Enter a world of cute creatures called Playermons and fight side by side against other players and their Playermons.

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  • Graphic design
  • Catchy story
  • Player base
  • Inspired by the popular Pokémon


  • Half-baked Tokenomics
  • Significant delay against road map
Rating 7
4 - Project Potential
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Q1 - 2022

  • Anchorland story mode
  • Story mode extension

Q2 - 2022

  • Tower of Creator
  • Planet gameplay

Q3 - 2022

  • Radix launch

Year 2023

  • Game Logic Updates
  • Game UI Enhancements
  • Website Improvements
  • Playermon NFT Rental
  • Concept of Planet Gameplay
  • Planet Staking
  • Planet NFT Sale
  • PYM Staking
  • Tower of Creator Alpha Launching
  • Website Revamp

Q2 - 2023

  • Game - Rewardable Tasks for Claiming Free Playermons
  • Game - Anchorland Map Expansion
  • Website - Setting Up Email Address for User Account
  • Website - Add Stats Point And Playermon Skills On Playermon Detail

Q1 - 2023

  • Game - Complete All Skill Cards' Functions
  • Game - Complete All Passive Skills’ Functions
  • Game - Update Enemies’ Skill Cards
  • Game - Update In-app Inventory UI
  • Website - Better Sync of Playermon
  • Website - Addition of Space Box
  • Website - Unwrapping of Space Box
  • Website - Optimise the loading of Radix marketplace
  • Website - In-Game Item Page
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About the Game

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Playermon is an NFT card game in which you fight against other players and their Playermons. At the same time, you need to take care of your Playermons (space monsters), just like in the Tamagotchi days. You will explore and face challenges in the game universe with the help of Playermons.

The game begins when an SOS signal is received from another planet – Anchorland. So you go to the rescue. You discover that you need to join rebels to fight against colonizers who have enslaved the people and the Playermons on the planet.

PvE a PvP

This is a card game system. Each player has to create their own “team” consisting of at least three Playermons. Before a battle, players choose three Playermons and place them strategically, trying to gain an advantage over their opponents. At the beginning of each round, each player receives cards with random abilities. Then the players choose action cards for their Playermons. They should keep in mind that each action card costs one action point, and these are limited. One player wins when their opponent has no Playermons left. The winner receives SpaceGEMs (SGEMs) and their Playermons gain experience.

The following game modes are planned:

Archorland is the homeland of the Playermons, and is divided into tokenized areas that serve as homes and bases for players. The planets can be improved over time using a variety of resources found in the game. In addition, planet owners can find useful resources on their planet and use Playermons to occupy areas and find resources. Players with space scanners can find new planets to explore and can also face Arrid (PvE) in real-time battles, either alone or in groups with random players. The sale of individual planets is anticipated to start in early 2023, but the Anchorland game mode should be launched soon.

Another planned game mode is The Tower of Creator – a battle arena in which players fight each other with their Playermon teams to obtain an MMR, or a Match Making Rating (used to match opponents with similar skills).

The winners improve their MMR and advance in the rankings, and vice versa. Players must master their strategy to maintain their ranking in the game.

Future modes will include the planet Radix, the busiest and most populous planet in the galaxy. People from all over the universe constantly gather on Radix to trade. The bright and shiny city, however, conceals underground slums where battles for Playermons take place. After all, this is a planet of opportunities where people come together to trade, learn and improve their lives. Game-related activities for players on Radix include:

  • Lease a Playermon from another player.
  • Trade with Playermons.
  • Buy eggs.
  • Buy mystery boxes.
  • Buy game items for crafting.
  • Buy seasonal limited game resources
  • Buy planets.

We can already play in Spaceden, another game mode. After buying and incubating eggs, players have to look after their young Playermons (e.g. by brushing, bathing and feeding them). Each time they complete this daily task, they obtain SGEM tokens they need for their Playermons to reproduce. In addition, the Playermons will gain experience and rewards until they reach adulthood, when they can engage in various combat modes.

