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Published: 23 June 2022

A world of innocent pets trying to befriend each other, search for their creator and find the most precious "Pet" among them.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Pethereum is a Play-2-Earn game with no paywall. Players can collect pets by playing games on their mobile devices. Each pet collected in the game is also an NFT in the blockchain.

The project started to take shape back in 2019 under the wings of Indian game studio Loop Games.
They were enjoying great success at the time and their games had over 100 million downloads.

The game will be available on the App Store and Google Play, and later in the web browser on your computer.

Once the Alpha version is launched, there will be ten separate games in the game world and more will be added over time. We can also look forward to the addition of tools (Pethereum Game Engine) that will allow players to create games themselves, in accordance with the rules. Anyone who develops a game will receive a 35% cut of the ads and in-app purchases made.

Pets can be on two networks, as Pethereum has a bridge between the BSC and Polygon networks. However, transferring pets between networks is paid for by the player.

DAO: The game will gradually become decentralized and will be handed over to the community. This will give the owners of the $PETH token certain rights, such as the ability to vote on the game’s progress — land structure, game ad earnings, revenue models, and more.

The entire project runs on Polygon, only the token is on the BSC network.

Road Map

Q1 2022

  • Token and Game Security Audit (CertiK).
  • Community development.
  • Event: Pethereum Airdrops – done.
  • Release of Pethereum mobile game (close Alpha for 50 players) – launching on 15 April 2022.

Q2 2022 – delayed

  • The public sale of $PETH tokens was supposed to launch on 15 February 2022, but is still not available (as of 12 April 2022); however, we have received information about it being moved to the second quarter of 2022.
  • Release of the mobile version of Pethereum (open Beta).
  • Pre-sale of Pethereum Metaverse Lands (land pre-sale).
  • Launch of the DAO system.
  • Development of Pethereum Lands.
  • Release of NFT, staking.

Q3 2022

  • Release of Pethereum Lands Builder – open Beta, details of which are not yet available.
  • Release of the mobile version of Pethereum.
  • Development of the transition between blockchains.

Q4 2022

  • Launch of Pethereum Lands Builder.

About the game

Ten eternal spirits called Cat, Dog, Platypus, Cow, Piggy, Bunny, Elephant, Monkey, Dragon, and Unicorn, have ruled the metaverse for thousands of years.

The spirits created friendly pets on a planet called Pethereum to make their lives more enjoyable. Every day, these spirits created new pets from their essence and descended into the Pethereum metaverse to introduce them to their kin and play games together.

These pets were immortal, genderless, and so innocent that they just wanted to make more friends. In time, however, the spirits got bored playing with the pets. Soon, these spirits that used to bring new friends to Pethereum every day started coming less frequently. In the beginning, the spirits visited once a week, then once a month, and then once a year. They were last seen a thousand years ago.

Pets waited for 1,000 years to play with their creator spirits and meet new friends, but the spirits were nowhere to be seen. Nevertheless, the pets’ desire to make more friends persisted. Hoping that the spirits would return, the pets began to research life and comprehend it. This research led them to science. With each life form they analyzed, the pets discovered a special essence that is a tiny part of their creator spirits. The pets realized they also have the essence within themselves. This information caused the pets to search for more essence on the planet. On their journey they discovered Pethereum Crystals full of the essence of spirits.

After some research, the pets invented a machine that can fuse the crystal’s power with the technology they invented. The machine would accept a certain number of crystals and produce eggs. When these eggs hatched, new pets would emerge that looked a lot like the other pets, and they could make friends with other pets easily. Also, the new pets soon joined the search for Pethereum Crystals.

Over time, the pets discovered that some of their friends were “rare” and could find more Pethereum Crystals. Thus, in order to make more friends, many pets wanted to be the rarer ones. This desire led the pets to invent the fusion chamber, which was the product of their advancing technology and expanding knowledge about the essence. The fusion chamber merges two willing pets and their essences into one pet in hopes of making a rarer pet. For pets whose purpose was to collect more crystals the fusion chamber was a wonderful invention. It solved the pets’ need to get more crystals as well as the need for getting rarer pets.  The pets regularly collect Pethereum Crystals and get new friends from eggs every day. 
Then in the fusion chamber they fuse their essences with those of their friends and get even rarer pets.

So, are you ready to make new friends?

How to play:

  • The closed Alpha version of the game will be launched on 15 April 2022.
  • For now, you can play weekly quizzes on the project’s Discord to earn prizes.
  • At the beginning the point will be to participate in games in this world and collect crystals through them.
  • To earn the $PETH token, you can participate in the in-game tournaments that will be part of the game.

First games in the project:

Jumpy Pets: the non-stop jumping pet has only one task — to collect as many crystals as possible.

Floppy Pets: the pet flies between obstacles and collects crystals. If he hits an obstacle, the game ends.

Petris: Tetris in Pethereum.

Shell Pets: a classic shell game, but instead of a ball, you look for a pet.

Memory Pets: a memory game where you are revealed cards at the beginning, which are immediately flipped over and you have to match two identical pairs. If you fail to do so, the game ends.

Pet Crush: Candy Crush in Pethereum.

All of the Pethereum games mentioned above will feature regular free-to-join tournaments where the goal will be to achieve the highest score possible. Winners will be rewarded with $PETH.

