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Path of Survival

Published: 3 November 2022

Become a legendary warrior, master tactician and clan leader. Earn money in Path of Survival RPG.

Basic information

Path of Survival is a Play-2-Earn RPG game with PvP and PvE modes. It is built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and the Cronos Network. In the game, you choose your hero and your clan and earn money in the Path of Survival game world using several modes.

Road Map

Q4 2021

  • Project creation – initial idea.
  • Project creation – initial idea.
  • Whitepaper release.
  • Seed sale.
  • Team expansion.
  • GDD and UI release.

Q1 2022

  • Website improvement.
  • Expanding the marketing reach.
  • Gameplay revealed.
  • Expanding the in-house game developers’ team.

Q2 2022

  • Demo launch.
  • Closed Alpha testing.

Q3 2022

  • KOLs and video content.
  • Private sale.
  • 1v1 open Alpha testing, First dungeon.
  • Staking
  • NFT characters sale.
  • Public sale and TGE.
  • Clan lands auction and release.
  • In-game marketplace launch.
  • 5v5 mode.
  • Path of Survival Library.

Q4 2022

  • Crafting
  • Draft mode.
  • Mobile version launch.
  • Survival tournaments.
  • Last man standing mode.
  • Additional PvE content.
  • Global map and Contested territories.

Q1 2023

  • First Clan War introduction.
  • Phase 2 announcement.
  • Pet fights introduction.

About the game

The game should include several PvP and PvE modes in which our character improves its stats and skills to crush opponents.
The game would like to combine strategy and fun. It will try to fuse “simplified chess and a traditional RPG”.

PvP modes:

1 vs. 1 – combat leading to the possible gain of experience, gold and $SVR token.

5 vs. 5 – combat which can also be played with friends and leading to the possible gain of experience, gold and $SVR.

Last man standing – you will be in the arena on your own with nine other players. The more of them die before you do, the higher the reward you get. You get experience, gold and $SRV.

Draft mode – play multiple battles in a row with a chance to win up to 13 matches. There will be higher entry fees, but richer rewards.

PvE mode:

Dungeons will be available from level two and offer much better rewards, but also much less experience than PvP. Various items and materials to improve your character can be found there.

To enter a higher dungeon level, your character also needs to have a sufficient level and successfully defeat the boss of the previous dungeon level.

You can also venture into the dungeon with a group.

Interesting fact: if you are the first in the world to defeat a certain boss, you will receive a real replica of the item that dropped from the boss.


When clan mode is active, a world map will be released with “no man’s land” marked on it. Rewards are earned for capturing these areas.

The world contains factions. Within the selected faction, you can join an already established clan or create your own. You have to own an NFT land to create your own clan.


In the second phase, battle pets will be introduced. They will provide benefits to players and can be upgraded. There will only be a limited number.

Game characters

Characters have several attributes: hit points, energy, mana, strength, concentration, accuracy, and agility.

There are a total of 5 characters in the game and each has different attribute values.

The adventurer is the basic character. It is for Free-2-Play and is not an NFT.

NFT Assassin – a fast and aggressive fighter, which has +10 hit points, +20 accuracy points, and +20 agility points. If he has a dagger or fights with his fists, his critical hit chance is increased by 10%.

NFT Sharpshooter – his specialty is ranged combat. He gains +60 hit points, +15 concentration, +30 accuracy and +15 agility for his role. Has a 10% higher critical hit chance when using a bow or firearm.

NFT Warrior – warriors have, among other things, the ability to craft weapons from objects. They also gain +400 hit points and +40 strength for his role. Two-handed swords and axes have an increased critical hit chance by 10%. If you wear medium armour, you have a 20% bonus on it, and if you have a medium shield, the damage taken is reduced by 25%.

NFT Mage – understands natural elements and uses them to cause damage. Due to his role, he receives +20 mana and +40 concentration. When using staves or wands, the critical hit chance is increased by 10%.

NFT Paladin – possesses incredible strength and holy power. For his role, he gains +200 hit points, +25 strength and +25 concentration. When using an axe or mace, the critical hit chance is increased by 10%. Additionally, with heavy armour, he gains a 20% armour bonus, and with a heavy shield, damage taken is reduced by 25%.

Features: some body features will differ among characters. Randomly generated hair, beards, scars, tattoos, and skin.

Player requirements

The game will be first released on PC – it is not specified whether in the browser or as an application.

The game has no time demands.
With Free-2-Play, no initial investment is required.


Main token: Survival Coin (SRV)

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain


According to the Road Map, the developers were going to launch staking in Q3 2022, but there is no budget set aside for staking in the tokenomics.


In addition to holding purchased NFTs, you can earn by selling NFTs found in the game. You also get game token rewards for battles and quests.



Analyst opinion

“I don’t see the game’s future as a very rosy – if only because of the small community and the delay in the Road Map. Some key questions have yet to be answered, such as whether we can earn with the Adventurer character.

As for tokenomics, the token has not been listed yet, which should have been done at the beginning of Q2 2022. According to the Road Map, the project includes staking.

Thumbs up for the published team. Some members, especially the graphics team, have good experience in the field, which can only help. I also appreciate the idea of ​​providing a real replica of the item that drops out of a boss during its first ever defeat. It will be a nice trophy.

Furthermore, I do not think that the project is extravagant in any way. There aren’t a million possible combinations of NFT breeding. The project is also aware that there has to be a limited NFT amount so that it does not lose its value. The characters appearance will be slightly different, so we won’t have same-looking characters.

To sum it up, the project is not necessarily bad, but there are many things to watch out for and I don’t see the wisdom of investing in the project yet.”

Jan Záhora

Jan Záhora

Published: 3 November 2022

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