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Published: 18 September 2022

PlanetQuest puts you in the role of an intergalactic scout, exploring different planets, collecting mysterious artifacts, and investigating new lifeforms.

Basic information

PlanetQuest is a game-movie metaverse, set in the 27th century when humanity has reached the nearby stars and planets.

A council maintains a careful balance between the 3 main factions:

– Empire – a single ruler and a rich culture, based on honor.

– Federation – a wealthy trading republic, ruled by a senate and elected presidents.

– Union – a relatively new and ambitious movement, based on communal ideals, led by its own elected people.

The game is based on the Genesis engine, which should be able to generate and render entire planets. It should be accessible via web browsers and on Android devices.

Road Map

Early Access is planned for the first part of 2023.

About the game

Despite the conquest of the stars, much of the universe remains a mystery. You are discovering traces of an ancient alien civilization, far more advanced than our own planets. You explore neighboring systems and powerful planets with artifacts preserved along with untold riches for the fearless scout.

As a member of one of the three proud factions, you’ll join humanity on the brink of becoming a multigalactic species. They make their home far from the safety of council space, in undiscovered systems and constellations. You will be the first to encounter new planets in the search for artifacts and quantum. This substance, left behind by the artifact creators, plays a vital role in shaping a new direction for humanity. You will find friends and rewards along the way.

PlanetQuest tells the story to its players through gameplay, but also through unique collectibles such as art and comics, driven by blockchain. The project will eventually grow into a true cinematic multiverse, bringing its stories to streaming services and the silver screen.

Exploring planets

The core of PlanetQuest takes place on the surfaces of planets owned by the player, and elsewhere. Planets power all aspects of PlanetQuest – exploration, combat, trading, and building.

Missions and survival

While exploring, players will receive missions from both familiar faces and new characters. In the search for quantum ($PQX token) and artifacts, these dynamically generated missions can pit you against dangerous creatures, or scouts from enemy factions.

Equipment types

Gear and armor of various levels can be found, built from components, or bought from other players on the market. From scout suits to plasma rifles and from scout drones to singularity grenades. Players can customize their gear to best suit their team’s needs and the mission, resulting in completely different gaming experiences.

Playing and earning

Ownership of planets, guilds and equipment is in the players’ hands. The game offers them the opportunity to explore space and earn while doing so. Everything you own in PlanetQuest can be kept or traded.

Planets, guilds, equipment, and artifacts can be owned in the game. Equipment and artifacts can be found and traded.


There are 3 factions in the game, each with different priorities:

Empire – steeped in tradition, with a culture built on honor and glory. It is headed by an all-powerful emperor, who rules and is revered by the population. The Empire’s ambition is to bring peace, glory, and order to a chaotic world through a unified vision shared by all its people.

Federation – a society built on the principles of freedom and technological prosperity. It is a democratic system with 3 presidents presiding over its population. The Federation seeks to build a world of individual freedom and success for its citizens.

Union – proud of its noble pursuit of justice and equality for all its people. With regularly elected leaders, it ensures that no group of people assumes power and dominance over others. The Union is committed to building a better tomorrow for all through values ​​of care, community, and collaboration.


Each faction has its own kind of guilds in the form of houses, corporations, and coalitions that provide space for a limited number of planets. Guilds come in different levels of rarity, each offering more benefits to the guild owner and the planets that are part of it.

Player requirements

The game will be playable in browsers, and later also on Android mobile devices.


The main game token will be $PQX (ERC-20) with a total supply of 2,500,000,000.

It will only be used in-game, for trade, equipment construction, and stock preparation, interplanetary flight, transport, artifact activation, and planet naming.

Token distribution:


In PlanetQuest, every asset owner can easily and quickly achieve profit generation. The game includes a built-in Native Yield Management System. This system will allow asset owners to set simple earning criteria for using their equipment, making a home on their planet, or joining their guild. Eligible players or planet owners can rent equipment immediately. If you join a planet or become part of a guild, you will increase their owner’s income potential and asset yield.


How players are rewarded:

Explanation of in-game economic interaction:



The team consists of members from all over the world, known only by their names.

Analyst opinion

“It will be possible to play the game as Free-2-Play and earn a little even without any investment. On the other hand, investing in lots and guilds can pay off if the game really offers and complies with everything in the whitepaper. The game could also function as a metaverse if the developers take the chance.”

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