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May 31, 2023

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  • Free-To-Play
  • Strong team
  • Active community

  • No Road Map

an open-world game with farming, exploration, and socializing. Gather resources, improve skills, and own farms.

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About the game

Player Requirements

Players must have access to a compatible web browser to play the game, as it is available to play on the web. The game is Free-To-Play, meaning no payment is required to access and play the game.



Supply: Unlimited

  • Item purchases in the shop


Supply: 100,000 new tokens minted daily

Use cases:

  • Land minting
  • Energy boost
  • Item purchases
  • Skin unlocks
  • XP and skill boosters
  • Blueprint and recipe unlocks
  • Pet unlocks
  • Real-life merch shopping


Players can earn rewards in the game by:

  • Selling crops
  • Selling NFTs on the marketplace
  • Daily activities




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“The game looks promising for players who want to play casually. The game has unique tokenomics that are very different from other games on the blockchain, but in the future, this may well mean a wrong decision for them, and for now, it seems very risky.”

Pixels is an expansive game that combines farming and exploration at its core. In this game, players are able to own farms where they can gather resources, enhance their skills, and interact with others in public spaces.

Farming serves as the primary activity in Pixels. Players have access to various resources required for farming, such as crops, wood, water, energy, and metal. These resources are categorized into five different rarity levels. Certain resources can only be found on specific types of land with distinct properties. To grow crops, players need specific tools. They can start the growth process by planting seeds in fields and providing water to the crops. Watering the crops requires a watering can, which can be filled with water from a well. Players also have the option to fertilize their crops, which speeds up the growth time, but it is not mandatory. In addition to the farming aspect, players can engage in activities like woodcutting, beekeeping, and mining.

Energy is a limited resource for every player in the game, and it gets consumed during various activities, including planting crops. Players can wait for their energy to replenish naturally, with 1% returning every five minutes, or they can cook food to restore their energy.

Cooking plays a significant role in the game, allowing players to prepare a variety of drinks, meals, and dishes by experimenting with different combinations of ingredients. The crafting system enables players to create unique items and tools that aid in farming and resource gathering.

Crafting further allows players to craft items for their properties, such as chairs, tables, chests, houses, windmills, and tools. Blueprints and recipes are necessary for cooking and crafting new items. Players can obtain these blueprints and recipes by participating in events and relying on luck to unlock new ones.

In Pixels, lands serve as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) where players can farm. There are three types of lands to choose from:

  1. Free Plots: These are the most common type of land and offer basic farming capabilities. However, compared to rented and owned lands, they have fewer features and lower yields.
  2. Owned Plots: Players who own their plots enjoy more freedom in manipulating the land. They can decorate their land according to their preferences and engage in a wider range of activities beyond farming.
  3. Rented Plots: Rented plots provide the same benefits as owned plots, but players have to pay rent using their profits.

The development team also has plans for integrating another game in the future.