Improving the gaming experience or purchasing in-game benefits is done via Google Play or the App Store and therefore it is not NFT.

There will be Land added to the game later. We don’t know more information at the moment, except that there will be NFTs on it. Based on the Road Map, we can look forward to more things..

Number of possible Pet combinations in Pethereum:

Pets can be staked – details not yet disclosed, but should earn $PETH currency.

Rarity and Stars:

Each physical trait (hair, eyes, ears, mouth and nose, tail, legs, main color, secondary color, pattern, and body type) has a specific rarity, ranging from common to legendary. Based on the diameter of the entire body, a calculation will be made to determine which category your pet falls into.

Pets can be purchased on the Pethereum Marketplace and OpenSea. However, the project charges a 5% commission for sales on the secondary marketplace.

Pets can be acquired by fusing with another pet or by using Pethereum Crystals. We get an egg, and hope that a rarer pet will emerge from it once it hatches.

Pethereum Crystals can be obtained in two ways. Either by winning a game or by buying them on the marketplace (Google Play or App Store, crystals are not NFTs).

Crystals won in games are multiplied according to the pet’s rarity level. For example, if we win 30 crystals with the pet “Uncommon”, which is rarity level 2, we win 2×30 = 60 crystals.


Players can fuse two pets in hopes of gaining a rarer pet. During the fusion, the “parents” of the new pet will disappear forever, but the offspring will have their physical traits. At the same time, it cannot have any trait that its parents did not have.

Player requirements

Primarily, the game is supposed to be fun. It doesn’t make big demands on the time the player should spend in the game, but of course the more time the better.

An initial investment is not required. After logging in, we should automatically receive one pet. Additional pets can be bought on NFT marketplaces such as Pethereum Marketplace and OpenSea, where a 5% commission on Pethereum sales must be paid.

The project recommends using the MetaMask wallet.

During the game we can also buy crystals on Google Play or the App Store, that is, not with the in-game currency $PETH, nor with other crypto. Thus, crystals are not NFTs and we cannot sell or buy them from other players.

No special equipment is required to play the game, just a regular phone, or later a laptop or a desktop computer.


  1. Pets of different rarity levels in the game have a value in NFT format and can be traded on the marketplace.
  2. Players earn $PETH by winning tournaments.
  3. Players can stake their NFTs or tokens.
  4. By creating your own game, you can earn 35% commission on ads and in-app purchases made while playing the game.
  5. At a later stage, there will be an option to own Land.



Not yet in circulation (11 April 2022).

Based on BSC.

Total supply will be 10,000,000,000.

It is yet unclear what exchanges it will be listed on, but the assumption is DEX, probably PancakeSwap.

Staking will be possible, enabling players, for instance, to gain game benefits.

DAO: $PETH token holders have the right to decide on important issues in the project.

After launch, most tokens will be locked to prevent inflation and to balance supply.

The $PETH will be the only in-game currency; it can be used to buy things on the Pethereum Marketplace.

You will be able to buy Land in the game, which will probably be one of the most important events.

Allocation of tokens for individual purposes:

Staking Rewards (23%) – 2,300,000,000

For P2E models (10%) – 1,000,000,000

Team (21%) – 2,100,000,000

Advisors (4%) – 400,000,000

Marketing (14%) – 1,400,000,000

Token Pre-sales (3%) – 300,000,000

Token Sales (7%) – 700,000,000

Fund (10%) – 1,000,000,000

Liquidity Pools (4%) – 400,000,000

Airdrop (1.5%) – 150,000,000

Social Media Events (2.5%) – 250,000,000


The founder of the project is Mert Gür, who has eight years of experience in game development, design and production. The rest of the team consists of 19 more people, including five AI specialists.

In addition, they have five advisors across the gaming, crypto and social media sectors.

Analyst opinion

“The project is evolving very well from a community perspective. In the last two months it has had an increase in membership by tens of thousands of members, mainly on Discord and Twitter. On the other hand, it tried to launch a token back in February, which hasn’t succeeded yet. Now the launch has been postponed to the second quarter of 2022.

The team is transparent and experienced, operating under the name Loop Games studio. All team members have a LinkedIn profile. But beyond that, there are no partnerships listed, which is a shame, it would add credibility to the project.

We will also encounter an interesting concept here, in which two communities of players will meet, one dealing with crypto and the other outside this sector. On the one hand, this is likely to bring in more people as the game will be available on Google Play and the App Store, on the other hand there is the possibility of a dispute between the communities. Even more so, when the project is trying to move towards DAO and put the game in the hands of token holders.

Furthermore, the game doesn’t come with anything revolutionary. The games concepts that will be in the world of Pethereum have been with us long enough, and I’d say many of them are past their prime. On the other hand, there will be the option to create custom games, which will give creative people an opportunity to take the game to the next level and make money as a result.

Pethereum will be a simple enough game to build a large player community. At the same time, it will eventually be possible to buy Land. This could give players in the crypto world additional benefits.

As far as investing in the project goes, we probably need to wait for the token to be listed. If it is only going to be listed on a decentralized exchange, you need to be careful, but its tokenomics are fine and if you like the project, I don’t see any risks in terms of fraud.

Personally, I would rather look for other projects.”

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