based game combining dark Slavic mythology with Play-to-Earn on the WAX and BSC Blockchains. You play as a traveler that arrived in village to finding yourself in a universe of Slavic myths, legends and folklore. You fight with your army of warriors in order to achieve success and glory.

Epic battles that give you the chance to obtain unique cards and resources.

Each card is unique and the battles take place in real time. Who wins depends on several factors: the length of your combinations in the combat system, the active abilities of your heroes, and your skill and talents.

Form alliances to get stronger. Complete the daily list of quests to earn the in-game token $FUR which you can sell on an exchange or use to improve your heroes or weapons together with experience points.

The game is available on the App Store and Google Play and can be played on PC or phone.

Road Map

(not updated for the project – source: website)

June 2021
Finalization of the game world concept.

Further development of the mechanics.

Required renderings of NFT cards and sale of unique packs.

August 2021
PvE mode launch (final version).

Q4 2021
Adding new characters and items.

Development the Economy 2.0 and PvP-mode.

Q1 2022
New PvE-mode: rating system for players.

Fully-fledged mobile app launch.

Adding marketplace to the app.

Q2 2022

Buildings and defensive structures.

Development of the 3D version of the game.

About the game

You fight with your army of warriors, which you choose starting the game. Each warrior is a unique NFT card that you can upgrade using another card. You can exchange/sell your warriors after you have enough new cards, i.e., characters to compose a squad (fighting force).

From the village you can engage 3 distinct types of battles:

PvP (Player vs Player): A kind of multiplayer fight. Compete and fight against other travelers. Start your battle with a team of 5 heroes. Shift the racial stones in such a way that they form a combination of 3 (or more) stones.The faster you build a strong and long combo of stones, the greater the likelihood that your opponent will be destroyed. Collecting 4 or 5 stones create a heavier attack. Each additional stone after the first 3 improves your damage output by 20%.

PvE (Player vs Environment): Take your army to war campaigns to gain new cards and resources, which are required to level up your heroes.

Enter the Tavern to select a campaign with the required difficulty (In the alpha version there are 3 campaigns of varying difficulty). The higher the difficulty, the higher the reward. Choose your team of heroes and start your journey.

There are 6 different rarity levels of cards, from ordinary to mythical. You can level up your cards, which allows them to access new abilities and increase their health. The number of accessible levels of each hero depends on its rarity and its evolution.

Player Requirements

On PC: Register on https://app.pagangods.io/ through your gmail account, apple ID or Inanomo ID.

On phone: Download the Pagan Gods app and connect through your gmail account, apple ID or Inanomo ID.

Sign in with your WAX account, make sure at least 5 WAXP are on your wallet to be able to proceed.

There is no initial investment necessary to start playing.

NOTE: Initially there was an option to buy a starter pack (at around $30), but currently no packs are available!


$FUR is the main token in Pagan Gods world. You can obtain $FUR by completing campaigns or PvP battles.

Swap your $FUR to BUSD or spend it on improving your heroes and weapons. The maximum supply is 100 billion $FUR, of which 0.3% were sold in private sale and 0.7% in public sale.

0.1% are allocated to Marketing and 1% to the Development team.

The remaining 97.9% remain as a Pool of rewards in the game. Every day, certain % of the remaining pool of rewards will be distributed in the game. It depends on how many active users were in the game the day before.


Earn $FUR by completing campaigns or PvP battles.

Earn new cards and resources through PvE.

Sell your NFT cards on the secondary market on AtomicHub or the Official Pagan Gods Marketplace.

Sell your $FUR on Pancakeswap for BUSD.

Analyst opinion

“The game is nothing new. The concept is like Bejeweled but with a sellable token.

You cannot find any information about the team behind the project, nor are there Partners, Advisors or Backers.

The information on the website is contradictory to the information to be found in the Whitepaper, for example the guide on how to start playing, the $FUR trading pair (it was meant to be FUR/USDT), changing gameplay options/playing modes (initially there was meant to be a legendary fight, now it’s just resource mining), amongst others.

Most information is also outdated, for instance in the Roadmap.

Typos in the Whitepaper and the Website show a lack of attention to detail and an absence of care for the project. There is no clear visibility of where the project wants to go from here, e.g., Campaigns now might be replaced with another combat method and some cards have lost relevance and are useless for the game.

Although there are English and Russian articles on Medium as well as AMA transcriptions, the direction of the project is unclear.

The Tokenomics and the weird distribution of the reward pool give an impression that the concept has not been thought through well enough.

The community is very quiet, there is little to no activity on Discord.

The App is not yet fully translated to English, which makes it difficult to understand everything for non-Russian speakers.

Overall, I do not believe that this game has a future and would definitely not recommend investing in it, as there is too much uncertainty.”



Published: 17 August 2022

All analyses by Lara

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