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Phantom Galaxies

Published: 16 July 2022

Phantom Galaxies is a combination of Transformers, Power Rangers and battles for Ethereum in space. It is a AAA third-person action RPG that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the metaverse.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Phantom Galaxies is an action multichain RPG, a 3D AAA third-person metaverse game developed for more than two and a half years by Blowfish Studios (a studio involved in development of Sandbox and Axie Infinity games) and Animoca Brands. The game will be available on both PC and consoles and is expected to be Free-To-Play or Play-2-Earn.

Road Map

Q1 2022 – distribution of NFTs

Q1 2022 – Players will be able to buy a planet

Q2 2022 – Starfighters

Q2 2022 – Customizable avatars

Q3 2022 – Early access game launch

About the game

Your goal in the game is to save humanity and the Canis Major region from an alien threat. You will join an elite group called the Ranger Squad and will control a mecha warrior – a giant robot – both in the air and on the surface. The purpose is to defeat the Sha’Kari zealots, a mysterious warrior priest caste of the Sha’Har race civilization that intends to punish humanity for desecrating their ancestral holy netherworlds on the edge of the known universe. The game is controlled from a third-person perspective. You will be able to protect humanity in the following 4 game modes that Phantom Galaxies offers:

  1. Mission – PvE (singleplayer, storyline)
  2. Quest – PvE (multiplayer, storyline)
  3. Operation – PvP (singleplayer, multiplayer)
  4. Raid – PvP (multiplayer)

Since the Sha’Har civilization has a significant technological advantage, some of the battles will be very difficult, forcing players to discover hidden technologies and resources that the Sha’Har uses. Players will choose their base mecha robot from four different starting classes: the Lancer, Buster, Assault and Breacher Frames. They can upgrade their robot or unlock a new one. However, unlocking it won’t be a cheap, so the developers have decided to also offer the option of renting mechas. Someone will have to control the robot, though, and that will be the base character, or avatar, which can be individually customized. Both the avatar and the robot will be able to be upgraded, for which there will be monetary rewards. The fights will not be completely safe and there is also the possibility that the player will lose their mecha; the game will include an insurance option for situations like that. But there are places where such insurance will not apply – the so-called danger sectors. There, all laws and rules of the game cease to apply, and the only thing that matters is brute force. There are also some rebel sectors in the game, where the player gets paid for the time they survive in them.

In-game items should be obtainable by purchasing them on the marketplace or finding them freely in space. These include for example weapons, armor, consumables and very lucrative “Planets” on which one will be able to build a squad with other friends. On these planets you should also be able to construct buildings and other materials and objects. The game will allow you to communicate with your friends via voice chat. You can not only fight together, but also discover mysterious places and missions in the vast universe.

Zdroj: https://phantomgalaxies.com/

Player requirements

Time requirements are estimated at 1-2 hours from starting the game is turned on; my reasoning here is that the missions will often not be simple, and you will need to think logically to complete them. A basic investment won’t be necessary, but for a larger selection of robots, modifying your avatar or buying different objects it will be needed. It is quite likely that ultimately one won’t get by without it. There is no word on the game token yet and for now all transactions are in ETH, for which the MetaMask wallet is fully sufficient. The game can be profitable without investment, but the players who pay will have a bigger advantage, as they will have stronger ships and thus are more likely to win in battle. During the game you will invest in weapons, armor, planets, consumable resources and more. The game will be very challenging and will require a powerful graphics card – at least GeForce RTX 3060+. An internet connection isn’t required all the time as you can complete offline missions as well. However, if you want to connect with your friends, a ping of over 90ms might start to slow you down.


The total supply of ASTRAFER token is 888,077,888. Tokens allow players to achieve and improve Starfighter mechas, manage galactic institutions, build extensive empires and many other actions. Tokens can be achieved by many ways such as performing a mission, trading items on gaming marketplace or attending extra events. In addition to that, planets and asteroid owned by player are also creating ASTRAFER tokens.

DAO: Stacking of ASTRAFER tokens give members right to vote and their voting weight is proportional to the number of stacked tokens.

Zdroj: Phantom Galaxies™ (PG) Litepaper



Analyst opinion

“I was really impressed by the game, despite the fact that the first trailers and litepaper were released only a few weeks ago. The graphics and gameplay mechanics are very good. I think Phantom Galaxies could secure a place for itself in the metaverse. The only unpleasant news is the big scam that took place on its discord, where hackers got into an admin account and announced a NFT mint through a fake site that looked exactly the same as the official one, except the ending was .org; over $1,000,000 was stolen from users this way. But even so, the fan base and hope for an above average project did not die.

Currently, you can connect your wallet to the Phantom Galaxies site and get one free NFT. You can then disconnect your wallet whenever you want.”

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