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Published: 11 September 2022

Adventure in a world of Pixelmons. Will you beat them and become their best trainer?

Basic information

Pixelmon is an RPG in which players can travel through a virtual metaverse, play with friends, fight and train Pixelmons, trade in-game items, decorate their home, and customize their virtual character at will. The game was born out of the desire to create a fun, open and immersive world that would bridge the gap between NFT and the mainstream gaming industry. The Pixelmon metaverse is Play-2-Earn and Free-2-Play, but will feature optional Pay-2-Play mechanics. The game uses the ERC-20 (Ethereum) blockchain.

The developers aim to provide everyone with a great gaming experience, but for players who own an NFT Pixelmon, there will be more diverse adventures and, more importantly, more earning opportunities. Special locations, rewards, items, and mini games will be made available to NFT holders.

All game modes are available in the game: single player, multiplayer, PvP and PvE.

Pixelmon is only available on PC (Windows). Mac, Xbox, and PlayStation versions will be added over time. The game has similar mechanics to Pokémon GO. The first generation of Pixelmons (called “genesis”) has over 150 unique species and a total of 10,005 Pixelmons. The cost to mint one Gen1 Pixelmon was ETH 3. However, the design of the NFT turned off most fans, and the price fell as low as ETH 0.2.

However, this didn’t stop the game. As an apology, the developers prepared a series of rewards for holders of these NFT, completely redesigned the gameplay, and the project once again created a strong community.

Users who minted Gen 1 Pixelmons can hatch their eggs in the Alpha version. Gen 1 Pixelmons give holders access to land and new species of Pixelmons in the game’s metaverse. 

The game should also support both VR and AR in the future.

Road Map

The launch of the first playable version and the minting of 1st generation NFT Pixelmons have already taken place.

However, there is a delay of about 1 quarter compared to the Road Map.

Q1 2022

Token launch and listing.

Q2 2022
Land sale, staking.

Q3 2022

Introduction of evolutions of individual Pixelmons.

Alpha game release (access only for 1st generation NFT Pixelmon owners).

Q4 2022

Launch of the official version of the game.

About the game

The game mechanics are reminiscent of Pokémon GO. Players discover unique metaverses and meet interesting creatures – Pixelmons. They can challenge these to combat and, if they win, they will receive the Pixelmon into their collection.

To search for individual Pixelmons, players use a guide – Pixeldeck – in which they can read details about all the Pixelmons.

The game has both single player and multiplayer game modes, and the battles will be both PvP and PvE.

Players can train and upgrade their Pixelmons in special arenas. After the game is released, championships should be added where the strongest players/Pixelmons will compete against each other for huge rewards.


Gen 1

Pixelmons are creatures that come in all shapes and sizes, and travel with players through the virtual world of Eden. They can be caught in-game, collected as NFT, and traded. Gen 1 Pixelmons (genesis) are in-game collectibles, only available during the official mint, and cannot be caught in-game.

Next generations are planned with more variety, but less exclusivity and different features compared to the 1st generation NFT. 

Gen 1 Pixelmons give players exclusive access to the Pixelmon land Airdrop. Land will be available in various configurations and sizes. Tents, rooms, huts and even mansions, stores, and castles can be placed on it!

Generation 1 Pixelmon owners will receive various rewards and items to customize their trainer, decorate their home, etc. These can only be obtained if the player owns a Generation 1 Pixelmon at the time of release. Obtained items can also be traded through the Pixelmon marketplace.

Holders will also be given an Airdrop before the token is listed, as well as the possibility to stake earlier, with all earnings increased.


The evolution process will be simple. Players need a special serum that can be purchased or obtained in-game. They will use the serum on a Pixelmon to progress it to the next evolution stage. During the process the player loses the serum, but retains the old Pixelmon and gains the newly spawned Pixelmon.


Each NFT Pixelmon starts in an unhatched state, with nobody knowing what species hides inside.

Each NFT Pixelmon owner can choose to hatch their Pixelmon to find out which one they own. Holders will be able to visit the official Pixelmon website and reveal their Pixelmon there.


Each NFT Pixelmon will have a wide variety of properties, levels, and upgrades, making each one unique on the battlefield.

Properties: type, rarity, origin.

Levels: health, attack, defense, special defense, special attack, affinity.

Player requirements

Players can join the Free-2-Play game, but users who wish to successfully earn in the game will need to own at least one NFT Pixelmon.

It should be an AAA game with high demands on your time.

Players will have to download the game through the official website.


There will be 2 tokens – game and governance. Both will use ERC-20.

The complete tokenomics should be released in 3Q 2022.

Game token – usage

  • Breeding
  • Producing
  • Rewards for quests
  • Rewards from competitions
  • Tournaments
  • Rewards from staking

Governance token – usage

Token holders will have two main benefits. The first is the ability to participate in voting on proposals submitted to the Pixelmon community.

The second benefit will be the rewards associated with token staking. Since Pixelmon will have its own marketplace, any fees paid will be returned directly to token holders. Stakers receive part of the fees generated in-game through selling/breeding/producing items, etc.


Players can earn in the game in several ways. In addition to standard NFT holding (the price has dropped from ETH 3 to ETH 0.2), Pixelmons can be evolved and sold. Furthermore, players will be able to complete quests and participate in competitions and tournaments. Token staking will also bring players profits.

However, no details are available yet.

Users who own a first-generation Pixelmon before the game release will receive countless rewards, including rare items, an Airdrop token, etc.

The marketplace with game NFT is available at https://opensea.io/collection/pixelmongen1.



Giulio Xiloyannis


– NFT and cryptocurrency enthusiast, many years of experience as a technical director

Analyst opinion

“The game had huge potential. However, after the Generation 1 Pixelmons reveal, it seemed like it would die out as no one cared about the Pixelmons created. The floor price dropped from ETH 3 to ETH 0.2.

However, the project approached this in a very experienced manner, and worked on the gameplay and Play-2-Earn elements, from which Genesis-edition owners should benefit the most. The new modifications once again attracted enthusiasts who were looking forward to an NFT game with Pokémon GO mechanics.

The Road Map has been prepared to the end of 2022. The most important step will be the tokens listing. If everything goes as the developers promise, I think the game still has the potential to bring fun and income to a lot of users.

The game cooperates with the well-known and experienced company Magic Media Studios, which is a big plus.”

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