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Paradise Tycoon
May 15, 2023

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Animal Crossing on the Avalanche blockchain, where players harvest their crops and explore deserted islands without any combat or invasions.

Official Trailer


Alpha Phase Q3-2022 - Q2-2023

  • 5 playable Alpha Snapshots
  • Core game features including (but limited versions of) harvesting, foraging, crafting and building
  • Genesis NFTs
  • First events (incl. Fishing event & Training Course)
  • Paradise Coupons

Beta Phase Q2-2023 - Q4-2023

  • Multiplayer & social features 1.0
  • Port Ohana
  • NFT Crafting
  • Player to Player trading
  • Exploration & instances (Makubo Jungle)

Live Ops Q4 - 2024 onwards

  • Crew Members
  • Content updates, new events & LiveOps
  • Paradise FM launch
  • Big vehicles & transportation NFTs
  • Game Masters: UGC content

About the game

Player Requirements

You can already download the alpha version on Windows or macOS. The game does not have high graphical requirements . It is Free-2-Play so there is no need to buy NFT; players don’t even need to link their wallet to start playing. The first step is to create a character in the game.


The game will contain one token called MOANI.

MOANI will be the main in-game payment method for NFT purchases and player-to-player trading.

There will be 2 assets in Paradise Tycoon:

1. NFT workers

Workers (i.e., crew) are NFT game assets that players can buy in pre-sale or public sale or get as a reward. Workers gain experience by completing tasks and this allows them to obtain higher levels and learn new skills, selected based on the player’s choice. Workers range in rarity from Common to Legendary. Rarity determines what crops and resources a worker can collect and what buildings they can help build.

NFT crew staking

Players will be able to send their workers to a training camp to gain experience and level up without having to do anything.

2. Land

Lands can be owned by the player. Players can sell or rent these for passive income. Lands are rated from Standard to Epic. Their rating determines which crops the player can grow and which slots the player can construct buildings on.


Players can earn MOANI by:

  • Completion of tasks
  • Participation in events
  • Trading with NPCs
  • Trading with other players
  • Rent or sale of NFT workers and NFT land




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“From the very first look, I thought this was Animal Crossing. The player characters here are humans and not animals, but the games are otherwise very similar. Even the developers compare their project to Animal Crossing. When I think of Animal Crossing, I see a simple game where nothing happens, but it’s still very successful. If the developers stick to this formula and keep the promise of simplicity to attract even casual players from Web2 to Web3, the game can be a success. I had a chance to try the alpha version, which is available for download on the official website. I found the character creation to be a lot of fun due to the large amount of available customization. When I dove into the world, there wasn’t much to do as not all features were available yet. I could harvest crops, but I could no longer collect them and store them anywhere. The game has a very soothing feeling, which was probably what the developers were aiming for, and I really appreciate that.”

In Paradise Tycoon, the player starts by creating a character. They then find themselves on their island where they can gather resources, farm, build and craft items for their own use or for trading with others. Players can buy land and hire workers to make their lives easier or sell these as NFTs. Players will be able to hop on a boat and explore nearby deserted islands or visit other players. The world of Paradise Tycoon is highly interactive, making it a great social environment. Players can build a fire pit and sit by, swing on a swing, caress animals, light fireworks, jump into the sea, etc.