The developers are also planning Planet Gameplay. The Playermon Planet platform provides another extensive gateway for creators and designers to publish diverse games in the Playermon universe and exploit the gaming ecosystem through the distribution of SGEM a PYM tokens. Not all planets are equal, however, with some being larger, while others may hide underground dungeons that players can explore. However, before a player gains access to any of these, planet owners should invite other players to explore their planets. Once players get their own planets, they can start benefiting from any resources there. In addition, players can extract from multiple planets, but to do this they will need to build an interplanetary scanner that can observe the planets nearby. Nothing more is known about this mode yet.


Playermons are cosmic beings that come from different realms. Each Playermon has special and unique abilities. They can serve as companions for players, fighters and farmers. However, players mainly use Playermons as weapons, and they can be very effective fighters when combined with certain minerals and crystals. So having a Playermon gives players an advantage in gaining resources.

Playermons are not so different to normal pets. They share the ability to reproduce. In order to reproduce your Playermons, you have to choose two of them and pay a certain amount of PYM and SGEM game currency, while the latter tokens will be burned after a successful breeding.

After an egg is bought and incubated, a Playermon with random attributes and body parts hatches.

However, if Playermons are reproduced through breeding (combining two Playermons), their attributes depend on their parents. The dominant gene determines each Playermon’s physical features. Playermons have their respective skills and are divided into categories according to HP, speed, skills and morale. We categorise Playermons as common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary depending on their rarity, which in turn influences their price.

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Player Requirements

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So far, only the Spaceden mode, in which you take care of your Playermons, has been released (download here), To obtain SGEM tokens, you need to connect to Spaceden twice a day (once every 12 hours) and provide for the needs of your Playermons, which takes about 10 minutes a day. Currently, there is no indication of how time-consuming the game will be when the other modes come out, but we anticipate two to three hours a day. The initial investment is now a minimum of USD 70 to purchase three basic Playermons. You will need a Metamask wallet with the Polygon network connected, onto which you can send the Matic coins needed to buy Playermons. In the game, you can invest in breeding Playermons and then sell them. The game is not time-consuming and the principles are easy to understand and master.

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The Playermon economy is based on players’ real money. Instead of selling game items, the game developers are focusing on growing the project’s economy and collecting small fees for certain transactions. The future Playermon metaverse can be seen as the national economy, in which PYM token holders will represent a government with tax revenues.

All game resources and items are considered as NFTs (non-fungible tokens), meaning that anyone can sell them on open peer-to-peer markets.

Players can now earn by selling their Playermons. It is also possible to breed them and resell the newly hatched Playermons. For breeding, you need an incubator, which you can assemble from shards obtained by stacking SGEM and PYM tokens.

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Token PYM is the main project token.

  • Current price as of 18 March 2022 – USD 0.01012.
  • PYM on CoinMarketCap.
  • Total supply – 1,000,000,000.
  • Launched on the Polygon network
  • Can be bought on the MEXC and gate exchanges.
  • Supported by the Metamask wallet.

The SGEM is a game token. There is currently only one way to get SGEM tokens, and that is by taking care of Playermons in Spaceden. In the future, it will be possible to earn them in the Story mode, PvP battles and The Tower of Creator.

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The team has 12 experienced members. The majority of the project leaders are from Malaysia, the rest from other Asian countries. You can see the whole team via this link.

Jisheng Tan – CEO

Joseph Leng – CCO

Dato Rayson Wong – Co-Founder

BT Wong – Co-Founder

Marcus Leng – Co-Founder

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analyst opinion

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“The game itself excited me with its story and sophisticated graphics. The icing on the cake is the cute-looking creatures – Playermons – which need looking after, just like in the Tamagotchi game egg days. In addition, the project has a really strong membership base and an experienced developer team.

However, there are also downsides. The game is getting more and more delayed and the battle mode that all the players are waiting for remains out of sight. The tokenomics are also not exactly breath-taking. The value of the main PYM token has collapsed, mainly due to the unfortunate decision by the developers to use the Matic coin instead of the PYM token on their marketplace. However, we can expect the PYM token to increase in value again in the future and so, if you are considering buying it, I recommend you do so now as the price is really low.

Overall, I rate the project positively and CharlieGaming is so interested in this game that we decided to play it ourselves and invest in it.”

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Beatrice Uhlířová

Beatrice Uhlířová

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