Plato Farm

Grow and harvest fruit, team up with other players and experience farming adventures in Plato Farm. Unfortunately, the team is not very active on social media, so we recommend exercising caution.

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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Q3 - 2021

  • Official launch of Plato Farm’s metaverse identity
  • Global recruitment of Plato Farmers
  • Auctioning of Plato Farm’s NFT mystery box
  • Public beta of Plato farms launched

Q4 - 2021

  • Official launch of the website
  • V1.0 Plato Farm Pioneer Version, H5, Android, and IOS versions to be launched at the same time

Q1 - 2022

  • V2.0 Adam Smith City Builder, H5, Android, and IOS versions to be launched at the same time

Q1 - 2023

  • V3.0 Gagarin Planet Developer, H5, Android, and IOS versions to be launched at the same time
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About the Game

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Plato Farm is a blockchain farming game in which players build their farm, collect rewards for progressing in the game and make new friends or build organizations to create a strong feeling of socialization.

Game system:

Through their farms, players breed and raise their animals and produce goods. They can also purchase land and other production resources to earn rewards. For example, at the beginning of the game, a player buys a field with PLATO tokens and plants wheat that he bought with MARK tokens. After 30 minutes, the player can harvests the wheat and sell it for more MARK tokens, which can then be traded on the secondary market. The farm contains rare NFT resources such as special crops, tools, fruit trees, animals or processing workshops, all of which must be unlocked by the player using the PLATO token. The rare items will gradually appear throughout the game.

The game features a main house, a bakery and a warehouse where players can view their achievements and current rank.

In-game socialization:

Friendship – You can choose your in-game friends. They can communicate with each other (exchange greetings and make transactions) and complete special tasks.

Alliances – Players can form alliances in which they work together to complete orders and exchange gifts or goods. For doing this, players earn rewards that help them increase production. Alliances must be requested, and all members are then invited to join the alliance by the founder. The level of alliance increases with the number of members.

Alliances are divided into 5 levels:

The initial alliance (level zero) has almost no functions and the founders can only passively receive dividends from production taxes.

The first level of the alliance starts in a village, where the founder acts as the village chief and the alliance members are villagers. In the village, they can build a shop together that produces specialties such as seeds, etc. and a breeding farm that can hire workers to grow produce to increase production.

In the second level, the alliance is located in a town where the founder of the alliance is the mayor and the alliance members become residents. There may be businesses and processing plants in the township. Businesses get the opportunity to auction land and auction items, and processing plants can make advanced processing products and warehouses available.

In the third level, the alliance is located in a county where the founder is the county chief and the members are residents of the county. Docks, camps and militias can be formed in a county. With docks, players can set up fishing boats that can fish on the open sea and make profits. With militias, players can earn rewards from plundering nearby military camps.

The fourth level is the city. Here, the founder is the mayor and the members are the citizens. In a city alliance, there can be mines and fleets. In the mines, citizens can work and extract resources for income. With fleets, new territories can be conquered and players can earn dividends by investing.

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Player Requirements

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You must first download the game via the Apple Store on iOS, or install the Test Flight app and then download the game. On Android, the game can be downloaded via an APK file from the official website, or directly from Google Play.

Once the game has been downloaded, players must register by importing a private key or creating a wallet directly in the login system as instructed and completing the account registration.

The game accepts Huobi, BitKeep, ONTO, Coin98 or HyperPay wallets.

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This is the main token in the game with a total supply of 10,000,000,000 units. The more tokens a player owns, the higher their level. Players can acquire the token by trading on the secondary market or by staking MARK. Rare NFT items and materials such as land, factories, and farms can also be traded for PLATO, and total of 50% of the team’s token income will be burned to maintain a high level of deflation.

Token MARK

This is a medium of exchange and transaction, and a currency used primarily in the game. Players can acquire it by completing in-game tasks (planting, breeding, processing resources) or by selling it. The token can be used, for example, to purchase NFT items. When players buy these items, the currency is recycled and burned in the system. Players can also exchange the token for USDT.

There are two markets for the token. One is the C2C market, where players buy and sell items to settle transactions. The other is the N2C market, where transactions between players and NPCs take place.

Players can stake MARK tokens and thus mint and stake PLATO tokens in the game bank. PLATO tokens can also be minted.


For players contributing to the DAO, Plato Farm will release 1 billion MARK tokens every day and distribute them to these players based on the value of their contribution. These tokens are designated as GMARKs, which reflect Plato Farm’s gross national product and can be used for:

  • NPC orders
  • Boat orders
  • Upgrade rewards
  • Achievements
  • Community creation
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MARK tokens, PLATO or NFT items can be earned in the game. There are 4 ways to gain tokens and other benefits:

  • Revenue from sales and purchases (e.g., NFTs)
  • Growing plants and raising livestock, or working and mining on the farm
  • Selling and trading of acquired items
  • Collaboration between players, such as creating personalized regions
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Plato Farm was developed by Second Space and launched in 2018. The core members of the project have developed and operated a number of large-scale online games and themselves come from world-renowned game teams and blockchain developers such as Jurassic World, Evolution, Frostpunk and Farm Together.

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analyst opinion

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“We are almost all familiar with games of this theme. I like the active team and the constant development of the community. The game has good graphics and an alliance feature that opens up new possibilities, which I really like. The downside is that right at the point of first login, players have to connect their wallet, so they don’t get to play for free. But in my opinion, this game is still a fun way to earn money.”

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Šárka Mokrá

Šárka Mokrá

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